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The curious case of Ken Hodges, Part II: guess which candidate for Governor has been trying to find the truth, as well as who else allegedly has been involved in this matter

Yesterday we discussed the curious case of Democrat Ken Hodges, candidate for Attorney General (Website | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter), and the mystifying actions he allegedly took in his official capacity as the then-District Attorney of Dougherty County in a matter of whistle blowers and Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital in Albany.

As the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals considers Hodges’ arguments that he is immune from liability in this matter, that he did not abuse his power by issuing subpoenas for a non existent Grand Jury and indict whistle blower Charles Rehberg for a matter where there was absolutely no evidence, and after the latter took issue with the billing practices of the employer of Hodges’ wife (Phoebe Putney), it now appears that someone else at that point was also trying to examine Rehberg and Bagnato’s underlying point concerning the billing practices of non profit hospitals in Georgia.

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Senate Passes Campaign Finance Bill

The state Senate voted unanimously (50-0) yesterday afternoon to pass SB 70, a bill by Sen. George Hooks (D-Americus) requiring special or expedited reporting of campaign contributions made by those who do business with the state.

The AP reports that Hooks said the bill, inspired by former Illiniois Governor Rod Blagojevich (D), “closes a loophole in Georgia ethics law and creates more accountability for those running for public office.”