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Linda Carsten Responds To B.J. Pak

I was forwarded a letter from Linda Carsten in response to this piece I posted Friday. In addition, there were two quotes attached referenced in the letter. They are each included below.

Dear Friend,

Yesterday you received a mailing from my opponent, BJ Pak, attacking me for accepting a personal campaign contribution from my friend, Victoria Chacon, owner of an Atlanta-based publication called La Vision.
Victoria and I are long time friends who openly disagree on politics — but we are personal friends and always will be. I am a strong supporter for tough measures to stop illegal immigration.

Because we disagree on issues, Mr. Pak wants me to return her campaign contribution.

Mr. Pak didn’t tell you that many of his contributors are attorneys who defend illegal immigrants in court. But he won’t return those contributions, totaling $6450

Also, one of Mr. Pak’s contributors is former Supreme Court Justice Leah Sears-Collins the most liberal judge ever to sit on Georgia’s Supreme Court. Sears-Collins donated $500 to Pak according to his June 30th campaign disclosures.

Judge Sears was a leading voice on the Court for the abolition of the death penalty for even the most violent of criminals. But he won’t return that campaign contribution.
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If (House Member-Elect) Buzz Is Quoted, It’s Front Page Material

The fourth time this was submitted today, I finally clicked the link. Apparently, a candidate in a house runoff has taken a $5,000 campaign donation from La Vision de Georgia and another $2,000 from it’s founder.

The La Vision newspaper and its founder, Victoria Chacon, are vocal supporters of amnesty for illegal immigrants.
Chacon, who by herself donated $2,000 to Carsten’s campaign, said in an interview to the Atlanta Journal Constitution that, “Mexicans who make illegal border crossings for job-rich cities like Atlanta, ‘have no choice’ but to break the law.” The remaining portions of La Vision’s contribution were made by Chacon’s husband and La Vision’s office Carsten’s run-off opponent, B.J. Pak — a former federal prosecutor who has actual experience prosecuting and deporting dangerous illegal immigrants — is calling on Linda Carsten to immediately return the $5,000.

Lest any of you think that multiple spamming me is the way to get your item posted on the front page, this is the hook that got this one elevated:

“The following Gwinnett Republican leaders and elected officials have joined Pak in demanding that Linda Carsten return these funds immediately: State Representative David Casas (R-Dist. 103), State Rep-Elect Josh Clark (R-Dist. 98), State Rep-Elect Buzz Brockway (R-Dist 101), Republican Nominee Brett Harrell (R-Dist 106), and also Butch (er, the quote actually ends there. I’m assuming “Butch” is sheriff Butch Conway, but my guess is he heard someone once had a beer and needed to undergo a field sobriety test, so he left before finishing his name.)

So, Long story short, Buzz says vote B.J. Pak.