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Eric Johnson Making A Late Move?

With less than two weeks to go in this marathon of a Governor’s primary, Eric Johnson has a few things he would like you to focus on rather than his lock on 4th place in the polls.

He’s been endorsed today by the Marietta Daily Journal and the Cherokee Tribune, (which are running the same editorial, and thus I will assume the Tribune is also owned by Marietta publisher Otis Brumby).

Johnson is also touting the new addition of Jim Lientz to his campaign, adding one more high level backer of current Governor Perdue into Johnson’s camp.

While Johnson has yet to show significant upward momentum in the polls, we’ve also been preaching ’round here that the final 3 weeks of the campaign would be what mattered. With most polls still showing 40% +/- undecided, there’s plenty of room for any of the candidates with an active ground game and media presence to make a move.

The battle now is whether or not those undecided voters decide, or decide not to vote. We’ll know in less than two weeks.

Jim Lientz press release below the jump.
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