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Liz Carter responds to Newsmakers Journal and their overt bigotry

From Carter’s Facebook account minutes ago, in response to the Newsmakers Journal press release Jason posted earlier this afternoon after my original post on this topic:

“This response is sad and twisted. Never have I been combative or mad, I was told I could participate and then told I could not. This could have easily been fixed and has been poorly handled. I’m not interested in cheap publicity, I am interested in making our district a shining jewel again.”

Emphasis mine. Liz Carter is being excluded from this debate, which includes black Democrats and black Republicans, only because she is white. That is what this matter is all about. Not being mad, not being angry. That truth seems to be missed by some. All that is needed is fairness and equality. But, yet again, those who profess a color-blind society as their goal seem to not be able to follow through on their own rhetoric.

I want a society where people are judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. Why don’t they?

Bigotry 2010 style: white women need not apply for 4th CD debate

Later tonight at 6 p.m., The Newsmakers Journal will be hosting a debate of candidates running for the 4th Congressional District. Among those participating will be Democrats Hank “Guam” Johnson, Connie Stokes, Vernon “Snuggles” Jones and Republican Cory Ruth.

One candidate for the 4th CD, it should be noted, was also invited to join the debate but, curiously, was later uninvited. That candidate: Liz Carter.

The reason for her being barred from participating? Liz Carter, you see, is white. And that fact isn’t acceptable, it would seem, to the hosts of the debate and the event moderator, Maynard Eaton (Facebook | LinkedIn).

I’m told that Maynard Eaton allegedly at first invited Carter to tonight’s debate and discussion but later rescinded the offer based solely, not on the content of her character, but the color of her skin. This debate, evidently, is for black candidates only.

Now, three Democrats and one Republican will tonight debate the pressing issues facing the 4th Congressional District. Only one problem: it would seem that whites need not apply for the job in the eyes of Maynard Eaton and James H. Welcome, publisher of The Newsmakers Journal. They’d rather embrace bigotry and dislike for those that don’t look like them.

And what would these “journalists” say if the roles were reversed? If, say, four white candidates were going to a debate and uninvited a black candidate? Why, they would scream to the rooftops about the unfairness and the bigotry! When they practice what they profess to hate…well, never mind.

Simply shameful. Those candidates who are scheduled to participate tonight should not agree to attend until all of the candidates are allowed to join in the event…even the white ones.

[UPDATE] Liz Carter is confirming, via Twitter this afternoon, she was denied attendance at tonight’s event because of the color of her skin. Earlier in the week on Facebook, she noted that she had been planning to attend.

Someone’s Not Drinking The Kool-Aid

One of the most gifted bloggers in this town is also one of the best political reporters. Doug Richards is now with WXIA/Channel 11 in Atlanta, but for a few years now has written a blog about Atlanta TV media called Live Apartment Fire.

Probably the best thing you’ll read this morning is his most recent entry called Jonestown, in which he chronicles a decade of covering our good friend Snuggles, a/k/a former DeKalb CEO, 4th District Congressional Candidate, and man convicted of race discrimination Vernon Jones.

I highly recommend spending a few moments going through it, because it captures a history of Jones; one man’s up close and personal insight into a man with a, well, quirky personality.

“Jonestown” is a special place in the political world, and is a gift that keeps on giving. Give Richards’ piece a read and you’ll understand why it’s a place where you may not want to be drinking the Kool-aid.

Vernon Jones Found Guilty Of Reverse Discrimination; Dick Williams Life Now Complete

The jury has spoken, and found Snuggles guilty of reverse discrimination. So says Jeffry Scott of the AJC:

A federal jury on Thursday found in favor of some of the plaintiffs in the long-running DeKalb County discrimination case, awarding damages of $174,000 to at least two of the former parks department workers who filed suit six years ago.

On the losing side were former DeKalb CEO Vernon Jones and his one-time executive assistant, Richard Stogner.

The jury came in Thursday afternoon; Jones, who is running for Congress in the 4th District, was silent and stony-faced as the verdict was read.

No word yet on whether this verdict will help or hurt Jones in his primary against Captain Capsize Hank Johnson. But I’m sure the DeKalb County segment of the Georgia Gang may run long this week.

Republican in the hunt for Hank Johnson’s seat in Georgia’s 4th CD

Liz Carter (Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook), a Republican who was incensed at Congressman Hank Johnson’s (D-GA) dullardly comments following the House vote to censure U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC), is running against Johnson for the Republican nomination in Georgia’s 4th Congressional District.

Johnson (Website | Twitter | Facebook) is already facing at least one challenger from within his own party: Vernon “Snuggles” Jones (Website | Twitter | Facebook). Additional challenges to Johnson may also possibly come from Connie Stokes and Lee May.

And just when you thought it was safe for Georgia’s women to be out late at night…

Snuggles is looking at dipping a toe into the race for the 4th Congressional District, a seat currently held by Hank Johnson, who has been suffering from Hepatitis C.

According to B. Camille Kesler, a Jones spokeswoman, Jones has indicated that he has been approached by many people to run and that he is currently “contemplating all his options.”

In a Christmas e-mail to supporters, Jones also wrote that “[a] decision will be made soon as I continue to listen to you and your ideas as to how I can best serve Georgia and the American people[.] I intend to make my plans clear in the near future.”

Those already considering entering the race are DeKalb County Commissioners Connie Stokes and Lee May.

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