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Republican in the hunt for Hank Johnson’s seat in Georgia’s 4th CD

Liz Carter (Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook), a Republican who was incensed at Congressman Hank Johnson’s (D-GA) dullardly comments following the House vote to censure U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC), is running against Johnson for the Republican nomination in Georgia’s 4th Congressional District.

Johnson (Website | Twitter | Facebook) is already facing at least one challenger from within his own party: Vernon “Snuggles” Jones (Website | Twitter | Facebook). Additional challenges to Johnson may also possibly come from Connie Stokes and Lee May.

And just when you thought it was safe for Georgia’s women to be out late at night…

Snuggles is looking at dipping a toe into the race for the 4th Congressional District, a seat currently held by Hank Johnson, who has been suffering from Hepatitis C.

According to B. Camille Kesler, a Jones spokeswoman, Jones has indicated that he has been approached by many people to run and that he is currently “contemplating all his options.”

In a Christmas e-mail to supporters, Jones also wrote that “[a] decision will be made soon as I continue to listen to you and your ideas as to how I can best serve Georgia and the American people[.] I intend to make my plans clear in the near future.”

Those already considering entering the race are DeKalb County Commissioners Connie Stokes and Lee May.

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