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Change? It Begins With Gay Marriage

Since we live under a large media peach pit here in Georgia, most other media are busily embracing the reality of gay marriage this week. “Change” is indeed the operative sentiment underfoot in America when traditional, and I do mean traditional, media are beginning to portray gay marriage in, gasp, actual human terms. From citizen journalist, Dan Treul, writing for OffTheBus:

On a day when the Obama campaign announced the appointment of Brian Bond and Dave Noble to its high-level national election team — both men prominent advocates for the LGBT communities — there was another signal perhaps of the readiness around the country for change, even across the stereotypically staid Midwest. On the heels of news coming from California, newspapers here showed a restrained objectivity toward– and, in some cases, excitement about — gay marriage, an issue that only years ago was considered taboo. Even papers owned by the traditionally conservative-leaning Gannett Co. dedicated considerable column inches to the matter, and more significantly, in a decidedly non-provocative manner.

Full column here. One must assume the once-great culture tea leaf readers, such as Newty G, are scribbling all kinda footnotes to that Contract With America about right now. My suggestion? Let’s hope fear-mongering on the right as a campaign strategy continues. Step it up even! Bring it on! Nowadays, in this wired and fired nation of ours, such nonsense provides terrific material — for the folk who know how to use computers.