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Woodall: ISIS Is a Serious Threat in the Middle East

Georgia’s Seventh District Congressman Rob Woodall told members of the South Gwinnett Rotary Club that the threat posed by the Islamic extremest group ISIS is a serious threat that must be dealt with. According to a story in the Gwinnett Daily Post, Woodall said the current plan outlined by President Obama and funded by Congress in the continuing resolution won’t be enough to stop the terrorist group.

“I can’t find anybody at the Pentagon who believes that plan is going to work,” Woodall said. “What they believe is that it is the best of all the worse plans we have.”

Two years ago, Woodall said, the U.S. might have been able to do some “good things” to handle the threat ISIS presents. A year ago, he added, the actions might have been “passable.”

“They were once a small band of guys on the highway,” he said. “We could have ended that with a cruise missile.”

That, however, is no longer the case.

Citing ISIS’s access to funding and organization, Woodall called the group “frightening.”

Woodall believes that expanding the U.S. effort in the Middle East will require buy-in by the American people if it is to be successful.

What will it take to achieve that buy-in? Much like President Bosh spent time building support for with war in Iraq, President Obama will need to show some leadership to press the case to the American people that ISIS must be dealt with. That can be a difficult discussion to have, especially 40 days before a midterm election where the president needs every Democratic vote he can get in order to prevent his party from losing ground.

Of course, the other way to achieve buy-in would be an attack on American soil. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that point.

Compromising On Compromise

Today’s Courier Herald Column:

After over a year of effort, Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss and Virginia Senator Mark Warner announced that their bi-partisan “Gang of 6” had reach a consensus on a deficit reduction plan. Agreement on a budget plan with significant deficit reduction has become key in both the House and Senate as a condition to raising the nation’s debt ceiling, set to be reached by August 2nd. The “gang” was joined by Conservative Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, who had earlier left the group, signaling that Senate Conservatives were also likely to support the effort.

The plan is a mix of spending cuts, elimination of some tax breaks, and some tax cuts. The Alternative Minimum Tax would be eliminated, but $1 Trillion in new revenues would be increased over the ten year period. Chambliss points out that on a net basis, the plan will still be scored by the Congressional Budget Office as a tax cut.

The plan broadly outlines savings from Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and will most likely bring means testing – the idea that wealthier recipients pay more or receive less – to the seniors’ programs.
The plan received broad bi-partisan support in the Senate, where a gang of 60 is required for any bill to become law. President Obama also signaled support for the plan, signifying likely support from the Democratically controlled Senate as a whole.

The Republican controlled House, however, spent Monday passing their Cut, Cap, and Balance plan, which would cut over $100M from spending in next year’s budget, cap federal spending at 18% of GDP, and mandate a balanced budget in the future. The passage sets the stage for active negotiations with the Senate, though many House Republican scoff at the notion of a compromise that will include any revenue increases. Read more

And On A Brighter Note…

If you took the time to read my last post, you’ll probably think I’m fairly down, perhaps pensive this morning.  I am not.  Quite the contrary.  I have reason to be optimistic.

It’s not often that you have the opportunity to attend a victory party for a newly elected Congressman.  It is even more rare (if you’re around enough politicians to know better) when you think that Congressman has an opportunity and the ability to truly effect change in Washington.   This year, I’ve been able to do that twice.  

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Landmark Poll: Woodall Opens Big Lead Over Hice

From a Landmark Communications Press Release:

Landmark Releases Poll for Seventh Congressional Runoff: Former Linder Chief of Staff Woodall Leads

Woodall leading up to Aug. 10 election, Gwinnett margin is major factor

(Duluth)—Former Chief of Staff to Congressman Rob Woodall has a solid lead over Jody Hice in Tuesday’s 7th Congressional District Republican runoff election, according to a poll conducted by Landmark Communications Inc.

Woodall, the former chief of staff to U.S. Rep. John Linder, leads minister/radio personality Jody Hice by a margin of 47-32%. As much as 21% of voters said they were undecided/not committed in the election, but still intend to vote.

A county-by-county analysis reveals that Woodall has a commanding lead in Forsyth (59-15%) and Gwinnett (50-29%). Woodall also leads in Newton (44-33%) and Walton (46-37%). However, the Gwinnett margin is significant since 70% of the district’s vote is in that county. Hice leads in his own county of Barrow by 54-27% margin.
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Fair Tax Friday: The Runoff

Among the worst of my predictions from Monday was that Clay Cox would be the front runner and may take CD-7 without a runoff. There is a runoff, and he’s not in it.

The buzz around that race, at least here, was very quiet. Most who chose to comment were in the camp of either Cox, who place 3rd, or Chuck Efstration, who placed 5th.

The runoff is now between Linder’s Chief of Staff and FairTax book co-author Rob Woodall, and evangelical Tea Partier Jody Hice.

I can see how Boortz and the FairTax crowd pushed Woodall into his position. My guess is that the Tea Party and some earned media over Hice’s Obama/Hammer & Sickle billboards provided Hice his momentum.

That’s about all I have time for today on a quick lunch break, and I’m still not sure I have a handle on CD-7, so I’ll leave this one open for discussion.

How’s the runoff here shaping up? Are there other “local” issues affecting this race that I’m missing? What are the candidates strenghts/weaknesses? What else do we need to know about CD-7?

Return Of FairTax! Friday

For a while, we had a customary open thread on Fridays where we allowed an open thread to discuss the non-state issue of the FairTax! (I’m sure it comes as a surprise to supporters of John Oxendine, Maria Sheffield, and others that the FairTax! isn’t a state issue, but please don’t wake them while they’re sleepwalking. It may be dangerous.)

I’m bringing back the discussion today because the lead huckster Congressman who has been pushing the FairTax! book bill is retiring, and there is a multi-person battle on to be his replacement.

And frankly, I don’t see people talking about, or frankly interested in, this race. Sure, we get daily press releases telling us what perceived front runner Clay Cox had for breakfast. I promise we’ll print one when we deem it worthy of the usual scorn a post-worthy press release usually gets from the Peach Pundit community.

Rob Woodall, the 40 year old chief of staff of Linder has a credit for co-authorship of the 2nd FairTax! book, and has the backing of Neil Boortz and John Linder, but we’re not sure who else. Chuck Efstration made things interesting by jumping into the race from his position as Gwinnett GOP Chairman, presumably bringing somewhat of a grassroots network with him.

Other names on the ballot are Jeff Fincher, Ronnie Grist, Jody Hice, Tom Kirby, Tom Parrott, and Democrat Doug Heckman.

I spent a good bit of time at the early stages of the GA-9 race in that district trying to find out who the players were. But in doing so, I got a few trips to the Georgia mountains. I’m not real keen on spending any more time on Hwy 78 than I have to, so I’m turning to our Peach Pundit community for a primer on this race.

What are you hearing, who are these people who appear lesser known that the first three, and what are the compelling reasons to send any of them to Washington.

And if you don’t know the answers either, then consider this an OPEN THREAD: