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Morning Reads – Friday, April 10, 2015

Good morning! I’m filling in for for Obi’s Sister today. Enjoy the reads, and enjoy your weekend.





Morning Reads for Thursday, April 26th

Here in Georgia…
– In case you missed it, the lineup for Music Midtown has been released. The only band I’d like to see is the Foo Fighters.
– Home prices in Metro Atlanta are at a 16-year low.
– Gov. Deal has appointed Toby Carr, a former adviser with no transportation experience, to an important GDOT post.
– State officials are trying to plug a $63 million shortfall in state insurance benefits.

National stories of interest…
– The latest polls from swing states show that Barack Obama still leads in crucial swing states, but Romney is gaining.
– The White House has issued a veto threat over CISPA.
– Marco Rubio seems determined to continue the GOP policy of perpetual war.
– It’s amazing how people get so upset about what Secret Service agents did overseas, but don’t get angry when a four year-old is forced to go through a pat-down by TSA.
– Al Gore is going to the Internet Hall of Fame.
– Here’s a rundown of the worst GOP primary whiffs and predictions.
– MTV and PolitiFact are teaming up for a fantasy politics game.
– Aaron Blake explains why the decline of Blue Dog Democrats isn’t a surprise.
– Romney says he’d show Ben Bernanke the door.
– The Obama campaign is really investing in online advertising.
– Mad cow disease has been discovered in the US.
– FDA officials are banning children from doing any work on family farms.

A few that I like…
Braves: 4, Dodgers: 2
– The Falcons picked up Asante Samuel yesterday to bolster their defense.
– Deadspin weighs in on the recent ESPN article on use of marijuana in college football (language warning).

Morning Reads for Tuesday, April 24th

Here in Georgia…
– The South will rise again! Or something.
– The Kony 2012 movement comes to Covington.
– Athens-Clarke County Commissioners are asking the DOJ to shoot down new district lines.
– Joanie Scott updated her post from yesterday on possible corruption in Henry County.
– There are less vacant storefronts in Atlanta.

National stories of interest…
– Incomes have fallen more than $2,000 under Obama.
– Democrats now consider ObamaCare to be a political liability.
– North Korea is threatening war with South Korea again.
– Despite a campaign against Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, it still receives plurality support from residents of the state.
– Yep, Americans need to be protected from speculators. Onion speculators, that is.
– Google is lobbying for CISPA, or SOPA II.
– We’re seeing a shift in the thinking on the War on Drugs.
– Is your computer at risk, find out how to check here.
– Hamid Karzai has banned Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) from entering Afghanistan.
– The Netherlands is the latest country facing debt woes.
– Are Republicans more knowledgeable and open-minded than Democrats? Yes, according to Pew Research. Test your own knowledge here.
– The National Review yesterday criticized the prosecution of John Edwards.
– David Walker for president?

A few that I like…
Dodgers: 7, Braves: 2
– After another horrible start, the Braves sent Jair Jurrjens to the minors.
– Freddie Freeman was named the NL Player of the Week.
– C’mon, you know you want to buy the Vistor’s dugout from the Kingdome.
– Facebook has 901 million monthly users.
The Princess Bride was quoted in a ruling from a US appellate court.

Morning Reads for Monday, April 23rd

Morning Reads got cut short this morning thanks to Comcast. Apologies.

Here in Georgia…
– Joanie Scott has the latest on shady deals in Henry County.
– The State Board of Education approved a contract last week related to Race to the Top.
– The Heritage Foundation chats with sometimes libertarian Neal Boortz.

National stories of interest…
– George Zimmerman was released from jail overnight.
– The Supreme Court will hear the final oral arguments this week over Arizona’s restrictionist immigration law.
– The middle class is bolting from California.
– Dan Mitchell compares Obamanomics and Reaganomics.
– The tax code does not create income inequality.
All the signs are there for another economic slowdown.
– Nancy Pelosi wants to change the First Amendment.
– Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) may not vote for Obama.

A few that I like…
D-Backs: 6, Braves: 4
– America hates Los Angeles.
– Here’s how to make your grass look a MLB playing surface.
– Hot Wat Music released some new tunes.

Morning Reads for Thursday, April 19th

Here in Georgia…
– Unemployment is down for the eighth straight month.
– Emory has lost records of over 300,000 patients.
– Newt Gingrich’s supporters from Georgia are staying him, despite Mitt Romney being the presumptive nominee.
– Drought conditions are returning to Georgia.
– Ken Britt, vice president of the Democratic Party of Georgia’s LBGT Caucus, is running for the legislature.
– John Sugg offers some advice for Kasim Reed.
– Despite successes in passing Sunday sales in some cities and counties, others still haven’t brought the measure up for a vote.
– GA 400 will get a new lane beginning next month.

National stories of interest…
– WaPo explains that President Obama’s latest gimmick, a proposed crackdown on oil speculators, won’t do anything to help bring down gas prices.
– It’s still the economy, stupid. Social issues concern voters the least.
– The case against George Zimmerman got a little stranger yesterday.
– James Pethokoukis explains why the US can’t go back to the super-high tax rates from the 1950s.
– Spain is having some serious economic issues right now.
– More than 70% of Americans back voter ID laws.
– Heritage goes over new research showing that cutting spending boosts the economy.
– Joe Kennedy, III says that oil needs to be much more expensive.
– It’s never too early to look ahead to 2016, right?
– Minimum wage increases don’t help the poor.

A few that I like…
Braves: 14, Mets: 6
– “Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you are a member of Congress, but I repeat myself.” – Mark Twain
– Mark Schlabach discusses marijuana and college football.
– With store closings, Best Buy is expected to have deals for customers.
– Some details for the 2012 Chick-Fil-A Bowl have been announced.
– A village in Austria may change their, um, very odd name.
– At 49, Jamie Moyer is the oldest pitcher to win a game in the MLB.

Morning Reads for Tuesday, April 17th

Happy Tax Day! (or something)

Here in Georgia…
– Rep. John Barrow has $1 million sitting in the bank.
– Are Atlanta police officers worried that the new Citizens Review Board director will be too transparent?
– Gov. Deal has signed off on the legislation requiring drug testing for benefits.
– A new survey from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta shows that businesses in the Southeast are worried about inflation.
– Joanie Scott wonders why Henry County spent $500,000 on an empty bank building while at the same time threatening to layoff public safety workers.

National stories of interest…
– Gallup’s latest tracking poll shows Romney with a 2 point lead over Barack Obama.
– Romney’s team has started the search for a running mate.
– The Senate shot down the so-called “Buffett Rule” last night.
– Jonathan Hoenig explains that, despite Facebook’s recent purchase of Instagram, we will not see another tech bubble.
– Here’s a look at the top paid lobbyists in Washington.
– There is a “bagel tax” in New York?
– January 1, 2013 has been dubbed “Taxmageddon” due to the number of tax hikes set to take effect.
– Here’s the most recent list of congressional retirements.
– Obama’s numbers for April are down to Gerald Ford territory.
– Where do your tax dollars go?
– The Wall Street Journal says that North Korea’s fail missile launch may be a laughing matter, but our failed foreign policy towards the country isn’t.
– Tim Cavanaugh notes that the “profit” from TARP keeps getting smaller.
– $200k in stimulus money was spent to move a shrub out of the path of a highway project.
– Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) is “doggone offended” by libertarians.
The Atlantic shows how we pay taxes in 11 charts.
– Activists are starting to speak out against CISPA, which they are dubbing to be next SOPA.
– Herman Cain’s rally on Capitol Hill yesterday was a bust.
– Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) says he urged Obama not to pursue health care reform.
– Roger Clemens is set to be prosecuted for lying to Congress about steroid usage.
– Matt Welch gives five news reasons why the IRS is screwing over Americans.

A few that I like…
Mets: 6, Braves: 1
– The Braves will retire John Smoltz’s #29 and induct him into the team’s Hall of Fame on June 8th.
– Tupac is back! Well, sort of.
– Best Buy will close two stores in Georgia.
– A lost boy found his mother by using Google Earth.

Morning Reads for Friday, April 13th

Here in Georgia…
– How much are the feds loaning to Plant Vogtle? It’s a secret.
– Tony Moore explains that charter schools fill an important need in Georgia’s education system.
– Teen pregnancy rates are down across the country, including in Georgia.
– The Augusta Commission is challenging redrawn district lines in federal court.
– Benita Dodd wonders if the T-SPLOST is really about unclogging traffic.
– ALEC ranks Georgia at 10th in economic potential.

National stories of interest…
– North Korea tried, but failed, to launch a missile last night.
– Illinois offers a lesson for states thinking about passing internet sales taxes.
– Hybrid car owners say they are unlikely to buy another.
– Herman Cain says he’s willing to talk about being the VP.
– Happy birthday, RomneyCare. Peter Suderman explains why the Massachusetts health care law has been a budget buster.
– The Ninth District Court of Appeals has struck down a political advertising ban on public radio.
– George Will again ponders whether the United States should legalize drugs.
– Ruth Bader Ginsburg says that the hearings Clarence Thomas was forced to endure made it easier for her to be confirmed to the Supreme Court.

A few that I like…
– Michael Mumper talks about weightloss.
– What features will the iPhone 5 have?
– What’s worse about Tax Day, writing a check or everything else that comes with filing your taxes?
– Own a Mac? Looks like you’re now vulnerable to viruses.
– Beer makes men smarter.
– Where are the Simpsons from? Springfield, Oregon.
– In case of a zombie apocalypse, you’ll need this map.
– Are record labels going the way of the dinosaur?

Morning Reads for Tuesday, April 10th

Here in Georgia…
– It has apparently been rough for judges in North Georgia over the last two years.
– In order to keep gas and others costs downs, some school systems in Georgia are cutting bus stops.
– We’re getting close to $4/gallon.
– $31 million in tax refunds are unclaimed by Georgians.
– Georgia’s Stand Your Ground law is being challenged in federal court.

National stories of interest…
– 62% disapprove of Barack Obama’s handling of gas prices.
– Coca-Cola has cut ties with the American Legislative Exchange Council.
– The Fix argues that Ron Paul is more important than Newt Gingrich.
– Netflix, which supported SOPA, has launched its own PAC.
– FiveThirtyEight takes a look at Ron Paul’s campaign, comparing it to four years ago.
– Tim Lynch argues that Florida’s Stand Your Ground law is not responsible for the death of Trayvon Martin.
– Steve Chapman explains why attacks on the Supreme Court are bad for our Constitution.
– The Obama Administration is backing off a requirement for federal contractors to discloses their political donations.
– Ken Rosenthal says that the Miami Marlins should suspend Ozzie Guillen.
– Is Iran willing to compromise on their nuclear program?
– The Supreme Court is about to take up its first post-Citizens United case.
– FDR would have opposed Social Security today.
– Scholars from the Mercatus Center looked at stimulus funding passed since 1953, finding that it does little to nothing to get the economy moving.
– Sen. Dick Lugar is facing an ad barrage in support of his primary opponent from conservative groups.

A few that I like…
– Braves drop to 0-4 to start the season.
– Chipper Jones will be back in the lineup tonight.
– Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion.
– Here are some tips for spending less on gas.
– Pro Football Talk takes a guess which players teams will select in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Morning Reads for Monday, April 9th

Here in Georgia…
– Lobbyists spent over $866,000 during the 2012 session, more than $9,500 a day.
– Georgia has been among the top states for deportations of illegals.
– Falcons fans have a divided opinion about a new stadium for the team.
– GDOT is studying higher speed limits on I-285, you know, since no one goes 55 mph anyway.
– Remember when Underground Atlanta was a thing?

National stories of interest…
– Conor Friedersdorf says what many of us have been thinking about the Tea Party.
– The CBO reports that the budget deficit for the first half of the fiscal year is $777 billion.
– Congress is taking up cybersecurity again.
– A startup airline with a neat concept wants to avoid the hassles of passenger screenings.
– Ozzie Guillen figured out how to make the Cuban population in Miami very angry.
– Steve Chapman explains how the GOP continues to court religious voters at its own expense.
– After seeing how much e-mail Obama’s presidential campaign sends, Jon Stewart compared him to a Nigerian spammer.
– Al Gore’s Current TV is in trouble.
– Ezra Klein argues that Mitt Romney is a stronger general election candidate than Republicans think.
– Rick Santorum spent time last week with conservative leaders trying to save his campaign.
– Rob Portman for Vice President?
– Ever wondered how the CBO came up with the phony “budget savings” for ObamaCare? There was a lot of bogus math involved.
– The Washington Post came out against the proposed high-speed rail line from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.
– George Will weighs drug legalization.

A few that I like…
– Bubba Watson, a UGA grad, won the Masters yesterday.
– UGA has had some recruiting success lately.
– Five myths about water.
– More people are reading today than ever before.
– The Braves didn’t have a great opening series against the Mets.

Morning Reads for Thursday, April 5th

Here in Georgia…
– Senate Rules Chairman Don Balfour, ever the center of controversy, has reimbursed taxpayers for $800 questionable expenses.
– Georgians have mixed feelings about the Internet sales tax.
– Parents in Atlanta are trying to save G.A. Towns Elementary School.
– Fayette County is the healthiest in the state.

National stories of interest…
– It looks like Obama is running his re-election campaign similar to Clinton’s campaign in 1996.
– The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is headed back to court.
– So what would retaliation by Iran after a strike on its nuclear sites look like?
– Antony Davies argues that a high corporate income tax is passed on to consumers by businesses.
– Is the federal government trying to spy on you through your game console?
– Nancy Pelosi predicts a 6-3 decision by the SCOTUS to uphold ObamaCare.
– The DCCC is targeting businesses, including Coke and Wal-Mart, that give money to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).
– House GOP freshman apparently urged their leadership to accept a comprehensive deal with Democrats last year during the debt ceiling debate.
– Jacob Sullum goes over the three things people don’t know about the Trayvon Martin shooting.
– Yahoo! is slashing 2,000 jobs.

A few that I like…
– The Atlanta Braves kick off their season tonight in New York.
– Do you think it’s time for the US to get rid of the penny?
– 59% of Americans think Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame.
– Sony will release the Playstation 4 sometime next year.
– The new iPhone is coming in June.
– The Baltimore Orioles lost to a community college baseball team earlier this week.
Riley Breckenridge v. Bud Light and Clamto

Morning Reads for Tuesday, April 3rd

Here in Georgia…
– Walter Jones breaks down the winners and losers from the 2012 legislative session.
– Covington may ban “saggy pants,” because they apparently have nothing better to do.
– Jay Bookman says Georgia Republicans have lost their fear of voters.

National stories of interest…
– It’s primary day in Maryland, Wisconsin, and the District of Columbia.
– President Obama took a rather divisive tone toward the Supreme Court yesterday as they decide the fate of the PPACA.
– Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) says Obama should run against the SCOTUS if they strike down ObamaCare.
– The WSJ defends the Supreme Court against attacks from the Left.
– We may have another show down over election funding in federal court.
– Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele wanted a brokered convention.
– Ramesh Ponnuru argues that Rick Santorum actually hurts social conservatives rather than advance their cause.
– Chris Edwards likes where Rep. Paul Ryan is going on tax reform.
– Tax Freedom Day is still two weeks away.
TSA ad on Craigslist: Looking for people to join “imperious security team”
– House Republicans may revive earmarking.

A few that I like…
This car lasted 576,000 miles on one owner.
– The Atlanta Braves finalized their roster yesterday.

Morning Reads for Monday, April 2nd

Here in Georgia…
– Despite legislators saber-rattling about federalism and the Tenth Amendment, the budget for FY 2013 has a lot of money from the federal government.
– Personal income grew by 5% in Georgia last year.
– Georgia Power customers may finally get some relief.

National stories of interest…
– The US now has the highest corporate income tax in the world.
– Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-NE) gives President Obama an “F” on bipartisanship.
– Facebook’s TOS could be a problem if you don’t want questionable photos or statuses online.
– According to a Gallup poll, 2/3 of the media in the world are free.
– High taxes in Maryland has lead to cigarette smuggling.
– Just 25% of Americans support the war in Afghanistan.
– Fareed Zakaria says it’s time to legalize marijuana.
– Wall Street would be happy with SCOTUS striking down all of ObamaCare or keeping it all in place.
– Still trying to figure out how SCOTUS will rule on ObamaCare? Jacob Sullum explains why the answer could be in the questions.
– The minimum wage in San Francisco has killed Subway’s $5 foot longs.
FBI to agents: It’s fine to bend or stretch the law.
– Ron Paul has spent nearly $500,000 per delegate.
– A federal judge has ruled against bloggers looking for money from the Huffington Post.
– Nick Gillespie explains the panic over bullies is ridiculous.
– Why are you on the global payscale?
– Shikha Dalmia explains why opening up the economy through liberalization will help the poor.
– Remember when Obama opposed expansive executive authority?
– The National Journal shows us the 10 Senate seats most likely to change hands.

A few that I like…
– Bill Shanks previews the 2012 Atlanta Braves season.
– 2014 should see at least three former Braves inducted into the Hall of Fame.
– Chocolate helps you stay thin.
– Hacking an iPhone password apparently isn’t that complicated.
– What does Disney’s epic flop, John Carter, teach us about economics?

Morning Reads for Tuesday, March 27th

Here in Georgia…
– After the first day of hearings on ObamaCare, Attorney General Sam Olens issued this statement.
– The AJC has a good story on Georgians, including Olens, involved in the ObamaCare debate.
– Coming to theaters, Gov. Nathan Deal and Arthur Blank star in The Money Pit.
– Occupy Atlanta managed to keep enough pressure on AT&T to prevent layoffs in the area.
– Michael Mumper gives some background on ethics reform.
– The “fetal pain” bill looks to be done for the session.

National stories of interest…
– Here’s a great recap of yesterday’s SCOTUS hearing on the Anti-Injunction Act as it relates to ObamaCare.
– Legal insiders are predicting that the SCOTUS will uphold ObamaCare, including the individual mandate.
– Liberals in the House want to spend a lot more than Barack Obama.
– During a hearing yesterday, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) shared stories from everyday Americans that have had to deal with the TSA.
– Mitt Romney picked up endorsements from a few conservatives yesterday, including ACU Chairman Al Cardenas and Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT).
– Jacob Sullum says that the Trayvon Martin shooting may have nothing to do with “Stand Your Ground” laws.
– Republicans apparently dominate Twitter.
– Ron Paul’s presidential campaign has paid family members over $300,000 in the last two cycles.
– Steve Chapman notes how hard the GOP is trying to forget George W. Bush.

A few that I like…
– An 83-year old is suing Apple because she ran into to the glass doors at one of their stores.
– What are the Georgia Bulldogs chances of winning the BCS Championship this year?
– Here are some handy ways to research your family tree.
– Honus Wagner’s baseball card may go for $1.5 million at auction.

Morning Reads for Thursday, March 22nd

Here in Georgia…
– Unemployment has dropped in Georgia for the seventh straight month, standing now at 9.1%.
– The Tax Foundation offers a breakdown, with some brief commentary, of the tax reform package, which could be taken up in the
Senate as early as today.
– A school shooting plot was foiled after it was posted on Facebook.
– The GHSA has banned three-a-days for high school football teams.
– It looks like the latest version of the criminal justice reform bill is ready to go.
– Sunday sales will begin in Augusta on April 1st.
– Georgia Watch warns consumers (PDF) to get ready for another rate hike.
– Rep. Paul Broun has introduced the OPTION Act, what he calls “patient-centered health care reform.”
– The Senate has signed off on the FY 2013 budget. It now heads to conference committee.

National stories of interest…
– Mitt Romney’s campaign has given yet another reason for conservatives not to trust him.
– The GOP-backed JOBS Act has cleared the Senate.
– Slate’s offers this infographic showing how Romney is pulling away from the rest of the GOP contenders.
– Many employers are now requesting social network passwords from prospective employees.
– David Harsanyi says that Obama doesn’t care about the debt.
– Americans are wary of mixing religion and politics.
– Rick Santorum has a delegate problem.
– Did the US lose nearly 2 million jobs last year?
– Learn Liberty explains the dangers of too much debt.
– So, what are the unintended consequences of Frank-Dodd?
– John Stossel analyzes the “fairness” question.
– Energy Secretary Steven Chu gives himself an “A” on gas prices.
– Americans are still skeptical of ObamaCare.
– The proposed “Buffett Rule” isn’t likely to work.
– FreedomWorks likes Sen. Rand Paul’s proposed budget.
– Santorum bluntness may be his biggest obstacle.

A few that I like…
– Unless you were hiding under a rock yesterday, you know Tim Tebow was traded.
– The new iPad is hot, and not just in popularity.
– Netherworld will start showing cult-film classics next month.
– The NFL has suspended Sean Peyton, the New Orleans Saints head coach, for a year.
– The developer of “Draw Something,” a highly addictive game that my wife is obsessed with, was recently purchased for $200 million.
– BREAKING: Tattoos are popular with young people.
– Starbucks gives a lesson in economics.
– At least Microsoft knows that Internet Explorer sucks.
– Michael Bay has pissed off Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles fans.

Morning Reads for Tuesday, March 20th

Here in Georgia…
– AFP Georgia has announced plans for its annual Constitution Day Festival.
– The Georgia Supreme Court has overturned then-Gov. Sonny Perdue’s outing of school board members in Warren County.
– The Thomasville Times Enterprise catches up with Rep. Austin Scott.

National stories of interest…
– The White House has backed away from ObamaCare’s supposed economic benefits.
– Apple says $60 billion of its money will remain outside the US until tax laws changes.
– Saudi Arabia is taking action to ease world oil markets.
– Despite criticizing George W. Bush on civil liberties and war, the Left has been noticeably absent during Barack Obama’s term.
– Government spending doesn’t create economic growth.
Rick Santorum in 2008: “Republicans, to our credit, have morphed away form the Goldwater idea that government just needs to be small.”
– Apparently, three-year old kids are terrorists. Or something.
– Why does Santorum hate America?
– It’s official. Obama has racked up more debt than Bush.
– Newt Gingrich’s support would be evenly split between Mitt Romney and Santorum.
Hillary 2016?
– Could 2012 wind up being about foreign policy?
Eric Holder in 1995: We “really need to brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.”

A few that I like…
– With Peyton Manning likely headed to Denver, Tim Tebow is headed elsewhere.
– Amazon is selling $10 gift cards for $5.
– Wendy’s has overtaken Burger King as the #2 hamburger place in the country.
– The new iPad isn’t as much of a money maker for Apple.
– Randall has the inside track to win the fifth starter spot for the Atlanta Braves.