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Are Battle Lines Being Drawn In The State Senate?

The Georgia Senate has been fairly quiet for the past few months, but January is only a couple of months away. The Senate will have a slightly different make-up. The 1st session ended in a deadlock where the Senate GOP Caucus was basically split into Pro-Cagle and Anti-Cagle factions. That could potentially change in a few days when voters in the 50th senate district elect a new senator to fill the balance of Sen. Jim Butterworth’s term as well as Sen. Mitch Seabaugh’s now-vacated seat in the 28th district.

Battle lines are being drawn between Rep. Rick Austin, who is known for bucking GOP leadership and would probably do the same in the senate, and John Wilkinson, who is an apparent Pro-Cagle candidate. I’m sure Lt. Gov. Cagle and his allies are looking to hold on to the stalemate (and even shift the balance of power in favor of the LG since Sen. Mitch Seabaugh has left as well) in the senate.

Come January, we’ll see a power-shift in the senate either towards the LG and his allies or towards Sen. Chip Rogers and his allies or just a repeat of the 2011 session. It could be the “Fight of the Century”…or not. Have your popcorn ready!