GAGOP Chairman and 1st Vice-Chairman Debate Recap (Part 1)

I have decided to split up the GAGOP debate sponsored by the GACR into two posts.  Here’s the 1st Vice-Chairman coverage for your enjoyment.  I’ll have the 2nd part covering the Chairman’s debate up soon. -NAS

Contenders for the GAGOP Chairman and 1st Vice-Chairman spots met on Georgia Tech’s campus for a debate sponsored by the Georgia Association of College Republicans. It was a very well organized and ran debate, and there was civility between the candidates. I just would like to thank Andrew Laarhoven, Chandler Epp, and Kristin Moreaux for organizing and keeping order during the debate. The questions were asked by a 3-student panel consisting of Shelby Lohr of Georgia State, Savan Shah of Emory, and Jamie Jordan of UGA. They did an excellent job of asking important and specific questions to the candidates about the future of the Georgia Republican Party. I’ll try to provide a brief recap and hit a few highlights of what transpired.

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Brandon Howell Announces Run for Vice-Chairman of the Georgia Association of College Republicans

Current GACR Northeast Regional Director, UGA CR Vice-Chairman, and Peach Pundit front page poster/intern Brandon Howell has announced that he’s going to run for vice-chairman of the state College Republicans:

“One Party. One State. One Mission: GACR’s Leading the Way in 2011”

Brandon Howell Announces Run for Vice-Chairman of the Georgia Association of College Republicans and Endorsements

I am running for Vice-Chairman of the Georgia Association of College Republicans for several reasons. In the past year, we have taken dramatic strides towards expanding our numbers and solidifying our status as both the grassroots powerhouse of the Republican Party of Georgia and as a legitimate organization. The current administration in GACR deserves a huge round of applause for their efforts and, if elected, I will continue to push towards their goal. Though 2011 is an off-election year, there is much work to be done and we cannot rest on the accomplishments of 2010. I will push towards preparing GACR for 2012 with a continued emphasis on expansion, support and fundraising.

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Austin Scott on CNN

I was down in the 8th District this past weekend going door-to-door with the Georgia Association of College Republicans for Austin Scott. This group has been active every week in helping in crucial races. We knocked on 1,300 doors in the 8th and made hundreds of calls. If all of the “Yes” votes we got are any indication of what the future holds, then the Landmark Communications poll just might ring true.

There’s another trip this weekend. If you would like to make phone calls or help volunteer this week and weekend then contact Austin Scott for Congress Field Director Brett Taylor at [email protected]

I’m fired up about this race and can’t wait for November 2nd.

College Republicans Launch Ambitious Campaign Initaitive

From a press release:

ATLANTA — The Georgia Association of College Republicans (GACR) announced its plans to fight for Georgia Republican candidates in the 2010 election season with the unveiling of their “10 in ’10” Express Trip Initiative. Under the plan, CRs from across the state will embark on a series of 10 express trips this fall to campaign in hotly contested midterm election races, beginning the weekend of Sept. 17-19 with a trip to Albany, Georgia, on behalf of 2nd Congressional District Republican nominee and State Representative Mike Keown.

“Georgia’s College Republicans are committing our every last resource to electing our state’s phenomenal slate of GOP candidates this fall,” said Chairman Andrew Laarhoven, “and we’ve carefully selected as our target races those in which a close race is expected or where unseating a Democrat is a distinct possibility.” Read more