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A New Candidate for the Governor’s Race

GPB brings us an Associated Press report that Ray Boyd, a commercial real estate executive, has decided to jump into the race for Georgia governor. Boyd has thrown in $2 million of his own money to start things off.

Ray Boyd told The Associated Press on Tuesday that he’s entering the Republican primary.

The 67-year-old political newcomer from Rutledge says he’s upset by the lack of ethics in Washington and at the state Capitol.

He says the candidates already in the race have been “tainted” by ethics troubles and long careers in politics.

Boyd describes himself as sympathetic to the tea party movement and supportive of term limits and states’ rights.

Boyd’s $2 million pledge was first detailed in a campaign disclosure filed with the Ethics Commission.

The funds pull him about equal in cash on hand to Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine, the current money leader among Republicans.

Compensation paid to exonerated inmate where no malfeasance took place. Let’s pay everyone for being “wronged” by government!

This is John Jerome White. He was convicted in 1979 of raping a Meriwether County woman but was released in 2007 after DNA evidence conclusively proved he was not guilty. Let me note this again: he IS NOT a rapist (although he is a convicted felon related to another matter). He was, and is, NOT guilty of rape.

But why is the State of Georgia going to cut White a check for $500,000.00?

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