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Pollster: Obama competitive in Georgia

Public Policy Polling, a Democratic-leaning polling firm based out of North Carolina, has put out numbers showing that President Barack Obama’s re-election bid may have life in Georgia, as recent analysis suggests:

Obama looks like a pretty viable contender in the state next year regardless of who his Republican opponent is. 47% of voters approve of the job he’s doing to 48% that disapprove. Those numbers suggest Georgia is probably the state Obama lost in 2008 that he has the best chance of flipping for 2012 because in the two states that he came closer to winning last time around- Missouri and Montana- his approval numbers are far worse at 43/52 and 41/54 respectively.

The individual match-ups can be viewed below. Favorability numbers for all potential candidates in the poll are available in the crosstabs. Take it for what it’s worth. I do think Obama will do better in Georgia in 2012, but I don’t think he will win the state.

Barack Obama v. Herman Cain

  • Obama: 44%
  • Cain: 39%
  • Undecided: 16%

Barack Obama v. Newt Gingrich

  • Obama: 46%
  • Gingrich: 45%
  • Undecided: 9%

Barack Obama v. Mike Huckabee

  • Obama: 45%
  • Huckabee: 48%
  • Undecided: 7%

Barack Obama v. Sarah Palin

  • Obama: 48%
  • Palin: 43%
  • Undecided: 9%

Barack Obama v. Mitt Romney

  • Obama: 43%
  • Romney: 46%
  • Undecided: 11%

Ray McKinney Now On The Radar Screen; Democrats In Congress Adopt Defensive Strategy

A few items to note regarding Georgia’s role in the dynamic Congressional races:

1) Sarah Palin has added Ray McKinney to her list of Congressional endorsements, sending a possible signal that John Barrow’s seat may be within reach, and/or that additional resources from outside the district may give McKinney an additional push.

2)  The New York Times  (subscription required) indicates that the  DNC is now moving money to races where they still have a chance, and away from those they now feel are out of reach.   They mention Georgia as a state that will be receiving additional help, presumably to fortify the  campaign coffers of Sanford Bishop and Jim Marshall.

3)  Last week when listening to  The Regular Guys on Rock 100.5 in Atlanta, they mentioned an internal poll that Liz Carter had reported to them on her race for the 4th CD.  I’m going to assume they had the numbers wrong, because they said she had 53% of the vote, with 30% undecided.  Or perhaps I heard it wrong.  Regardless, Liz Carter continues to profess that she will win, and surprise “everyone at Peach Pundit” as she told a table of folks we had dinner with last week.   I’ll admit, I would be surprised.

But I did promise Mrs. Carter that I would write about the fact that Hank Johnson will not debate her, and as such, I’m including her latest press release below the jump. Read more

Huckabee, Who Has Won His Last Primary, Endorses Deal

Politico has the story.

Now it’s on the front page, so you can quit emailing me.

And for Deal’s band of merry sock puppets, please be consistent in your approach of explaining why this out of state Governor who doesn’t know Camilla or Ocilla is relevent, but Governor’s Jan Brewer, Mitt Romney, and Sarah Palin aren’t.

Discuss. I’m going back to work.

Handel Calls For Dan Becker and Melanie Crozier’s Resignation From GRTL; Asks Deal To Join Her (UPDATED)

UPDATE: WSB TV interviews Handel, Deal, and Crozier here.

Crozier doesn’t seem to think that she properly articulated her point? That Sarah Palins’s baby, who was not created by rape, incest, threatened the life of the mother, nor was a part of invitro fertilization would be allowed to be aborted by Karen Handel, who is pro-life by National Right To Life standards?

She and Becker have lost all credibility on this issue. They’ve endorsed Deal who voted for abortion funding. They’ve endorsed McBerry who is a child predator. And they are making up false assertions about Karen Handel. They should resign.

From A Press Release:

Repulsive Attack Invoking Governor Palin’s Son “Last Straw” for Group’s “Attack Execs”

Karen Handel today called on opponent Nathan Deal to join her in demanding the resignation of two top Georgia Right to Life executives in the wake of a second incident of disgusting and hateful comments – this time using the son of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in their continued attacks against Governor Palin and her endorsement of Handel.

In a news story in Politico this week, GRTL PAC Executive Director Melanie Crozier attacked Palin’s endorsement of Handel and went so far as to say that “[Palin] has a son with Down’s Syndrome, and under Karen Handel’s laws, Handel would have felt like it was ok to go in and abort that child.”

“This is a cruel and revolting lie and shows just how low GRTL leaders are willing to go for a political attack,” Handel said. “I am deeply offended, and I can only imagine how offensive these callous remarks are to Governor Palin and her family – and to all Georgians.”
Read more

CNN: Mitt Romney To Endorse Handel

Governor Jan Brewer, check
Governor Sarah Palin, check
Governor Mitt Romney, check

I’m not sure how many electoral votes that is for Karen Handel, but she’s getting national exposure as the front runner in the Georgia Governor’s race. Mitt Romney is the latest to back Handel:

“A successful businesswoman and public servant, Karen Handel’s blend of executive, political, and business experience is just what Georgia needs at this critical time,” Romney said in a statement Wednesday. “The leadership skills that she has honed in both the private and public sectors will enable her to make tough decisions and enact the reforms needed to get the economy back on track and foster job creation.”

Romney stayed out of the primary, an aide said, because one of the candidates, state Sen. Eric Johnson, had backed Romney during his 2008 presidential bid.

Note that last sentence. For those who think Johnson’s supporters are automatically going to Deal, I’ll suggest otherwise.

I’ll now return you to sock-puppetry while I return to work.

Phil Kent on Palin’s Visit.

He’s decidedly less sardonic than Farris about the Alaska Governor’s visit to the Gwinnett Arena yesterday.

Democrats are worrying, too, that the Palin appearances are attracting more blue collar votes to their opponents. The final Pain rally at the Gwinnett County Arena drew some 3,000 people — well over half of them blue collar workers and young people under the age of 30. A large truck parked outside the arena sported a “Mechanic for Chambliss and Palin” sign, and dozens of construction workers – some of them wearing their hard hats– had obviously come straight from their worksites.

Palin didn’t disappoint, hitting familiar themes from the general election campaign such as the need to fight for lower taxes, smaller government, a redoubling of our national security efforts and “government reform” — all of which she said Chambliss would stand for. One of the biggest roars from the crowd came when the plucky governor flatly declared that the senator would say “no” to any infringement on Second Amendment firearms rights. She also repeatedly underscored Chambliss’ longtime commitment to “the right to life of the unborn.” By contrast, former state legislator Martin had maintained an anti-gun and pro-choice record — and he has been reeling in rural areas from a barrage of attacks by the National Rifle Association over the past two weeks.

Palin concluded every appearance by calling for a “rebuilding of the Republican Party starting in Georgia” with the re-election of Chambliss. She reminded Republican candidates that they must appeal to “the working class” — which elicited another big round of applause from those hard harts and mechanics.

BTW, the Gwinnett Daily Post says there were 6000 people at the Arena.