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Delvis Dutton launches AllOnNews.com

State Rep. Delvis Dutton, who recently finished an unsuccessful campaign for Congress, has launched his next project, AllOnNews.com, a Patch-like, community-focused news website:

Since my run in GA-12, I have been inundated with questions about my ‘next move’ and what I plan to do going forward. A project that I have been working on for over a year and a half, with an excellent team of like-minded folks, is finally coming to fruition. Today marks the launch of AllOnNews.com.

While serving as state representative and then campaigning across a large portion of Georgia, it became abundantly clear that a huge majority of the population is still getting their news once a week from a local newspaper or relying on a single radio or television station. These outlets, while conveniently delivered to consumers, are sometimes accompanied with a slant. The even bigger problem is that these outlets, specifically news sources, usually lack an online presence and the necessary resources for ‘real time’ responses for their communities and happenings around the state.

AllOnNews is something new and different. AllOnNews will offer a variety of information from local, state and national news to community events to obituaries and crime beats all within 5 clicks. Working in conjunction with local newspapers as well as various organizations in local communities, AllOnNews will refocus the purpose and role of ‘the news’. The site will also focus heavily on pulling back the curtain on elected officials and government operations, at all levels.

You can also “like” AllOnNews on Facebook and follow it on Twitter.

A Republican who starts out his campaign showing he just doesn’t get it

Delvis Dutton (pictured) announced this week he will qualify on April 26 as a candidate in the Republican primary for State House District 166, to succeed state Rep. Terry Barnard (Facebook), who recently announced his retirement after 16 years in that seat. Dutton (website | Facebook) seems like a pretty good dude but it didn’t take very long for one to wonder if he is looking to serve the public or for the public to serve him. It’s a disease that infects portions of both parties, but for today let’s just focus on the party that actually tries to preserve freedom. And one need look no further than Dutton’s announcement that he is getting into the House District 166 race, found below the fold.

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