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Paul Broun Wins Gwinnett GOP Straw Poll

As part of today’s chili cookoff, Gwinnett Republicans held straw polls on the Senate and House District 10 Races. Here are the results:

Paul Broun 35.3%
Karen Handel 32.6%
Jack Kingston 16.8%
Phil Gingrey 6.3%
David Perdue 5.8%
Eugene Yu 3.2%
Derrick Grayson 0.0%

Buzz Wins for ChiliHouse District 10:
Jody Hice 56.5%
Mike Collins 32.6%
Stephen Simpson 6.5%
Donna Sheldon 4.3%
Brian Slowinski 0.0%
Gary Gerrard 0.0%

Only those living in District 10 participated in that poll.

Special mention goes to our own Buzz Brockway, whose chicken chili was selected by the judges as the best in the elected officials category. The best chili prepared by a Senate candidate? Eugene Yu.

What do the results mean? Discuss among yourselves.

Pawlenty Shaken When Iowans Not Stirred

Forgive the 007 reference contained in the headline; former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty will never be James Bond. If Pawlenty had been cast in one of the movies about Ian Fleming’s superstar spy, it would not be in the leading role, though he might have been listed in the credits as “accountant’s less interesting friend in a crowd scene”.

Pawlenty was always in a mob, never able to emerge from the throng of politicians littering the Iowa landscape the past few months. Political strategists can give you many interesting theories on why this happened, but it wasn’t complicated. Pawlenty never seized anyone’s interest and remained a somewhat unknown, somewhat distrusted, outsider in his own party.

Just as Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts governorship raises concerns for conservatives, so too does Pawlenty’s two terms as the Minnesota chief executive. When Republicans think of Minnesota politics they think of Hubert Humphrey, Walter Mondale and Al Franken. The blue state is not a likely origin for a GOP Presidential nominee and if a Republican is elected by that group then he is suspect. No wonder Pawlenty is an early casualty in this contest.

Pawlenty was outlasted by both Michigan Congressman Thaddeus McCotter and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson. If you could pick both McCotter and Johnson out of a police line-up then you’re likely a political insider. Yet, as of 11 PM on August 14th, they remain and Pawlenty, with much more national television exposure, has exited the political stage.

McCotter and Johnson remaining in the race could be attributed to their lesser expectations or to their superior senses of humor. They both downplayed the straw poll well in advance. Johnson chose not participating in the event, while McCotter used the occasion to meet more voters and play guitar in his family band.

Johnson, referred to by Rolling Stone Magazine as the “GOP’s Invisible Candidate,” and McCotter, the candidate I’d most like to sit down with and have a beer, are not as well known as Pawlenty. Yet, I believe that both of them will wear better on GOP voters than the former Minnesota Governor. Johnson and McCotter are both plain spoken and hold strong positions on issues, while Governor Pawlenty was “nuanced” to a high level of ineffectiveness.

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North Georgia 9-12 Straw Poll

There was a straw poll held yesterday at the North Georgia 912 Rapid Fire BBQ & Candidate Forum held at Bogan Park in Buford. Below are the winners. The complete data can be found here.


Governor: Eric Johnson
Secretary of State: Doug MacGinnitie
Attorney General: Preston Smith
State School Superintendent: John Barge
Agriculture Commissioner: Gary Black
Insurance Commissioner: Gerry Purcell
Labor Commissioner: Melvin Everson
Public Service Commission: Jeff May
US Congress District 7: Jody Hice
US Congress District 9: Tom Graves

Sadly Ray McBerry finished second in the Governor’s straw poll.


Peach Pundit Straw Polls: Commissioner Of Labor, PSC

Read the statements from the candidates for Commissioner of Labor and Public Service Commission then vote in the Straw Polls below. Or if you prefer, vote, then read the statements from the candidate. As always, the polls are open for one week. Also check out the podcasts featuring many of these candidates.

GOP Primary: Commissioner Of Labor

Dem. Primary: Commissioner Of Labor

GOP Primary: PSC

Previous Peach Pundit Straw Polls:
State School Superintendent & Commissioner Of Agriculture
Commissioner Of Insurance
Peach Pundit Straw Polls: 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 12th, and 13th Congressional seats.
Peach Pundit Straw Polls: US Senate, Lt. Governor, 2nd, 4th Congressional Districts.
Peach Pundit Straw Polls: Governor

Peach Pundit Straw Polls: Governor

One of the commenters in the open thread today suggested a Peach Pundit Straw Poll. I thought that was an excellent idea. Here is the first of what will become a regular item over the next few weeks. Beginning today and ending at Midnight on Sunday night, you can vote in this poll.

Sorry sock puppets, you can only vote once, but you can discuss how your candidate’s results proves he/she is the most awesome candidate ever, or that the pro-choicers at have rigged the results.

One more thing: Be sure to check out the series of podcasts Jason has done with a number of candidates.

GYR Convention Straw Poll Results

The Georgia Young Republicans held their annual convention on Saturday, June 5. Below are the straw poll results from the event. Sock puppetry commence!

GYR Convention Straw Poll results.
Governor: Johnson (28) Handel (24) Deal (12) Oxendine (5) Chapman (3) Other (3)
Insurance: Purcell (44) Harp (16) Sheffield (10) Hudgens (3) Mamalakis (1)
Attorney: Olens (29) Smith (24) Wood (19)
Labor: Everson (57) Butler (13)
School: Woods (34) Barge (17)
Agriculture: Black (56) Carter (9)
PSC: May (31) Douglas (23) Echols (7) Brush (2)
Secretary of State: MacGinnitie (57) Kemp (16)

A Straw Poll For Your Afternoon Reading

The Berrien County (Nashville GA) Republican Party sends along these results from an event held there last evening:

1.) Karen Handel (35.91%) (19 votes)
2.) John Oxendine (22.64%) (12 votes)
3.) Nathan Deal (13.21%) (7 votes)
4.) Eric Johnson (11.34%) (6 votes)
5.) Jeff Chapman (9.45%) (5 votes)
6.) Ray McBerry (5.67%) (3 votes)
7.) Otis Putnam (1.89%) (1 vote)
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On That Straw Poll From Gwinnett

Straw polls give us something to talk about around here. We understand and readily admit that they’re not scientific, and in most posts where I provide any commentary on them, I usually refer to them as political Rorschach tests. You generally can see anything you want in them if you try hard enough.

That said, the one from Gwinnett yesterday is getting “real” media attention, and I spoke to Doug Richards from WXIA/11 Alive about it this afternoon (Updated: His online report is filed here). Thus, I’ll provide more fodder for the sock puppet fire:

1) The fact that straw polls are moving from blogs to traditional media is a sign that the “real” campaign is upon us. Everything we’ve done up until now hasn’t been “the” campaign, it’s been organizing and preparing for it. Traditional media is now engaging, and thus, the general public will be as well. It’s go time.

2) This straw poll interests me because there is a second data point, found here. It’s the results of a straw poll taken just over 1 year ago, and shows how much has changed in this Governor’s race.
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