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Video of Covington mayoral candidate paying for stolen signs

Last week, Todd mentioned Bobby Sigman, a mayoral candidate in Covington that was arrested for allegedly paying an undercover police officer (UC) to steal his opponent’s signs. Sigman denies the allegation, claiming only to have joked about the idea. However, video released by the local police through the Covington News shows Sigman telling the UC that he missed signs (“That’s a dollar you missed”) and haggling with the police over the price of the stolen signs (you can see the UC receiving a $50 bill as payment):

The Covington News also reports that Sigman dropped out of the race this morning, shortly after the video was released.

Sunday sales on the ballot in Covington

The Covington City Council has approved a measure to appear on the ballot this fall that, if approved by voters, would allow Sunday sales of alcohol (registration required):

Covington residents will have a chance in the November General Election to vote on Sunday alcohol package sales.

The Covington City Council agreed Monday to place a measure on the ballot regarding package sales of malt beverages, wine and distilled spirits on Sundays.

“Personally, I feel that the decision should be up to the taxpayers,” Councilman Chris Smith said Wednesday.

The Sunday alcohol package sales could bring extra money to the city, an effect Smith welcomes.

“I hope that through taxes we can generate more revenue,” Smith said.

I don’t live in the city, but close enough to hope this passes.

Sunday sales could be on the ballot in Covington

A referendum that would allow Sunday alcohol sales could be on the ballot in the City of Covington in November:

Sunday alcohol sales could come to Covington this year, as the city considers including a referendum on sales with the Nov. 8 city council election.

The Georgia General Assembly recently passed a bill allowing Sunday package sales in Georgia at the discretion of local governments, and Gov. Nathan Deal has said he will sign the bill into law.
Mayor Kim Carter said she is in favor of a public vote on the issue and City Attorney Ed Crudup is researching the process. The council will have to approve a resolution to put the issue on the ballot.

“I am always in favor of letting the voters decide on issues and, thus, I am 100 percent in favor of passing a resolution to allow the issue to be placed on the ballot,” Carter said in a Tuesday email. “From a public safety perspective, people that choose to drink on Sunday are already allowed to do so in restaurants. It will be much safer to allow folks to purchase alcohol in the form of package sales on Sunday and consume it at home instead of driving after drinking.”

Councilman Chris Smith also said Tuesday he supported letting the taxpayers vote on Sunday package sales.

Carter said she had not heard from any business owners, but residents had expressed support for a referendum.

Porterdale may also consider Sunday sales before this year’s municipal election. No doubt the demagogues will be telling us how this is going to cause more accidents in Newton County; a point that has been refuted thoroughly.