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Martha Zoller: Let’s Get Her To Congress

Georgia’s 9th Congressional District runoff presents the two faces of the Republican Party and asks voters to choose.

On one hand is Doug Collins. Collins would fit right in with the Congressional Republicans who raised the debt ceiling on the promise of spending cuts and then weaseled out of the cuts. He’d fit right in with a GOP that gives lip to repealing Obamacare, but is actually too scared of picking a fight on defunding it.

Doug Collins was an inconsequential legislator in the Georgia General Assembly whose only question when asked by Republican Leaders to jump was “how high?” He supported the largest tax increase in Georgia history, the T-SPLOST, but, like Lee Anderson running in Georgia’s 12th Congressional District, lacked the testicular fortitude to actually vote for the tax increase himself. Instead, he sent it off to voters telling them the legislature would punish them if they didn’t vote to raise their own taxes.

This is the second time Collins did this. The first time was with trauma funding. Doug Collins is not afraid to be a big spender or a big taxer, but is too chicken to man up and take responsibility himself for the consequences of his policy choices.

Then there is Martha Zoller. Martha is supported by Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, various tea party groups, and me. She’s been a talk radio host in North Georgia who, like me, has been just as willing to take on Republicans as she has Democrats.

Doug Collins is beating the stew out of Martha, taking her words out of context, and distorting her record as a way to distract from his. I want you to support Martha Zoller because, unlike Doug Collins, we won’t ever have to worry about lobbying Martha to be with us once she gets to Congress.

The runoff election in Georgia is August 21st and Martha is seriously going to need our help. Make a donation as soon as you can.

FreedomWorks backs Martha Zoller

FreedomWorks, a DC-based organization that has heavily promoted the Tea Party movement, released its first round of endorsements for House candidates yesterday. You’ll notice below that Martha Zoller, who is running against State Rep. Doug Collins, made the cut:

After a year of intensive research, countless candidate interviews, and input from thousands of FreedomWorks activists, including many in these districts, FreedomWorks PAC is pleased to endorse its first slate of candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Each of these candidates is a clear choice for those who want to rein in the government’s reckless spending and out-of-control growth.

  • Florida 22nd: Adam Hasner
  • Georgia 9th: Martha Zoller
  • Illinois 8th: Rep. Joe Walsh
  • Indiana 2nd: Jackie Walorski
  • Indiana 5th: David McIntosh
  • Iowa 4th: Rep. Steve King
  • Kentucky 6th: Andy Barr
  • Louisiana 3rd: Rep. Jeff Landry
  • Missouri 2nd: Ann Wagner
  • Pennsylvania 12th: Keith Rothfus

FreedomWorks PAC Executive Director Max Pappas commented, “Through extensive personal interviews, detailed research of their records, and feedback from activists in their districts, we are confident these candidates will expand the freedom caucus in the House and lead the fight for economic freedom and constitutionally limited government.”

Existing House endorsements for FreedomWorks PAC include Evan Feinberg (Pennsylvania 18th) and Rep. Don Manzullo (Illinois 16th).

I know endorsements aren’t typically a huge deal, but FreedomWorks has been heavily involved in several primary races around the country. They also backed Rep. Tom Graves last year during the special and general elections in the old GA-09.

Herman Cain To Headline Campaign Event For Martha Zoller

His Presidential Campaign may be “suspended”, but Herman Cain has made it clear he will not be leaving political activism. Today, the campaign for Martha Zoller has announced that Cain will headline an event they will be hosting on January 28th at the Gainesville Civic Center.

“We are thrilled to have Herman Cain join us in Gainesville for this important and timely rally,” said Martha Zoller, in a statement issued to the press. “Like Herman, I believe that we need to completely transform the U.S. Tax Code, restore common sense and accountability in government, and end ‘business as usual’ in Washington. It is an honor to have Herman support my campaign for Congress and I look forward to sharing the stage with such a remarkable leader again.”

Zoller is seeking Georgia’s open 9th Congressional seat which leans heavily Republican. Other announced candidates include state Representative Doug Collins of Gainesville, and Jackson County Commissioner Hunter Bicknell.

Martha Zoller Officially Announces Run For Congress

I was passed along a newsletter from Gilmer County Chairman George McClellan about their September meeting where talk radio host Martha Zoller has officially announced her intent to run for the 9th District Congressional seat come 2012:

Also in attendance to officially announce her candidacy for the new 9th Congressional House seat was radio personality, staunch conservative and good friend, Martha Zoller. Martha’s announcement was greeted with pleasure by many and all wished her well on her campaign.

Martha will be joining Rep. Doug Collins in the ring to become the new congressman from the newly formed and vacant 9th district.  Expect more candidates to come out of the wood work over the next few weeks.


I asked Martha for a statement concerning her run for Congress:

It’s time to have elected officials who answer to the people, not to the leadership.  I’ve been listening to the people of North Georgia for 15 years.  I know the games politicians play.  And those games got us 14 Trillion dollars in debt with 10 percent unemployment in North Georgia.  I will be accountable to the people.

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Compromising On Compromise

Today’s Courier Herald Column:

After over a year of effort, Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss and Virginia Senator Mark Warner announced that their bi-partisan “Gang of 6” had reach a consensus on a deficit reduction plan. Agreement on a budget plan with significant deficit reduction has become key in both the House and Senate as a condition to raising the nation’s debt ceiling, set to be reached by August 2nd. The “gang” was joined by Conservative Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, who had earlier left the group, signaling that Senate Conservatives were also likely to support the effort.

The plan is a mix of spending cuts, elimination of some tax breaks, and some tax cuts. The Alternative Minimum Tax would be eliminated, but $1 Trillion in new revenues would be increased over the ten year period. Chambliss points out that on a net basis, the plan will still be scored by the Congressional Budget Office as a tax cut.

The plan broadly outlines savings from Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and will most likely bring means testing – the idea that wealthier recipients pay more or receive less – to the seniors’ programs.
The plan received broad bi-partisan support in the Senate, where a gang of 60 is required for any bill to become law. President Obama also signaled support for the plan, signifying likely support from the Democratically controlled Senate as a whole.

The Republican controlled House, however, spent Monday passing their Cut, Cap, and Balance plan, which would cut over $100M from spending in next year’s budget, cap federal spending at 18% of GDP, and mandate a balanced budget in the future. The passage sets the stage for active negotiations with the Senate, though many House Republican scoff at the notion of a compromise that will include any revenue increases. Read more