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Straw Poll Du Jour II: The Search for More Straw

The Cherokee County GOP has released the results of their recent Family Picnic Straw Poll. The results are very similar to other recent straw polls around the state, and of course are not scientific. But honestly, I’m more concerned about this goat in Virgina than figuring out what straw polls mean.

As an aside, someone should tell the Cherokee County GOP that preventing people from copy and pasting content from their website is like so 1998. But enough about that, continue reading for the results. Read more

GYR Convention Straw Poll Results

The Georgia Young Republicans held their annual convention on Saturday, June 5. Below are the straw poll results from the event. Sock puppetry commence!

GYR Convention Straw Poll results.
Governor: Johnson (28) Handel (24) Deal (12) Oxendine (5) Chapman (3) Other (3)
Insurance: Purcell (44) Harp (16) Sheffield (10) Hudgens (3) Mamalakis (1)
Attorney: Olens (29) Smith (24) Wood (19)
Labor: Everson (57) Butler (13)
School: Woods (34) Barge (17)
Agriculture: Black (56) Carter (9)
PSC: May (31) Douglas (23) Echols (7) Brush (2)
Secretary of State: MacGinnitie (57) Kemp (16)