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Teacher Of The Year Had Sex With Student

I wonder if Ray McBerry will sue for not being named Teacher of the Year in 2002?

From the AJC:

Keenon Aampay Hall, 29, left a promising career as an English teacher at the Gwinnett County school amid allegations that she seduced a senior who came to her for homework help. An investigative file on the case compiled by the school system’s human resources division contains the student’s accounts of sexual trysts at a hotel, a friend’s home and in the teacher’s classroom during school hours. The report also says that pornography was found on Hall’s Gwinnett County schools laptop.

Nope, story isn’t political at all. Except that we still have a candidate for Governor who had his teaching certificate suspended for having an inappropriate relationship with a student. Just a friendly reminder about that part.

Consider this an OPEN THREAD:

Suggestion to McBerry: Put Georgia First

Below is a guest post from Ronald Daniels, cross posted from his personal blog.

Ray McBerry has long run on a platform of “Georgia First”, in fact that is the name of his website. However in his campaign for Governor, McBerry has neglected to do one thing – put Georgia first.

For months there has been talk of McBerry having had an inappropriate relationship with a teenage girl – from blogs to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, the story has made the rounds. He remains innocent until proven guilty of course. For now consider these stories allegations – because that is what the stories are. Allegations of misconduct. Unlike a normal rumor these allegations are somewhat more substantial, being covered by major news sources in Georgia.
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Ray McBerry Threatens Young (Female) Republicans

The following email was forwarded a couple of times and made its way to our tip line:

From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, May 05, 2010 5:03 PM
To: (redacted)
Cc: [email protected]; [email protected]
Subject: Saturday’s Columbia County YR Gubernatorial Debate


I have now contacted you twice regarding your violation of the Georgia YR’s rules in not inviting all qualified Republican candidates for the gubernatorial debate in Evans this Saturday. I expressed to you yesterday that I was calling for the purpose of trying to remedy the matter and make sure that you were aware that you are in violation of both the YR and GOP rules and principles; and you acted both unprofessional and discourteous by hanging up on me both times. Your assistant reported to my staff that you were not inviting me because of Ms. Handel’s decision to not appear at your debate if I did so.

Since you have heretofore not contacted my Campaign to let us know that you are extending an invitation to my Campaign to participate, as you are required to do per the Georgia YR constitution cited below, I am sending this email to you to instruct you what you are to do to remedy this problem immediately. I am no longer asking politely; I am giving you instructions. If you do not follow them, I will instruct our Campaign to file the necessary charges against you to have you removed from office and/or censured.

Contact my Campaign scheduling assistant, Jennie Jones, either via email at [email protected] or via telephone at 404.916.9252 not later than 5:00pm on Friday 7 May 2010 to invite me to participate in the Evans debate on Saturday. If you call and get no answer, leave a voicemail inviting me to participate and providing whatever information the other candidates have received who are participating. Nothing less will be acceptable.

It is my hope that you will do that which both honours our rules and our principles as fellow Republicans. This is your last opportunity to respond correctly.


Ray McBerry
Republican for Governor 2010

Ray McBerry Calls Presser, Responds To Those Who Have Made Him The “Target Of Lies And Personal Attacks”

I’ll just post his press release and let the commenters provide the commentary. You can read it yourself here.

Ray McBerry Responds to Personal Attacks and Answers Question about his Continued Candidacy

I have recently become the target of lies and personal attacks during my campaign for governor and have even been asked by one of my opponents to withdraw from the race. These circumstances have required me to give grave consideration to these matters.

The story of those making the allegations has changed at least four times; and even the reporter pushing this story has acknowledged in a voicemail to me that those telling it have also changed their story to him in the last week. The allegations are false and even the few shreds of truth that have been allowed to remain are countenanced in a false light by an admixture of half-truths. Read more

Handel Refuses Future Appearances With McBerry After Today; Deal Responds By Throwing Perdue Under CREW’s Bus

Just getting word that there was a somewhat of an eventful finish to today’s Governor forum held by the 6th District GOP. Karen Handel closed by saying that she would no longer accept debate invitation for panels which include Ray McBerry. Handel, who made her feelings toward McBerry publicly known earlier, said the GOP was a party of ethics and she did not feel it was appropriate to condone McBerry past actions by continuting to appear with him.

Deal, following in his closing remarks, reacted to Handel’s mention of ethics by charging that Handel only read what her staff told her, and noted that Governor Perdue had been labled a “worst Governor” by CREW, the same organization that labled him a corrupt Congressman. He then questioned how Handel could support Perdue after Crew’s allegation. Read more