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A Snapshot Of The DeKalb Incorporation Debate

Want to know why half of DeKalb County is thinking about incorporating as cities? Ask Bruce MacGregor.

MacGregor leads the Druid Hills Civic Association, one of the largest and most powerful homeowners’ associations in the county. His 75-year-old association has about 4000 homes — perhaps 10,000 residents — surrounding the Centers for Disease Control and Emory, with a lawyer-to-actual-human ratio roughly equivalent to a Washington D.C. suburb. Two current DeKalb County commissioners are past presidents.

And he told me he can’t seem to get the DeKalb CEO to pick up his phone. Read more

Vernon Jones Found Guilty Of Reverse Discrimination; Dick Williams Life Now Complete

The jury has spoken, and found Snuggles guilty of reverse discrimination. So says Jeffry Scott of the AJC:

A federal jury on Thursday found in favor of some of the plaintiffs in the long-running DeKalb County discrimination case, awarding damages of $174,000 to at least two of the former parks department workers who filed suit six years ago.

On the losing side were former DeKalb CEO Vernon Jones and his one-time executive assistant, Richard Stogner.

The jury came in Thursday afternoon; Jones, who is running for Congress in the 4th District, was silent and stony-faced as the verdict was read.

No word yet on whether this verdict will help or hurt Jones in his primary against Captain Capsize Hank Johnson. But I’m sure the DeKalb County segment of the Georgia Gang may run long this week.

Crime Stats Off-The-Charts In DeKalb County

So far for just 2008, there have been 59 homicides in DeKalb County, Georgia. Lots of folk seeing lots of dead people there. Some national headline that’s gonna make! Stuff like, “Candidate for U.S. Senate is leader of Georgia county where crime is out of control.” Heck, toss in a stat or two about STD rates in DeKalb County alone and you’ve got yourself some great ad copy/voiceover potential there. Right… Josh, Jim, Rand, and Dale? Make media hay while the stats are in your favor. Folks love to get scared to the polls.

From the Dunwoody North Civic Association blog:

The Citizens for Dunwoody police task force has been exploring the police needs of the future city and they were able to piece together Dunwoody’s crime statistics for the last six years that show that serious crime has almost doubled in that time period. I’m sure it was no easy task in getting this information since the DeKalb County Police Department website has no county wide statistics, no drill down tool to see what happens in your neighborhood; no crime information at all? Is it purposely done this way to keep the citizens of DeKalb feeling sheltered up to the day that crime finally happens to them?

In 2007, DeKalb County set a new homicide record of 99 murders yet with it being less than half way through 2008, the DeKalb Officers site reports that the County is again on a record pace with already 59 homicides so far this year. That statistic isn’t publicized anywhere officially because if it were someone might ask…

Vernon Jones & Terrell Bolton, what are you doing about this situation?

People are dying to know.

Full blog post here.