Paging Karen Handel

She’ll want to pay attention to this.

Georgia’s new photo ID voting requirement didn’t seem to draw complaints from voters or cause people to be turned away during Tuesday’s special election in Bibb County.

The Georgia Secretary of State’s Office didn’t report problems in any of the other 22 counties holding special elections either, in what amounted to a trial run for the new rule.

The Macon-Bibb County Board of Elections issued five IDs to voters who didn’t have them Tuesday, including at least one man who showed up at his precinct and was told he’d have to come back with a picture before he could vote. But beyond that, there were no problems or complaints, Elections Supervisor Elaine Carr said.

Worth noting — the election was held in a predominately black Commission district through the heart of inner-city precincts with clump of rural voters on the southern side. This was the stereotypical type of area wherein people have claimed we see problems.

Obviously, there is an unknown — how many people just didn’t bother to go vote. I suspect, however, that we would have heard about these people prior to the election. And we did not.

Fred in Georgia

The Thompson campaign announced today that Senator Chip Rogers will be Fred’s Executive Director and Communications Director in Georgia. Steve Croy will be the Finance Chair. Joel McElhannon will serve as the Regional Political Director.

Full disclosure: I’ve endorsed Fred.

Let’s Visit With Rudy!

Atlanta blogger, The Shelbinator, caught-up with the Giuliani campaign when it mobbed into the OK Cafe on West Paces Ferry Road the other day. Funny, Sonny was nowhere to be found. (And yeah, I’d love to have the video right here for you to click-on, but once again WordPress and I are having our usual embedding issues. So click the link above and scroll until you get to the video goodies.)

Solutions Day by American Solutions

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Cardwell, Jones Vs. Chambliss &c.

There is a new poll in the race to lose to face Saxby Chambliss and a dozen other issues.

Head to head, Chambliss gets 49% and 53% of the vote against Cardwell and Jones respectively, while the two challengers get 33% and 28%, also respectively. 18% chose “other” or “not sure” in both races.

52% say Perdue is performing well or excellently.

Some senator from New York loses in every head to head match up for president, but interestingly, 26% of all respondents

I should probably read more of my e-mails…

Note: Cross-posted at Georgia Politics Unfiltered.

…Yesterday, I received an e-mail that I didn’t read at first glance, and now, I realize that I probably should have because the e-mail had some potentially damaging information concerning the Fulton County Police Dept. and Fulton County Commissioner William “Bill” Edwards. Here’s what was attached to the e-mail I received:

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Trouble at the Shiloh High School PTA

This doesn’t sound good:

The Snellville Police Department has joined the investigation of two former officers of the Shiloh Elementary School PTA.

The investigation involves missing money totaling between $12,000 and $14,000, Chief Roy Whitehead said Monday.

The two former PTA members and their lawyers are scheduled to meet with detectives separately this month to go over discrepancies in the PTA account that surfaced after a routine annual audit, Whitehead said.

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RIP: Steve Reynolds

Former State Senator and DOT Board member Steve Reynolds has died at 87.

First elected to a city council post in Commerce 60 years ago, Steve Reynolds served as a state senator for Lawrenceville for more than a decade, including 12 years as chairman of the Transportation Committee.

After retiring from that position, he was elected to the State Transportation Board. He served there for 20 years, retiring in 2004 because of the reoccurrence of cancer. He died in hospice care after a long illness.

Mr. Reynolds lived for many years right behind my parents house in Lawrenceville. Steve Reynolds was a very nice man.

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Cap Fendig for President?!?!

I haven’t paid enough attention to Ray McKinney running for President. But this off the tip line really made me laugh.

Maybe there’s something in the air, wafting out from the peach orchards or the peanut fields.

In any case, at least four Georgians are running for president – or thinking about it.

Many folks know about the thinking-about-its: former U.S. Sen. Sam Nunn and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

A few might recognize the name of one of those actually running: Ray McKinney of Savannah.

The latest Peach Stater to catch White House fever is Glynn County Commissioner Cap Fendig.

He co-owns St. Simon’s Transit, a tour and water taxi service that used to operate two catamarans between River Street and Hutchinson Island.

It’s great to live in a country where people really do think they can run for President though 99.999999% of the nation has not one damn clue who they are.

Concerned Citizens of X

NIMBY alert in Northeast Georgia.

Efforts to build a regional airport in Northeast Georgia barely have gotten off the ground, but a group of Barrow County residents already are banding together to fight it.

A newly formed group, Concerned Citizens of Barrow County, will hold an organizational and information meeting tonight on a fledgling proposal for a regional airport that could be built near Winder. Although such an airport would not be built for at least another decade, organizer David Brock said opponents want to get an early jump on fighting it.