Tag: Board of Education

Is it really the job of the General Assembly to keep Chester, the Child Molester, from public office? Does the electorate have any responsibility anymore?

Senate Bill 14, which was read and referred to committee on January 12, would seek to ensure that “[n]o person who is on the National Sex Offender Registry or the state sexual offender registry shall be eligible for election to or service on a local board of education.”

None of us are “pro child molester” and I’m in favor of current prohibitions on where they can live, but is this legislation really necessary? What county is going to elect someone on the sex offender registry anyway, since to be on that registry requires a criminal conviction? And, even if a county did want to elect someone who falls into this category to the board of education…isn’t that their prerogative? They could hold office without meeting with children…couldn’t they?

This is equivalent to legislation banning war criminals from being Mayor. Who’d vote for “Himmler for Mayor” in the first place? To be sure, I’m not really moved either way on this issue but it just leaves me with a question as to if this is even needed in the first place. Thoughts?