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Georgia Gang Live Blog 4/17/11

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I started Live Blogging the Georgia Gang on June 14th of 2009 and have enjoyed it immensely. That being said it’s time for it, or at least my live blogging of it, to come to an end. The Legislative session is over and my Church will soon start an early service which I plan on attending. I thank all of you who joined us over the past two years and also Dick, Phil, Jeff, Alexis, Martha, Jim and the other Georgia Gang panelists who were such good sports about this.

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Sine Die Live Blog

The session has been entertaining in some respects, but I’m glad they’re done – at least for a few months. Join in on the fun.

Crossover Day Live Blog

As we’ve done the last few years, several blogs from across the political spectrum here in Georgia will keep tabs on the happenings during Crossover Day, the last day for a bill to clear at least one chamber of the legislature to be considered for the session. Also, today is Bloggers’ Day, where those of us that follow politics in our state will be recognized by legislators for our hard work.

Check back throughout the day for updates.