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Contemplating Nathan Deal’s Full Plate While I Sit in Traffic

On Monday Nathan Deal and his transition team began work on taking over the governor’s office. Foremost on their very long to-do list is the state budget.

Also on the table is rewriting the overly complicated and legislatively fluid Georgia tax code. Don’t forget the ever thorny issue of HOPE funding. With a new GOP majority in the US House of Representatives, it’s doubtful Georgia will receive much, if any, federal aid in 2011.

Redistricting will also come up, with the possibility of a new congressional seat for Georgia.

And then there’s the Cagle issue. While the governor-elect tries to shape a new administration, the ethics rumors will continue to swirl. After last Friday’s meeting where the Republican caucus basically gutted Cagle’s powers as Lt. Governor, can we expect Cagle to fan those ethics flames to bolster his tattered agenda?

What about the traffic? The crippling, mind-numbing, revenue-sucking traffic? Atlanta is ranked 15th in the nation in regards to traffic. I’m sure Nathan Deal would like to improve that ranking.

Strap in folks, it’s going to be a wild ride! You’ll find me sitting in my usual spot on I-20 somewhere.

If It’s Wednesday, Then This Must Be My Introduction!

First of all, I’d like to thank Charlie and Erick, et al., for this opportunity to add my voice to the wild and woolly arena of Georgia politics. I’m one of those rare commodities, a native Georgian. Raised a Democrat, I’m now mostly Republican, but always a conservative first and foremost.

I’ve been at this blogging thing for a while. It started as a hobby, really, just an amusing experiment. The original plan was to write about the Georgia of my youth – memories of places I’d been and how they’d been buried by over-development, neglect or careless zoning. A big issue was how Georgia could still grow and change, but keep that graciousness I remembered. Ranting about bad manners almost always turned to politics. The rants turned into something bigger; almost a calling to do my part to set things right, not only in my own backyard but across this country I love so much.

Obi’s Sister was launched on Pi Day (3/14) in 2006. Last year I also began writing at Potluck, a blog for conservative moms. It’s a warm and sometimes hilarious place.

In my blog’s first anniversary post was a dedication of sorts to the “Obi” behind Obi’s Sister.

It was named in honor of my little brother, the great Obi-Wan Ben Kenobi: Master Jedi, Champion Blue Devils Snare Drummer, Bulldawg to the Bone, PGA Golfer, Footballer, Marathon Runner, Consumer of Mass Quantities of “Do-Do” balls, great brother, friend, husband and father. During many nights in his yard/driveway/kitchen, the discussions we had brought me out of my middle-age induced fog to the realization that we Americans needed to take back America.

Over four years later, that gut feeling hasn’t changed, but the focus is more fine-tuned.

On November 2, fed-up Americans sent a message to Washington, DC and to the many states, including Georgia. It stops here. It stops now. I may be a speck of dust in America’s backyard, but you hear me now, don’t you? If you’re impressed by what average Americans were able to accomplish in the last two years, just wait ’til you see what we do for the next two. We’re just getting started!

More details on the LG/GOP caucus power-sharing agreement

See updates at the bottom of the post.

We’re getting more details on this power-sharing agreement between Senate Republicans Lt. Governor Casey Cagle.

As we understand it, Cagle will still direct legislation to committee. However, the appointment of committees will be done by a five member “Committee on Committees,” if you will.

This committee with be comprised of two members picked at the discretion of the Lt. Governor, the Caucus Chairman (Bill Cowsert), Majority Leader (Chip Rogers) and the President Pro-Tem (Tommie Williams); the latter only voting if there is a tie.

The purpose behind this committee is keep the Lt. Governor from stripping a member of their chairmanship because of a vote they may have made.

[UPDATE – 7:00pm] I’m now hearing that this committee will be comprised of eight members. In addition to the names above, it will also include the Majority Whip (Cecil Station), Caucus Vice-Chairman (David Shafer) and Caucus Secretary (Greg Goggan).

[UPDATE – 7:07pm] The vote to create this committee was 30-5.

Senate Republicans to split power with Cagle

Lori Geary from Channel 2 is reporting that the Senate Republican Caucus has reached an agreement with Lt. Governor Casey Cagle to “share powers.” We’re still waiting on more details as to what exactly that means, so look for an update later.

The proposed change in Senate rules essentially was a referendum on the performance of Governor Casey Cagle, with a failure of Cagle to retain power over his chamber just days after his party swept all statewide offices likely seen as the equivalent of a vote of “no-confidence.”   

Cagle spoke to the caucus earlier in the day, in a part of the meeting that was called “testy” by one attendee.   Senator Dan Moody, who will not be returning to the Senate next year, followed and made the case why the caucus needs to take some powers away from the Lt. Governor by changing Senate rules.

Read more

Ray Boyd Files 11th Hour Ethics Charge Against Lt Gov Casey Cagle

WSB TV led their 6:00pm newscast with this story.  

ATLANTA — A one-time candidate for Georgia governor is aiming a salacious accusation at the current lieutenant governor.

Ray Boyd, a businessman who dropped out of the governor’s race, laid out the complaint to the State Ethics Commission on Friday.

 Boyd claims Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle had an affair with a female staffer, then paid her nearly $200,000 in campaign funds — claims Cagle adamantly denies. 

A note to our commenters:  We have discussed certain rumors surrounding the Lt. Governor here in the past.   It is late heading into a weekend prior to a Tuesday election.   The timing of this news is bad for both a campaign as well as moderators on blogs.   For now, the rules of commenting on this story are this:   The names redacted in the above piece shall not be mentioned below.  Anyone doing so faces at least a temporary suspension of their posting privileges.  Comments should be restricted to the political implications of the story, the fairness/unfairness of the timing, and related matters.   Keep it clean and within narrow boundaries.  If you have to ask if you should comment on something, you probably shouldn’t.

Why I’m Voting FOR Carol Porter

It should have come as no surprise to regular readers of Peach Pundit that I, along with most other contributors, will not be voting for Incumbent Republican Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle.   We’ve dedicated many posts to our problems with the “Light” Gov, and so as to not lose focus on the topic, I will not repeat them here.  

But voting against someone does not equate to voting for someone else.  There are options for protest votes, and there’s the too often realization that you’re voting for the lesser of two evils.  Carol Porter was kind enough to join me for breakfast two weeks ago, which I requested at the urging of some mutual friends.   I wanted to learn more about the person who was most likely going to be the recipient of my vote against Cagle.   I left with Porter not only receiving my full support, but a small campaign contribution as well.

At the risk of dooming any future she may have in the Democratic party (and in the hopes that one day, she may have one in the Republican party), I’ll start by saying that my assessment is that Mrs. Porter is more conservative than many people the Republicans currently have on the ballot this year.   She has a clear understanding that removing the homeowners’ property tax relief grant is in fact a tax increase on property owners.    She’s quick to point out that Cagle agreed with her two years ago when he bragged about saving it, but now claims it’s a local government problem since he helped eliminate it.  She also cedes no ground on social issues, and in my opinion, could teach the leadership of certain so-con groups a few lessons on manners, decorum, and dignity. Read more

Jim Marshall Blames Casey Cagle

Tonight, Austin Scott debated Jim Marshall at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry. The debate was run well and some interesting questions were asked of the candidates. One particular question was directed at Congressman Marshall. He was asked if he played any role in the call for Austin Scott to unseal his divorce records.

Marshall’s response?

‘Casey Cagle was behind it’ (paraphrase). That’s right, Marshall claimed that Cagle’s staff approached him about Austin’s divorce records and wanted Marshall to use it to his advantage in the race. Marshall claims that he refused, but did say that Cagle has been after Austin since he was rumored to challenge Casey for the Lieutenant Governor’s seat.

Now, I realize that this is a Democrat openly attacking a state Republican official and, therefore, shouldn’t come as a surprise, but we all know that nothing remains a secret in politics for long. I have a feeling the truth will rise to the surface.

In the meantime, I believe Marshall will continue to grasp at straws until the end of this election. He knows he faces a tough challenge in Austin Scott. So, we’ll see if he resorts to further drastic measures that will trump even going after his own Party’s leadership.

Bloggers To Keep Chicken Capital Of The World From Becoming The Pork Capital Of Georgia

Jim Galloway has  this fine article online regarding the new power center of Georgia residing squarely in the 9th Congressional District.   But have no fear, because David Ralston says that no special favors will come to North Georgia, because, well, of some malcontents with access to the internets:

Then there’s the Internet, the House speaker said. Special favors for the home folk — at least the big ones — have become too difficult to hide. “Can you imagine the blogging that would go on?” Ralston asked. “Zell Miller didn’t have to worry about blogging on Brasstown Valley. I think you can’t ignore that anymore.”

Feel free to discuss the merits of whether anyone under the gold dome has actually changed their behavior because of those damn bloggers.

Re: My Recent Fishing Trip

Truth be told, I don’t care much for fishing anymore.  I don’t have the patience for it.  The last time I went fishing with a rod and reel, I think the entire experience was over in about twenty minutes.  As a young adult, I had already adopted many of the worst traits a “Type-A” personality could bring.  Sitting still, staring out at a bobbing cork hoping something might eventually happen didn’t fit the pace of the “make something happen now” lifestyle I’ve maintained for well over 20 years that has since passed.  

When I was much younger, I loved fishing.  It was most often in the company of an older and wiser adult, usually my father, and was much more about the experience than the possibility of fresh catch for supper.   Most of those who took me fishing were products of the depression era or its immediate aftermath, and as such, understood real values and had unequivocal views of right and wrong.  In an activity that demands silence, words were high currency, and listening to pearls that were dropped on these outings was often worth more than what I would later be taught by a semester’s tuition payment.  

My best fishing memory was when my dad had to pick me up from school about 10am one morning because I wasn’t feeling well.  He had to drive to Fayetteville from his downtown Atlanta office to retrieve me, and wasn’t really feeling like going back downtown for the rest of the day.  Instead, we had a late breakfast where he gauged that I wasn’t really feeling too bad, and then asked if I would rather spend the day home in bed or at the lake fishing.  It wasn’t a hard choice, and we had a great day. 

One of the lessons from that day, soon to be temporarily forgotten, was appreciating the value of silence.   Dad explained after a long afternoon with few bites why it had, in fact, been a successful trip.  “You get out here, and you have nothing to do but look at that water.   And after you settle in, and understand that, you realize that there’s nothing around you but nature, and you’ve got all day to sort through whatever’s on your mind, and you can come home with it all sorted out.”

I’d love to say the last 48 or so days have allowed me to sort it all out.   Read more

Fingers Pointed Squarely At Cagle Over Fred Cooper/Regents Debacle

It wasn’t that unusual when I got a call from a State Senator last week with whom I hadn’t spoken in a while. We caught up on a lot of things – the conversation drifted all over the place actually – but I do remember a few pointed comments about Fred Cooper and what he’s done for the Republican Party in Georgia. I partially remember because when I got another call a couple of days later from a different person who also steered the conversation to talk about Fred Cooper. Had I been paying closer attention, I probably would have connected the dots a bit quicker. Especially had I noted the missed calls from other Senators this weekend.

When I started getting calls yesterday about Fred Cooper, the subtly was gone, the news was being openly discussed, and the charge was direct. Lt. Governor Casey Cagle had altered a document from the Governor listing his appointments which needed to be ratified by the Senate. In doing so, the Senators and others under the Gold Dome feel that Casey Cagle has violated the decorum of his office, the rules of the Senate, and possibly Georgia Law.
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Governor, Lt. Governor, Speaker Back Clay Cox For CD-7

Found this in my in-box as well:

Clay Cox is proud to announce that Georgia’s first Republican governor since reconstruction, the Honorable Sonny Perdue, will host a fundraiser rally for the Clay Cox for Congress campaign.

Cox, a Republican state legislator from Lilburn, is running to replace the retiring U.S. Rep. John Linder. The primary election will be held on July 20 – barely more than three weeks from now.

“Obviously, we’re thrilled that the Governor is supporting this campaign,” Cox said. “This is more proof that those with the highest desire to see the state succeed want a Congressman with experience balancing a family budget, balancing a business budget and balancing a state budget.”

Joining the governor will be Georgia’s House Speaker David Ralston (R-Blue Ridge) and Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle.

The event will be held the evening of July 13 at 550 Trackside, the historic gathering place on North Clayton Street in Lawrenceville.

I find this one interesting because Cox began the campaign somewhat positioned as the outsider of this campaign, set to take on “the insider” Don Balfour. Though there are now quite a few challengers positioning themselves as outsiders and Clay as “the establishment”, it will be interesting to see if Cox can hold his original base while merging those voters with those who follow the establishment. It’s a delicate act, but if he can pull it off, he’ll win big.

Peach Pundit Straw Polls: US Senate, Lt. Governor, 2nd, 4th Congressional Districts.

The PP Straw Poll for Governor closes tonight and it’s now time to start some more. Here are Straw Polls for the US Senate and Lt. Governor Democratic Primaries, and Primaries in the 2nd and 4th Congressional Districts.

Sock Puppets Rejoice!

Democratic Primary, US Senate

Democratic Primary Lt. Governor

GOP Primary 2nd Congressional District

GOP Primary 4th Congressional District

Democratic Primary 4th Congressional District

You be Anti-Cagle, I’ll be Pro-Scott

Most people on here have heard the rumor stirring that Austin Scott will qualify to run against Lt. Governor Casey Cagle in the primary this week. We all know that Cagle is not popular here and that many legislators, lobbyists, and creatures of the Gold Dome talk and whisper about the details that happened once Casey took office. The entire thing has mounted into a movement of anti-Cagle and Austin Scott seems to be the one that people are pushing as the “White Knight” who will bring about the defeat of the evil “Black Knight” that is Cagle.

Well I have just one problem with this sentiment.

Don’t get me wrong, being against Cagle on principle and wanting him gone is fine, BUT don’t let that overshadow what Georgia finally has in Austin Scott…a candidate who can actually make Georgia better. I sat down to write this out because the growing discontent with Cagle seems to be mounting into nothing more than an “oust the incumbent!” movement rather than a move for true reform. Read more