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Erick Erickson Takes Second Job Working Nights

…or maybe it’s his third job.  In this economy, with two kids, you have to find a way to pay the bills.

In all seriousness, Congrats to Erick Erickson, co-founder and Editor Emeritus of Peach Pundit, who is now the WSB radio host weeknights from 9:00pm to midnight.  I know it’s been a longtime goal of his, and after listening to many of his guest appearances for Herman Cain, I think he’ll fit in quite well. 

Best of luck, Erick.  We’ll listen for the occasional shout out.

Reality Check

For those of you who have not heard, my book is coming out in two months. Some of you have emailed to ask why my front page postings have been lighter than normal, both here and at RedState. Well, now you know — I’ve been writing, just not here.

You can pre-order Red State Uprising: How to Take Back America right here via the RedState Store at Amazon.

Below are the opening paragraphs (subject to editing) to give you a flavor of what the book is about. And yes, the first chapter is a denunciation of the GOP’s failures over the past decade. I have a hard time intellectually attacking the Democrats for stuff the GOP did without also beating up the GOP. So my co-author, Lew Uhler, and I take them both on and provide some ideas to fix the problems.

Here’s the opening:

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I’m Pro-Life, And I’m For Karen Handel

In 2000, I primaried a sitting Republican State Senator who was consistently voting with Roy Barnes’ agenda of consolidating power in Atlanta. I was proud to receive the endorsement of Georgia Right To Life. The fact is, all four of us in that primary received the same endorsement. We were all “good Republicans”, which meant first and foremost, we were pro-life.

But as the numbers of “good Republicans” grew from the minority to the majority, Georgia Right to Life made a conscious decision to switch their position on what constituted pro-life. No longer were exceptions for rape or incest to be included in their criteria, they would only begrudgingly accept a single exception for the life of the mother.

The clear effects of this decision are that there are more abortions performed in Georgia than if GRTL had held those “good Republicans” feet to the fire to pass laws that would have limited abortions to those three exceptions.

There is no way to refute this fact.

GRTL was instrumental in electing a majority of legislators that signed their “triple exception” pledge. Then, with the pieces supposedly in place to change life issues in our state and set a precedent for the nation, we chose not to score. We moved the goal posts.

The fact is, the folks at Georgia Right to Life have decided they would rather have an issue than to reduce the number of abortions in Georgia. The officers enjoy being able to hold power of not just certifying who is pro-life, but now actively try to game the system to allow themselves to choose their candidates, regardless if there are others in the same race with equal pro-life bonafides.

When current State Senator Jim Butterworth was running his first election, GRTL refused to give him a questionnaire to ask his pro-life credentials. They already had “their” candidate, and didn’t need anyone else to interfere.

Now, GRTL has decided it wants to make a point in the 2010 Governor’s race, and has decided to endorse every candidate but Karen Handel for Governor.

Including – a teacher who had his teaching certificate suspended for an inappropriate relationship with his student.

Think about that one for a moment.

Georgia Right to Life would rather you vote for a man who had a secret relationship with his student, bought her a cell phone so he could contact her without her parents knowing, bought her a puppy, and, according to the now grown student, had sex with her, than vote for Karen Handel.

Why does GRTL not want you to vote for Karen Handel?
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This should help us figure out which Republican candidate for Governor is the most desperate

This month’s Atlanta Magazine has a brief profile of 14-year-old Jonathan Krohn, who is viewed by some as the political version of the second coming of Jesus Christ Rush Limbaugh Erick Erickson.

Evidently he’s a regular caller on Bill Bennett’s Morning in America radio show, spoke at CPAC a year ago, and wrote this and this. But in the article, one of the graphics caught my eye.

Let me be clear: there is nothing wrong with this kid doing what he does. More power to him. But if there truly is a Republican candidate for Governor who is expending energy to obtain the endorsement of a 14-year-old (and I think we all have a pretty good idea who it is), then I respectfully suggest that people in places like Toccoa, Claxton and Homerville aren’t going to be that impressed. And they will probably wonder why the candidate spent time on that and not proposing solutions to Georgia’s problems.

Macon City Council misses forest for the trees

(This post originally attributed the “security camera” regulations to the Macon City Council, rather than the Bibb County Commission. That error has been fixed, below.)

As Erick continues his Magical Media Tour, back in Macon the City Council has again shown that it doesn’t understand band-aids can’t fix a deep gash to the bone.

Just three months ago, the Council Bibb County Commission tried to push through regulations on small business to help them “fight crime.”

The draft code is meant to cover banks, convenience stores, grocery stores, liquor shops and fast-food restaurants, as well as shopping centers of at least four businesses. Cameras would be required on every entrance, including fire exits; on cash registers; and outside on all parking areas.

Understandably, small businessmen and women reacted…poorly…to such a proposal as they had trouble understanding why the tax dollars they already were paying to city government couldn’t be used for a more inventive solution such as deploying sufficient police forces to fight crime utilizing an effective strategy.

Now, sans Erick, the Wizards of Smart in the Macon City Council, learning nothing from their colleagues on the County Commission, have a new solution to fight crime:

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The Atlanta Tea Party Just Got Bigger

April 15th was going to see a big tea party in front of Georgia’ Gold Dome, but it just got bigger.

Tonight on Fox News, Sean Hannity intends to announce that he’ll be live from Atlanta that evening covering the Atlanta Tea Party in front of Georgia’s State Capitol Building.

He’s asked me to be there with him. I’m looking forward to it.

If you’re interested, be at the steps of the Capitol in Atlanta by 6pm on April 15, 2009. We will make sure the nation hears that we’re sick and tired of out of control government, both from the Democrats and the Republicans.