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CD 12 candidate Carl Smith fired from day job; says “It’s all political.”

Thunderbolt Fire Chief and 12th CD candidate Carl Smith (website | Facebook) lost his job Wednesday night by a 4-3 vote of the town council.

The Council was questioning the amount of accured leave he had and how much time he was taking to campaign. One Council member did note that Smith’s performance had been “above board and superb.” Now, though, there just isn’t enough money to keep paying him $52,000 a year.

Smith’s response? Recall the entire City Council!

Reached late Wednesday, Smith said no one had contacted him.

“It’s all political,” he said. “The citizens just need to do a recall. This new council is out of control and they are going to destroy our town.

“They don’t care about the citizens at all.”

Maybe Smith will also call for the purging of those people who don’t vote for him in the upcoming primary, as well.