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Governor Deal Brokers A Peace Treaty In The Senate

I heard this morning that Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle is on his way back to getting power, and now Jim Galloway is reporting that Governor Nathan Deal has brokered a peace treaty between President Pro-Tem Tommie Williams, Majority Leader Chip Rogers, and Lt. Gov. Cagle.  A vote of no-confidence was to be held today, but both Sens. Williams and Rogers went to Governor Deal to intervene (a breach in the separation of powers, perhaps??) in the matter.  What resulted was a meeting between Cagle, Williams, Rogers, Sen. Ronnie Chance, and Sen. Don Balfour and apparently an agreement was worked out:

Cagle would chair a reconfigured five-member committee on assignments. The lieutenant governor would also have two appointments to that committee. Williams and Rogers would hold seats as well.

However, an agreement was reached that the committee would make no changes in the current chairmanship roster. Caucus elections this fall, after the November general election, would settle the matter.

Also, William and Rogers were guaranteed seats on this session’s budget conference committees.

Perhaps this peace treaty will keep everyone peachy through the remaining 38 days of the legislative session.  Maybe the war will end and the senate can get back to work on legislation rather than engaging in political in-fighting.  We’ll see, but speculation would be that changes are coming in the fall.  Stay tuned.


Nevermind, the proposal has been rejected by the Senate GOP Caucus according to Todd.

The Battle to Control the Georgia Senate, Round 2

It’s a nasty political fight with no-holds barred and kicking, biting, gouging and low blows galore – and no Democrats are involved. It’s the battle for control of the Georgia Senate. Following the national example, Georgia Republicans formed a circular firing squad last year and commenced firing and never slackened until the session was over.

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The past few peaceful months for the combatants have been spent re-loading and apparently preparing for further embarrassment in 2012. One indicator is that the sales of red rubber noses, big floppy shoes and frizzy orange wigs have skyrocketed. When the Georgia Senate convenes with Lt. Governor Cagle as its nominal head, the appropriate theme music will be Send in the Clowns.

The only thing protecting Cagle and various Georgia Senators is the relative lack of attention paid by Georgia citizens and the fact that most Georgians neither know nor care who these people are. If the people of this state stop long enough to study the sorry mess that calls itself a legislative body then all bets are off in the local and state elections.

While The Columbus Leger-Enquirer has an excellent interview with Georgia Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, touching on many subjects of interest, the real news is not in the headline. The real news is Cagle’s take on the continuing power struggle between himself and the majority of the Georgia Senate. From the story:

The Senate will continue to operate under a leadership structure implemented last session that forces Cagle to share power with other GOP leaders, but Cagle maintains that he is still head of the chamber.

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