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Zero Hour

Today Georgians are all headed to the polls. I’m 22 years old so this is my first time actually voting for Governor. That means that I wasn’t a part of any voting block in the past who placed Roy Barnes in office or elected Sonny Perdue. As such I have one request: Can we try and fix the state please?

I’ve stated that I’ll be voting for Karen Handel for Governor. Shocking, I know. But most of the front pagers on Peach Pundit started off in the Governor’s race with only one thing in mind: we just don’t want John Oxendine. If you read Peach Pundit, the Political Insider Jim Galloway, or any other place connected to inside baseball politics and are still looking to pull the lever for John Oxendine, I’m wondering why? You should, after all, be listening to your candidate and running far away from this evil blog and its hate-filled pages.

Hey, someone had to post one last anti-Ox post before the primary ended. Why not the “Intern”? So here’s to a, hopefully, good election cycle. Whether you’re a Handel, Johnson, Deal, Chapman, or other supporter, let us all unite behind our admiration over the lumbering Ox. He has given us so much to talk about over the past year.

Here’s to the Ox!

Harp Charges That Electing Hudgens Will Extend The Dark Ethical Cloud Currently Reigning Over Insurance Commissioner’s Office

Things are getting testy in the war of words continuing between Senators Seth Harp and Ralph Hudgens. I’ll print Harp’s press release in its entirety after the jump, but I’d like to underscore two points:

1) Harp directly calls out the ethical issues of the current officeholder. John Oxendine ran for this office originally by berating the incumbent who took just a few thousand dollars in a legal donation. Now Ox Georgia’s Blagovich. Harp openly wonders what will happen if someone who is elected who is already ignoring State Ethics laws.

2) Why have these state ethics laws anyway? Ox was caught with his hands in the cookie jar about a year ago, and has sucessfully stalled any hearing on the matter until after the primary is over, at a minimum. Hudgens, likewise, seems to think it’s better to ignore the laws and take any minimal consequences later, using a decisive fundraising (and personal loan) advantage by skirting these laws to be the only candidate in this race with major Atlanta TV time.

Why bother to even have the flimsy ethics laws we have in this state if there is no enforcement mechanism when the violations are so flagrant?

Harp’s press release follows: Read more

State Ethics Commission: No hearing on Oxendine case until after primary


The State Ethics Commission will wait until after the July 20 primaries to hold a hearing on a complaint that two insurance companies funneled $120,000 to Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine’s campaign for governor, commission officials said in court Thursday.

The insurance companies are suing the commission, alleging that the investigation is politically motivated. They want it stopped. The judge said she would make her ruling by July 16.

Stacey Kalberman, the commission’s executive secretary, told Fulton County Superior Court Judge Kimberly Adams that no hearing would be held before the primary.

Last year The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that State Mutual Insurance Co. and a subsidiary, Admiral Life Insurance Co., both of Rome, sent almost 10 times the legal amount of campaign contributions to Oxendine using 10 political action committees in Alabama. The PACs were started by Donald V. Watkins, a banker who sits on the State Mutual board. The PACs operate out of his bank, Alamerica, in Birmingham. The insurance companies are headed by Delos Yancey, a friend of Oxendine.

Oxendine Gets Endorsement Of Georgia’s Largest Alternative Newspaper

And Creative Loafing claims they’re serious.

Why would they want you to vote Ox? Here’s a taste:

For the love of Christ, this walking ethics complaint, this hot suburban mess of a gubernatorial hopeful deserves to be propelled to his rightful destiny — imploding into a supernova of questionable fundraising, hyper-inflated ego and holier-than-thou grandstanding. If Oxendine wins the GOP primary, we promise that the months leading up to the Nov. 2 general election will be amazing to behold — especially when contrasted to the courtly eloquence and veteran’s savvy of the all-but-certain Democratic candidate, former Gov. Roy “Comeback Kid” Barnes.

If you’re not up to speed on the crime syndicate that is John Oxendine, read the humorous but lengthy endorsement. Something tells me it’s not one he’ll be bragging about in his tweets.

Yo! Polit”Fact”Georgia. I’m Calling You Out.

The AJC has a new feature they’re pimping pretty hard called PolitiFact Georgia. In it, they’re deciding if politicians statements of charging their competitors are “career politicians” or if a state legislator helped balanced a state budget are true or not. And yes, there’s often some editorializing involved – not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But instead of going after tired campaign lines like those above, why not start with the Big Kahuna who is an already acknowledged victim of you evil lib’rals? You know, the King in waiting, His (wants you to think he’s) Honorable John Oxendine?

In his new ad, he starts with this gem:

“Too often, politicians worry more about their re-election than your future, but as Insurance Commissioner, I solved problems to help Youoo.”

So, PolitiFact, when vetting this for accuracy, who better to use than someone named, oh I don’t know, let’s try Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine:

First, Oxendine said, those managers ought to be wary of the 12 states in which the insurance commissioner is elected — Georgia is one of them — because “we are different.” Details: “We are a pain in the butt. We are very high-maintenance…. I am not a professional regulator, I am a politician…. I’m going to do what I think is going to get me reelected.”

Oxendine does believe, he says, that insurers are entitled to a fair and reasonable profit: “I am not one of these Socialists never ever going to give out a rate increase.” But, he said, “you need to realize that you have to find a way to always make me look good in front of the voters.”

As for campaign contributions, he noted he wasn’t allowed to take them from insurance companies, but money from individuals is entirely acceptable. And gettable: “I’m the incumbent. You all are going to give me money because you’re afraid not to.”

So, he’s not worried about re-election?

He’s thinking about YOU and your best interests?

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire.

God Help us if he holds true to this ad and changes his ways to act as Governor as he has as Insurance Commissioner.

John Oxendine’s Binder


It was actually a birthday present of sorts. I received the information from out of state from a third party group interested in Georgia’s elections, particularly those candidates who will be good or bad for business in the state. It’s a binder containing a professionally compiled opposition research briefing on John Oxendine, Republican gubernatorial candidate in Georgia. If the information is not used in the primary, it will definitely be used in the general election.

I’ve said for some time that Oxendine is corrupt. I’ve had people in his own office tell me there are rumors of him ordering personnel to shred documents, but those employees instead smuggled the documents out of the office to be used against him.

This binder confirms that. Oxendine has serious, serious problems and the binder is a compilation of publicly available documents, interviews with individuals, pictures, etc. that source the allegations.

As you can see from the picture, the binder is in three sections of more than 250 total pages. The first is the proven and easily provable. If you want a taste, I’ve scanned the first five pages as a PDF.

Read more

Saying What Must Be Said

In the interest of my limited time this week, I’m tempted just refer you to Kyle Wingfield’s excellent and “to the point” column today.

If you don’t want to read through the wind up, here’s the money quote regarding Karen Handel’s taking of Nathan Deal’s bait by making “the gays” a nice primary wedge issue, and in doing so, giving a less than comprehensive explanation:

And for a candidate who has emphasized ethics and integrity, Handel’s fumbling efforts to set the record straight are putting her in a bad place.

It was her first major slip up in a campaign that has gone on for well over a year. Most of the other candidates have had them along the way, and as a pattern emerged, have been roundly criticized by me here on these pages for them.

Handel can’t afford for there to be a pattern. It’s go time, and the major media outlets are finally covering this race. Mistakes made today have a much greater effect than those that Deal spent the entire month of October making, or that Ox has used his entire career of self public service making.

I would encourage Handel to make a comprehensive statement on this matter and put it behind her. It’s only an issue because she allowed it to become one. It only goes away with some clear and forthcoming statements, and then the few chips will fall where they may.

On That Straw Poll From Gwinnett

Straw polls give us something to talk about around here. We understand and readily admit that they’re not scientific, and in most posts where I provide any commentary on them, I usually refer to them as political Rorschach tests. You generally can see anything you want in them if you try hard enough.

That said, the one from Gwinnett yesterday is getting “real” media attention, and I spoke to Doug Richards from WXIA/11 Alive about it this afternoon (Updated: His online report is filed here). Thus, I’ll provide more fodder for the sock puppet fire:

1) The fact that straw polls are moving from blogs to traditional media is a sign that the “real” campaign is upon us. Everything we’ve done up until now hasn’t been “the” campaign, it’s been organizing and preparing for it. Traditional media is now engaging, and thus, the general public will be as well. It’s go time.

2) This straw poll interests me because there is a second data point, found here. It’s the results of a straw poll taken just over 1 year ago, and shows how much has changed in this Governor’s race.
Read more

Ox Has More Subpoenas He Would Prefer You Not Focus On

That lib’ral AJC is at it again, daring to print stories about John Oxendine and his continuing trouble with the State Ethics Commission. Seems they just won’t leave the fact that he appears to have illegally laundered over $120,000 in illegal campaign contributions through a bunch of Alabama PACs.

In the subpoenas, the commission demands that the State Mutual Insurance Company and the Admiral Life Insurance Company produce correspondence, documents, e-mails “or any other forms of communication” between company officials and 10 Alabama political action committees.

The subpoenas also requests banks records, including copies of checks, wire transfers and bank statements, regarding any payments made by the insurance companies to the PACs that gave a combined $120,000 to Oxendine’s campaign.

Georgia’s Ethics-in-Government Act prohibits officials from taking money directly from companies they regulate. The law also prohibits funneling money through PACs to get around contribution limits of $12,200 per candidate in a normal election cycle.

I can only assume that Ox was tired of Nathan Deal getting all the earned media over ethics issues. We’re glad to see Ox back fighting for what is rightfully his: Negative earned press.

Fannin County Recap: Handel Gets Bragging Rights On Deal’s Turf, PSC Candidates Join The Fray, And Tom Graves Gets Significant Boost From Steve Tarvin’s Neutrality

So after meeting up with some friends yesterday in Northern Alabama, I decided to plan a route that made McCaysville in Fannin County on the way home. It took some creative thinking to justify that as a direct route, but I wanted to stop by the Fannin County GOP picnic to see how things were going in the 9th Congressional District after last Tuesday’s special election, and in the midst of a Congressional runoff.

There was a straw poll conducted, with ballots due by 12:30. Some speakers went after the ballot deadline, and I can’t imagine that helped their cause. I especially enjoyed hearing Darwin Carter speak, and now that I have, I’ll never confuse him with his namesake Jimmy. John Douglas also spoke after the ballots were due. There were others, but those are the two I remember.

The only potential surprise from the straw poll balloting was that Karen Handel took top honors from Nathan Deal in his home district, with both being present. In talking to some of the locals in attendance, I remain of the opinion that many will continue to support Deal because he is their local candidate, but also expect him to be in full time retirement soon. I’ll also note that a couple of the event organizers were clearly expecting John Oxendine to attend. He did not. I’m sure he felt he had somewhere more important to tweet from today.
Read more

Return Of FairTax! Friday

For a while, we had a customary open thread on Fridays where we allowed an open thread to discuss the non-state issue of the FairTax! (I’m sure it comes as a surprise to supporters of John Oxendine, Maria Sheffield, and others that the FairTax! isn’t a state issue, but please don’t wake them while they’re sleepwalking. It may be dangerous.)

I’m bringing back the discussion today because the lead huckster Congressman who has been pushing the FairTax! book bill is retiring, and there is a multi-person battle on to be his replacement.

And frankly, I don’t see people talking about, or frankly interested in, this race. Sure, we get daily press releases telling us what perceived front runner Clay Cox had for breakfast. I promise we’ll print one when we deem it worthy of the usual scorn a post-worthy press release usually gets from the Peach Pundit community.

Rob Woodall, the 40 year old chief of staff of Linder has a credit for co-authorship of the 2nd FairTax! book, and has the backing of Neil Boortz and John Linder, but we’re not sure who else. Chuck Efstration made things interesting by jumping into the race from his position as Gwinnett GOP Chairman, presumably bringing somewhat of a grassroots network with him.

Other names on the ballot are Jeff Fincher, Ronnie Grist, Jody Hice, Tom Kirby, Tom Parrott, and Democrat Doug Heckman.

I spent a good bit of time at the early stages of the GA-9 race in that district trying to find out who the players were. But in doing so, I got a few trips to the Georgia mountains. I’m not real keen on spending any more time on Hwy 78 than I have to, so I’m turning to our Peach Pundit community for a primer on this race.

What are you hearing, who are these people who appear lesser known that the first three, and what are the compelling reasons to send any of them to Washington.

And if you don’t know the answers either, then consider this an OPEN THREAD:

Gubernatorial Candidate Who Admits To Having Molested Farm Animals Arrested For Threatening Elton John

Thomas Wheatley at Creative Loafing brings us the “unique” story of independent candidate for Governor Neal Horsley, whose main claim to notoriety is that he has admitted to loving his animals on the farm perhaps a bit too much.

Horsley was so incensed at Elton John’s recent comments calling Jesus a “compassionate, super-intelligent gay man” that he picketed in front of Sir Elton’s occasional Buckhead residence with a sign that said “Elton John Must Die”. He was arrested for making terroristic threats.

So now, we have two candidates for Governor with ties to Elton John. Thus far, we still only have one who has been arrested.

O.K., Might as well make this an OPEN THREAD: Let’s try to keep the comments between G and PG-13 please.

Ox, Towery, And The Rest Of The Story

Friday I posted this item detailing a call from Matt Towery while in John Oxendine’s office to Lynn Westmoreland asking him to stand down on the controversy over the State takeover of Southeastern US Insurance. While I knew most of what follows below, I had not been able to talk to any of the principals involved, so I had to leave out one of the more pertinent, but unverified details.

In addition to his role at Insider Advantage, Towery is of counsel with McKenna Long & Aldridge. While they are generally known to our readers as a lobbying firm, they have a large international legal practice as well.

The client that Towery was representing during his visit to Commissioner Oxendine was Clark Fain, former owner of SEUSI. And therein lies the problem with this phone call.

While as counsel for Mr. Fain, Towery had every right to discuss his client’s legal case with the investigating body, the call to take care of the investigator’s political problem from the investigator’s office, in the presence of that investigator, is a problem.

I talked with Matt Towery this morning by phone. Frankly, he doesn’t sound well, and is still receiving treatment for the concussion he received in the Cayman Islands a couple weeks ago. He initiated the phone call, and it was helpful to understanding his involvement in this situation.

“I wanted you to know you were right” he began. I’ll admit appreciated that. Read more

Oxendine: Withdraw And Resign

When At First The Ox Does Not Succeed, He Must Fail, Fail Again.

John Oxendine’s first attempt to shake down Lynn Westmoreland didn’t go so well. The result was a bit of a political dust up and mostly just a little more embarrassment to a man that apparently has no shame.

But instead of leaving well enough alone, Ox has decided to double down on stupid, and has drawn many others into the PR debacle surrounding his investigation into the failed Southeastern US Insurance, formerly owned by Clark Fain. Fox5 in Atlanta ran a story this week showing that many Georgia politicians, including Governor Sonny Perdue, have enjoyed hunting trips complete with flights to them on Fain’s private plane.

Behind the scenes, some are getting nervous about the reflection on the Republican party as a whole, and it was under this guise that Matt Towery called Congressman Westmoreland last week emphatically telling him he had to drop his claims against Oxendine. Towery documented the number of politicians connected with SEUS and numerous claims were made about the issue taking the whole party down. For the good of the party, Lynn needed to stand down.

The curious thing about this phone call, however, is that it was made from the office of one John Oxendine. According to two of my sources, Oxendine was in the room and listened to the call.

This story grows even more bizarre when put into context with this Insider Advantage story that Matt Towery suffered a head wound a couple of weeks ago, and almost died. The story includes this surreal paragraph indicating that a team of old line Republicans apparently are credited with his ongoing medial care:

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich (for whom Towery served as political chairman during his years as Speaker), former Senator Mattingly, and current Senator Johnny Isakson (with whom Towery is very close) have basically joined legislators such as former Speaker Mark Burkhalter and former Rules Chair Earl Ehrhart to see to it that Towery makes a full recovery. Former Governor Roy Barnes intervened as well to assist Towery as did Attorney General Baker. Speaker Ralston and former Speaker Richardson also both assisted.

Read more