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From “Ni**er” to “States Rights”: The Use of Racially Coded Words in Politics

From Peanut Politics:

I’ve been holding back from talking about this issue for sometime, but now is the time to talk about it. I compile a list of code words I’ve heard politicians utilize to speak about race issues without coming off as bigoted:


Average Joe
Joe six-pack
Moral voters
Independent voter
Evangelical voter
Hockey Mom
Soccer Mom
The southern vote
blue collar workers


Welfare recipient
Poor people
Affirmative action supporter

These are just a handful of examples of how our media and politicians (not to mention everyday people) use racialized language to refer to groups of Americans without sounding like they are mentioning anything overtly bigoted. They can use these words and say “the southern vote looks high for…….John Doe” without saying that most southern whites will vote for John Doe. They can say “I don’t support just handing out welfare to recipients while hard working Americans bust their asses” without saying “I think blacks are lazy and whites are industrious”. Read more

Democrats Want to See Austin Scott’s Divorce Records

Democrats in Macon are demanding to see Austin Scott’s divorce records. Tom Crawford of the Georgia Report has the story:

A motion has been filed that seeks to unseal court records of the divorce proceedings of state Rep. Austin Scott (R-Tifton), who’s running against Democratic incumbent Jim Marshall for the 8th Congressional District seat.

Tift County Superior Court Judge Melanie Cross signed an order setting an Oct. 26 hearing on the motion to unseal the divorce files involving Scott and his former wife, Annette Leigh Scott.

The hearing, which will be held before Superior Court Judge Bill Reinhardt, is scheduled to occur one week before the Nov. 2 general election. Scott’s campaign did not comment Friday on the pending court hearing.
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New Poll: GAGOP could sweep to victory

From Aaron Gould Sheinin of the AJC:

The poll conducted for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Georgia Newspaper Partnership shows the Republican candidate holding a slight edge in the race for governor but huge leads in the races for U.S. Senate and lieutenant governor. The poll, conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research Inc., has Republican gubernatorial nominee Nathan Deal leading Democrat Roy Barnes, 45 to 41 percent.

While Deal’s lead is within the poll’s margin of error, Republicans U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson and Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle held bigger leads. Isakson leads Democrat Mike Thurmond, the labor commissioner, 52 to 33 percent, and Cagle leads Democrat Carol Porter, 47 to 28 percent.

If those results are consistent across the statewide ballot, Republicans could sweep to victory in every constitutional office. Democrats currently hold three statewide offices, all of which are being vacated by their incumbents.

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Things Are Heating Up

The friction has started. On Monday Senate Democrats said “No Thanks” to a Republican measure to increase hospital taxes.

Walter Jones with Morris News Service writes:

The Senate Finance Committee merged the House version of Perdue’s hospital tax with another bill nicknamed the JOBS Act that has a package of tax breaks for businesses. The committee also sweetened some of the tax breaks to resemble a version of the JOBS Act that Perdue vetoed last year.

The committee announced its 8 a.m. meeting Monday, when legislators were in recess, and said the agenda would be disclosed later. Only two Democrats serve on the committee, and witnesses say neither was present.

Senate staffers say the changes were needed to win enough votes for passage. The hospital tax isn’t popular with either party.

“We had to do some minor, technical amendments,” Senate President Pro Tem Tommie Williams told reporters Tuesday after the committee meeting.

Senate Republicans have taken the JOBS Act, which passed with bi-partisan support in the House, and stuck Perdue’s hospital tax in the middle of it. It’s an election year. The last thing any party wants to be forced to do is to raise taxes. It seems Republicans are trying to spread the blame out in order to protect themselves. Well, it’s not working for them.

“They can still pass it. They don’t need us – they’ve got 33 votes in the Senate. They only need 29,” said state Sen. Doug Stoner (D-Smyrna). “We’re not committed to passing it or opposing it. We haven’t been brought into the discussion, either.”

Stoner’s comment is very reminiscent of DC Republicans response to Obamacare: “You can pass it without us.” We’ll see if the Senate does pass the measure. My guess is there will be plenty of negotiations between now and the vote. We are in the middle of a budget crisis and state needs revenue. This battle is just getting started.

H/T to Jim Galloway.

The curious case of Ken Hodges, Part II: guess which candidate for Governor has been trying to find the truth, as well as who else allegedly has been involved in this matter

Yesterday we discussed the curious case of Democrat Ken Hodges, candidate for Attorney General (Website | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter), and the mystifying actions he allegedly took in his official capacity as the then-District Attorney of Dougherty County in a matter of whistle blowers and Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital in Albany.

As the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals considers Hodges’ arguments that he is immune from liability in this matter, that he did not abuse his power by issuing subpoenas for a non existent Grand Jury and indict whistle blower Charles Rehberg for a matter where there was absolutely no evidence, and after the latter took issue with the billing practices of the employer of Hodges’ wife (Phoebe Putney), it now appears that someone else at that point was also trying to examine Rehberg and Bagnato’s underlying point concerning the billing practices of non profit hospitals in Georgia.

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