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Special session needed for medical marijuana?

Gov. Nathan Deal may have call a special session if he wants to tackle medical marijuana this year (ie. before the election), so says former state Supreme Court Justice Leah Ward Sears:

Former Justice Leah Ward Sears says she doesn’t think Governor Deal can issue an executive order to give Georgians with seizure disorders the ability to legally use an oil based form of marijuana.

She says it’s because gubernatorial executive powers appear limited in the Georgia Constitution.

“And it seems to me that this kind of thing would be invading the province of the legislature, and I don’t think the executive can do that.”

But Ward Sears says it’s possible something can be done through a state agency.

“Perhaps. He would have to get with his lawyers and get with the agencies. He’d have to be very creative, but creative things often pass muster, maybe an experimental pilot project. There might be other things in other state laws that allow a governor to do something temporarily.”

Don’t get me wrong, I fully support HB 60, which expands gun rights in the Peach State, but passing that measure while stalling on medical marijuana is just the latest example of poor messaging that continues to plague Georgia Republicans.