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It’s Donald Trump’s World And We’re All Just Living In It.

trumpNot only are Georgians searching for The Donald more that other GOP candidates, they actually want to vote for the guy. Remember, we’re months away from people actually voting, but Trump is showing more strength than most thought he’d have….ever.

A FOX 5/Morris News Poll Conducted by OpinionSavvy/InsiderAdvantage shows Trump with a solid lead ahead of Thursday’s first RNC sanctioned GOP debate and this week’s Red State Gathering in Atlanta.

Donald Trump: 30%
Jeb Bush: 17%
Ben Carson: 10%
Mike Huckabee: 7%
Ted Cruz: 6%
Scott Walker: 5%
Chris Christie: 3%
Carly Fiorina: 3%
John Kasich: 3%
Rand Paul: 3%
Marco Rubio: 3%
Bobby Jindal: 2%
Rick Perry: 2%
Lindsey Graham: 0%
George Pataki: 0%
Rick Santorum: 0%
Other: 2%
Undecided: 4%

Does Trump have staying power or will his renegade ways cause him to implode? Discuss in the comments.

Fox News Too Offensive For Even Fox News

Fox News Jr. Anchor Boys’ and Jr. Anchorette’s idiotic babbling went on so long and so loud that it woke-up even Fox News senior staff. Their Obama-badmouthing was so off any sensible, factual mark, they got sent to Principal Chris Wallace’s office… for a typically ineffectual talking-to. 

Just be glad Chris Wallace chose to be a news personality when he grew-up, and not a person with any actual authority.

H/T: DR at LAF