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I’m Now On Twitter #WhoCares?

Yes, this signifies as a slow start to a slow Monday.   But, I’ve finally succumbed to the Twitter.   You can find me there, like Facebook, under the name IcarusPundit.   Here, I’ll be Charlie going forward.

A couple of quick housekeeping items:

Pye is on a fishing trip this week.   Clint is on a longer one.  Others, including myself, have short work weeks combined with some light travel.  Then, we all have a holiday weekend.    Real news will likely be few and far between, but we’ll post what we can find when we can.   

In the mean time, the contributors who are around will have a bit more leeway than usual to post non-Georgia Political material.  We’ll see how that goes.

We’ve still got a couple of new contributors who should be showing up any time.   Our current roster should be complete by next week.

As for anything  else, OPEN THREAD: