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John Barrow Is All Things To All People

The Augusta Chronicle has an article online outlining some double-speak coming from the campaign of Georgia’s 12th District Congressman John Barrow.   Democratic Households are being told that he “Works Hand in Hand with Obama”, while Republican leaning households receive mailers touting Barrow’s work against major Obama administration initiatives.

The first mailing has a cover with a picture of the Democratic president next to a headline, “NOW more than ever.”

“John Barrow,” it says, “is working hand in hand with President Obama to create jobs and turn the economy around.”

The other mailing has a headline that proclaims the 12th Congressional District representative as “not another rubber stamp.”

It says he “stood up to (House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in Washington.” It also notes his vote against Obama’s energy bill and “the Wall Street bail-out.”

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Ray McKinney Now On The Radar Screen; Democrats In Congress Adopt Defensive Strategy

A few items to note regarding Georgia’s role in the dynamic Congressional races:

1) Sarah Palin has added Ray McKinney to her list of Congressional endorsements, sending a possible signal that John Barrow’s seat may be within reach, and/or that additional resources from outside the district may give McKinney an additional push.

2)  The New York Times  (subscription required) indicates that the  DNC is now moving money to races where they still have a chance, and away from those they now feel are out of reach.   They mention Georgia as a state that will be receiving additional help, presumably to fortify the  campaign coffers of Sanford Bishop and Jim Marshall.

3)  Last week when listening to  The Regular Guys on Rock 100.5 in Atlanta, they mentioned an internal poll that Liz Carter had reported to them on her race for the 4th CD.  I’m going to assume they had the numbers wrong, because they said she had 53% of the vote, with 30% undecided.  Or perhaps I heard it wrong.  Regardless, Liz Carter continues to profess that she will win, and surprise “everyone at Peach Pundit” as she told a table of folks we had dinner with last week.   I’ll admit, I would be surprised.

But I did promise Mrs. Carter that I would write about the fact that Hank Johnson will not debate her, and as such, I’m including her latest press release below the jump. Read more

Empty Podiums And Arrogance

The Atlanta Press Club will be hosting debates tomorrow including one for the Georgia 12th Congressional runoff candidates, Ray McKinney and Carl Smith. Except they won’t. Ray McKinney won’t be there. Thus, Carl Smith will debate himself, and Ray McKinney will be represented by “empty podium”.

Carl Smith has decided the drive to Atlanta is worth the TV exposure. Ray McKinney, according to the Savannah morning news, has elected to spend the 10 hours that would take in his district.

Much was made of the absence of Karen Handel at the Atlanta Press Club debate which was televised on GPTV. Handel had made her intentions known much earlier in the campaign, and did what she said she would do.

A general primary for Governor, and a runoff for a Congressional district on the other side of the state have different expectations for scheduling with a candidate. Any Candidate for Governor knows that there will be an APC/GPTV debate the weekend prior to the vote, and Handel in return gave plenty of time for the APC to alter their format if they chose to have her attend. Each side made their decisions accordingly.

A runoff election between two candidates for Congress in a district that does not touch metro Atlanta should have a different standard, however. At a minimum, the debate should be held in or near the district, so that the candidates can maximize time with those who can actually vote for them.

And why must the candidates drop what they’re doing this first critical weekend of a runoff – the first few critical days of a three week sprint where former challengers must be courted, funds must be secured, direct mail and other ads written, and a new GOTV effort launched?

From the APC:

GPB is entering its pledge drive next week, so we agreed to try to get in as many debates as possible before the drive begins.

The Atlanta Press Club and Georgia Public Broadcasting expect candidates to drop what they’re doing because GPB has a pledge drive. Awesome.

I find it extremely presumptious and arrogant that the Atlanta Press Club would think they should be able to dictate to a candidate from Southeast Georgia how a rare day during a runoff weekend should be spent, or be subjected to the “empty podium” embarassment.

Ray McKinney Enters Race for CD-12

Ray McKinney has officially announced that he will enter the competition to take down John Barrow in the 12th Congressional District. Ray started his career in politics a couple of years ago out of frustration with the status quo, and was perhaps a year ahead of the Tea Party sentiment.

This time around, Ray appears to be gathering a bit of a coalition behind him and based on conversations with a few of my contacts from “down there”, he may quickly emerge as the front runner in this contest.

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Earmark Reform

12th District Republican Candidate for Congress Ray McKinney is the first non-incumbent in Georgia to sign the Citizens Against Government Waste Earmark Reform Pledge

Republicans succeed as a party and win elections when they embrace policies of reform.   People are tired of politics as usual and government waste.  As Conservatives, we deserve smaller and smarter government and reducing and bringing transparency to the earmark process will go a long way in accomplishing that. 

Congressmen Tom Price and Paul Broun have also signed the CAGW Earmark Reform Pledge. 

Hopefully Ray will be the first of many candidates to sign this reform pledge. 

Full Disclosure:  I am Ray’s Campaign Manager