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Senator Jeff Mullis’ Statement on Sunday Sales

Not that we haven’t beat the dead horse of Sunday Sales enough already on Peach Pundit (A.D.D. Moment: Would SB 10 be considered a zombie bill since it came back from the dead?), but my state senator, Jeff Mullis, issued this statement about why he voted for SB 10 on crossover day (via CatWalkChatt):

“Let me first state that I am against the sale of alcohol on Sundays. I highly doubt that this referendum would ever come to a vote in our district. If it did come to a ballot, I would vote against Sunday sales, and I am certain it would fail.”

“The main issue in this particular legislation is my belief in local control of public policy. I have supported local control since my first day in office. Every single decision on the sale of alcohol in Georgia has been decided at the local level, and Sunday sales should be no different. Senate bill 10 would allow for every community to decide for themselves if they want to sell alcohol or not. My passion for local control is why I voted in favor of SB 10.”

“Another major factor for my ‘yes’ vote is my belief that giving local communities the power to hold their own referendums more than likely frees rural counties from being mandated to sell alcohol on Sundays. Currently, the Georgia General Assembly is controlled by mostly urban and suburban members. If SB 10 failed, there could be a chance that the legislature could form a coalition and mandate the state as a whole sell alcohol as many of the metro counties support Sunday sales. Instead, we now have given every community, regardless of their stance on this issue, to decide if it is in the best interests of their citizens.”

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