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From “Ni**er” to “States Rights”: The Use of Racially Coded Words in Politics

From Peanut Politics:

I’ve been holding back from talking about this issue for sometime, but now is the time to talk about it. I compile a list of code words I’ve heard politicians utilize to speak about race issues without coming off as bigoted:


Average Joe
Joe six-pack
Moral voters
Independent voter
Evangelical voter
Hockey Mom
Soccer Mom
The southern vote
blue collar workers


Welfare recipient
Poor people
Affirmative action supporter

These are just a handful of examples of how our media and politicians (not to mention everyday people) use racialized language to refer to groups of Americans without sounding like they are mentioning anything overtly bigoted. They can use these words and say “the southern vote looks high for…….John Doe” without saying that most southern whites will vote for John Doe. They can say “I don’t support just handing out welfare to recipients while hard working Americans bust their asses” without saying “I think blacks are lazy and whites are industrious”. Read more