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There shall be campaign trackers

Via Georgia Tipsheet, comes this ThinkProgress video of U.S. Senate candidate Karen Handel discussing immigration and border security.

Handel’s comments aren’t controversial, though she presents a different point of view from some of her Republican primary opponents by, rightly, pointing out that many illegal immigrants who come to the United States entered via legal means.

“First things first, we enforce the existing laws and let our border patrol agencies really let them do their jobs,” said Handel at a Houston County Republican Party meeting in November, “and let’s stop being so focused on the US-Mexican border because, the truth is that about half of the individuals who are illegal in our country, they came here legally in the first placed and jumped their visa.”

“So we have a problem with that process that is a systemic issue with the procedures around that that we ought to be dealing with that,” she noted, adding that “we do need a workable guest worker program” for agribusiness.
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Karen Handel Now Senior VP For Public Policy With Susan G Komen For The Cure

Congratulations are in order for former Secretary of State Karen Handel for her new position as Senior Vice-President For Public Policy of the Susan G Komen organization.

WASHINGTON D.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, the world’s leading breast cancer organization, announced today that it has appointed Karen Handel to serve as senior vice president of public policy. 

Ms. Handel is a well-known and experienced policy maker, having held various positions in government at the local, state and federal level. Most recently, she was the Secretary of State for the state of Georgia, where she had oversight of 400 employees, responsible for overseeing elections, corporations, securities and professional licensing boards.  Read more

Karen Handel Speaks (Or At Least, Updates)

For those waiting for Friday to hear from Karen Handel, perhaps a preview has appeared on Facebook.

Karen Handel: My thoughts re Barnes/Dem mailer: A gentleman would never involve a woman without asking her. I do not appreciate being used this way — least of all by Roy Barnes. To imply that I’m in any way supporting him is simply false. Women do not want or need the king of the good ole boys telling us to “remember.”. Women will look at the issues and cast their votes in the best interest of our state.

Deal: Handel selfless in devotion to Georgia, GOP

From Deal’s Campaign:

Former Secretary of State Karen Handel called Nathan Deal this morning to concede the race for the Republican nomination for governor. Selflessly putting the Republican Party first, Secretary Handel said that she would not request a recount.

“I’m extremely grateful to Secretary Handel for her graciousness,” Deal said. “Secretary Handel has served our state with honor and distinction. She’s a tenacious campaigner, so it’s a relief to have her running with me. I think the close finish shows that both campaigns did a great job at convincing voters to support them.

“I had a productive conversation with Secretary Handel. She said that she would not seek a recount, even though the margin is less than 1 percent, and she said that she was encouraging her supporters to work for my candidacy with the same energy and enthusiasm as they showed hers. These actions are in keeping with Karen Handel’s longtime devotion to her state and to the Georgia Republican Party. This selfless gesture allows Republicans to rally together to beat Roy Barnes.

“I look forward to working with Karen Handel and all the other candidates on behalf of the entire Republican ticket, which will include Johnny Isakson, Casey Cagle and other strong conservative leaders. Together as Republicans, we will offer our plan for lower taxes, new jobs and a better future for Georgia’s families. Roy Barnes is a smart politician but even the smartest liberal will have a difficult time selling new big government programs at a time when Georgians are outraged by the explosion of debt under the Obama administration.”


The Georgia Republican Party is calling for it. The Republicans have a nominee in Nathan Deal and now want to unite and take out King Roy. The runoff turned pretty cutthroat but it’s time to lick our wounds and roll our sleeves up in the name of keeping a Republican majority in Georgia, right?

It probably isn’t that easy, nor should it be.

I’ve been called “Baby Killer” and a gay sympathizer since primary night for supporting Karen. I’ve had people tell me that she has no business running in a Republican election and that support for her is contrary to a belief in Jesus Christ, even though Karen is openly Christian. I tend to not hold candidates to their crazed supporters but I must admit that it angered me. In fact, I placed signs for Karen Handel and Tom Graves for 7 hours Monday night only to have a text message the next morning telling me that Handel signs were being torn down left and right (I realize this happens in campaigns but my time is valuable to me). This runoff has been long and tiring for many. In order for Deal to get the support of die-hard “Handelistas”, some time and nurturing will be required.

All that aside, Nathan Deal cannot run a campaign on national issues (abortion, illegal immigration, Nancy Pelosi is evil, etc.) and expect to take out Roy Barnes. It may work in a Republican runoff, but it won’t in the General. I watched the news election night and noticed Roy’s event. He kept talking about Education, Transportation, Water, the Budget, issues that are directly connected to state politics and issues that the next governor has to tackle. Deal must deal with these issues if he expects to beat Barnes.

Make no mistake, the GAGOP now has 2 candidates from the same county at the top of the ticket. Both have ethics issues facing them. Roy Barnes and Carol Porter now have the ability to tag team and hammer the GAGOP on ethics, and they will. Any shot that Republicans have at maintaining control of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor seats will come down to out-politicking the Dems on STATE issues.

The truth is, we have had 8 years of Republican control in Georgia and still have budget, education, transportation, and water problems. Republicans must find a way to convince that “squishy middle” we talk about to vote for them. I believe Georgia is conservative, but more to the center-right. I think we represent a national thought process. Voters in the General aren’t going to tolerate the status quo. True unity needs to happen behind a candidate who knows GEORGIA. Deal must deal with that. Only then will he get the support he needs to win the Governor’s seat.


And After All This, IA Says We’re All Tied Up

Bumped up top by Erick so the Deal folks don’t think I’m trying to bury the lede. Interestingly, I know few in the metro area who think Deal will win and know virtually no one outside Atlanta who think Handel will win.

With just a little over three days left in this years long saga, IA has a new poll that says Handel and Deal are tied:

InsiderAdvantage/WSB-TV Poll

Nathan Deal: 46 percent

Karen Handel: 46 percent

Undecided: 8 percent

Margin of Error +/- 4.0 percent

Source: InsiderAdvantage


“Gay Hating”

Jace and I disagree.

One judge stretched the constitution to suit his own agenda. It is no surprise that a gay judge in San Francisco would claim that gays suddenly have a right to marry they have not had in the several thousand year old tradition of marriage, but to declare that suddenly gender does not matter is a bit of a stretch.

In fact, the judge relied on Lawrence v. Texas in part, but as Justice O’Connor’s concurrence in that case points out (and granted it was a concurrence),

That this law as applied to private, consensual conduct is unconstitutional under the Equal Protection Clause does not mean that other laws distinguishing between heterosexuals and homosexuals would similarly fail under rational basis review. Texas cannot assert any legitimate state interest [in its sodomy laws], such as national security or preserving the traditional institution of marriage. Unlike the moral disapproval of same-sex relations-the asserted state interest in this case-other reasons exist to promote the institution of marriage beyond mere moral disapproval of an excluded group.

That the judge was a Reagan and GHW Bush appointee is a red herring, considering judicial picks at the district level have long required the approval of the senators from those states.

The Republican primary has moved into disgraceful territory with the candidates more focused on who can out guard uteruses from coat hangers and children from seeing two guys kissing than jobs and education.

But Handel’s statement is on the money. This was a liberal judge rejecting the vote of 7 million people on nebulous constitutional grounds. We should also keep in mind that 3/4 of the states, enough to pass a federal constitutional amendment, have already banned gay marriage.

I would hope the next step is for Deal and Handel both to support a legislative effort to petition Congress for a federal constitutional amendment. The votes are already there in the state legislatures. If liberals want to keep amending the constitution through the court system, we should reciprocate by, in Thomas Jefferson’s words, binding them from mischief with the chains of the constitution.

Unconventional Wisdom

O.K., looks like I’m not the only contributor who’s been tied up all day. I’ll still be scarce through tomorrow, so you can connect the dots here in lieu of my usual elaborate commentary:

Jan Jones, of Milton Fulton County, is doing robo-calls for Nathan Deal.

This is House Speaker pro tem Jan Jones calling for Nathan Deal for governor. As Georgia’s highest-ranking female legislator….It’s not about gender. It’s about leadership.

The “highest ranking female legislator” wants you to know it’s not about gender. I see what you did right there…

But I digress. The real point here is that Jones is from metro-Atlanta, and more specifically, Handel’s own county.

Yet in more rural parts of the State, or at least the parts that aren’t Atlanta, we have these tidbits:

Senator-elect Josh McKoon and former Columbus Mayor Bob Poyadesheff have endorsed Handel.

Further south, The Albany Herald – who previously endorsed Eric Johnson – has endorsed Karen Handel.

We’ve seen and read many articles (some of them here) that this is a race between rural Georgia and Atlanta. That there’s a gender gap with women voters preferring Handel while men prefer Deal. There’s not.

This is just a good old fashioned battle within the Republican party.

Kingston Says Eric Johnson Backs Nathan Deal

From the Savannah Morning News:

Former state senator hasn’t made formal statement about Aug. 10 runoff

Former state Sen. Eric Johnson is backing Nathan Deal against Karen Handel for governor, U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston said Tuesday.

Kingston, a Savannah Republican, spoke a day after Johnson, who finished third in the July 20 GOP primary, said on Facebook he “likes” Deal. Johnson has not responded to requests for comments since the primary.

Kingston, a close Johnson friend and ally for more than 25 years, said they spoke after Johnson returned from a vacation earlier this week.

The congressman didn’t discuss the reasons for Johnson’s decision, but other Johnson supporters have said he was unlikely to back Handel…

Deal campaign spokesman Brian Robinson said he’s encouraged by Kingston’s statement but remained cautious.

“We don’t want to put words in his mouth, but would love to have Eric Johnson’s support,” Robinson said. “It would certainly make sense that he would see Nathan Deal as a clear conservative choice.”…

Kingston said Johnson probably won’t stump actively.

Handel Leads In Landmark Poll, “Undecided” Leads In AG race With Olens Over Smith

Landmark Communications did a poll last evening of 800 Republican voters that they will release here at 4:30 (get your crosstabs, etc, there).

Here’s the summary:


Handel: 45.8
Deal: 37.1
Undecided: 17.1

Attorney General:

Undecided: 56.7
Olens: 33.0
Smith: 10.3

I’m told that, bucking “conventional wisdom”, there is no gender gap among the Governor’s candidates. I’m also told that Sam Olens wins the 6th CD, whereas Smith isn’t winning anywhere. Thus, Sam’s clout in Republican rich Cobb is noteworthy.

Georgia Right To Life Supports Candidate Who Voted For Major Abortion Funding

Hypocrisy, thy name is Georgia Right to Life.

Today, Georgia Right to Life attacked Georgia gubernatorial candidate Karen Handel for funding Planned Parenthood when Handel chaired the Fulton County Commission in Georgia.

The funding had actually been approved before Handel got there and the money was designated for cancer screenings with Planned Parenthood doing the cancer screenings instead of the county.

You can read more here and will note that Georgia Right to Life threw in some gratuitous and unneeded nonsense on Sarah Palin and her son with Down Syndrome.

Contrast this Nathan Deal, who Georgia Right to Life is supporting. The money that was spent by Fulton County while Karen Handel chaired the commission went to do cancer screenings. In Congress, Nathan Deal voted for Henry Waxman sponsored legislation to give $500 million to Planned Parenthood to pay for actual abortions.

In Georgia Right to Life’s world, Nathan Deal voting to fund actual
abortions is better than Karen Handel presiding over a commission that
had voted to use Planned Parenthood as a cervical and breast cancer
screening provider for indigent women.

Handel Calls For Dan Becker and Melanie Crozier’s Resignation From GRTL; Asks Deal To Join Her (UPDATED)

UPDATE: WSB TV interviews Handel, Deal, and Crozier here.

Crozier doesn’t seem to think that she properly articulated her point? That Sarah Palins’s baby, who was not created by rape, incest, threatened the life of the mother, nor was a part of invitro fertilization would be allowed to be aborted by Karen Handel, who is pro-life by National Right To Life standards?

She and Becker have lost all credibility on this issue. They’ve endorsed Deal who voted for abortion funding. They’ve endorsed McBerry who is a child predator. And they are making up false assertions about Karen Handel. They should resign.

From A Press Release:

Repulsive Attack Invoking Governor Palin’s Son “Last Straw” for Group’s “Attack Execs”

Karen Handel today called on opponent Nathan Deal to join her in demanding the resignation of two top Georgia Right to Life executives in the wake of a second incident of disgusting and hateful comments – this time using the son of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in their continued attacks against Governor Palin and her endorsement of Handel.

In a news story in Politico this week, GRTL PAC Executive Director Melanie Crozier attacked Palin’s endorsement of Handel and went so far as to say that “[Palin] has a son with Down’s Syndrome, and under Karen Handel’s laws, Handel would have felt like it was ok to go in and abort that child.”

“This is a cruel and revolting lie and shows just how low GRTL leaders are willing to go for a political attack,” Handel said. “I am deeply offended, and I can only imagine how offensive these callous remarks are to Governor Palin and her family – and to all Georgians.”
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No Ox Makes Gov Race Interesting

I text a buddy of mine who was working on Deal’s campaign as a volunteer three days ago. The text said “Handel/Deal runoff. Bank on it.” Many of us on these boards foresaw what occurred on election night. I travelled back up to Northwest Georgia 2 weeks ago and kept hearing people discussing Ox’s ethical issues. Normally our media market is the last to get the word of mainstream Atlanta news because we are so close to Tennessee. So when I heard my family, friends, and neighbors discussing the Ox, I knew he was finished. The news resonated well enough throughout Georgia to allow Eric’s spike in the polls to come to fruition, and I’m glad it happened. The last thing I wanted was Ox to be anywhere near the Governor’s mansion.

So election night reflected polls taken in the last week. Handel won the night, but I know her campaign, and no one in Georgia, is counting Deal out. Deal’s campaign was one that wouldn’t die, a “zombie campaign” to borrow a phrase. And now he stands to capitalize on voters in rural Georgia and Ox and Johnson supporters If he’s able to do this, Karen could be the one with an uphill battle.

I’m curious to see if either Johnson or Ox endorse Karen or Deal. But this may end up looking like a battle of the endorsements soon enough. Handel continues to gain support from other governors, but Deal will have  most of the G-7 on his side, with the exception of Price. I’m interested to see how the race will shape up as Handel and Deal duke it out for the elusive votes of their past opponents.

Feel free to use this as an OPEN THREAD on the GOP Gov Runoff.