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John Edwards “Issues” Blogged Here December, 2007

With all this handwringing in and of MSM about how they, ahem, neglected to report the story of John Edwards’ affair (although most outlets, defensively and with obvious self-loathing, claim to have been “investigating” the babydaddy saga all along)… let the record show that I blogged it back in December of 2007, all the while thinking the story would be all over mainstream news media in a matter of days, if not hours. Who knew it would take a near-full term 8 months to, ahem again, present?

However, for some odd reason not known to me, the post has been cut-off at the parens. (The post admonished PP readers to go get a National Enquirer at the checkout line if they wanted the story, and pictures, about the John Edwards’ (then alleged) affair. Funny how all the nasty comments remain though. Completely untouched and unedited. Typical.

Unlike big powerful rich folk in suits and gigantic newsrooms, who so wisely “deliver” the news to us the masses as we passively consume from the couch, I ain’t too proud to read the Enquirer for my political sex scandals. And will continue to do so. Wonder what they (MSM) will do now for theirs?

The Politics of Sex. The Sex of Politics. The Politics of Sex In Local Media.

Since this is the weekend and we’re doing open threads, here’s the replay (Part 1 and Part 2) of the Nightline/Bob Woodward interview with John Edwards.

As for the media composition of this wickedly delightful scandal… good for Elizabeth Edwards for not sitting passive/aggressively by her disgraced husband’s side like some lap dog, but making him get out there and clean-up after himself. Alone. Where he should be. And likely will be for quite a long while now.

And one more note while we’re on the topic of politicians’ affairs, I’m hearing whispers of a “girlfriend” associated with a certain key (quite married) Georgia politico. We shall see how National Enquirer-y Atlanta media really can go.

This politician need not lose a moment’s sleep though as Georgia media never go anywhere when it comes to sexcapades, us being in arbitrary media la-la land via our unique Coxopoly. Although that sure is starting to crumble around the monopoly edges, but I diverge…

In other words, it’s not like the AJC or WSB-TV or WSB-Radio will be hopping out of vans and hotel lobbies to investigate the sexual within the local political, given that, when it comes to sex, it might as well be Victorian England around the Cox Plantation.

Anyone, for instance, seen anything in the AJC about the juicy-wicked-bad divorce trial of Cox Television’s president, Andrew Fisher? The one going on right under our noses now?

Despite this ugly divorce, complete with stories of S&M, going through the Atlanta court system, I’ve heard nary a whisper in our Coxopoly town, except a mention in CL… a mention derived from a NYC blog. Read all about it here.

Is there a National Enquirer bureau in Atlanta? I really need to give those people a call!

: “A hearing (in the Andrew Fisher divorce) has been scheduled regarding custody at 1 pm on Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at the Superior Court in Fulton County in front of Judge Lane.” (From Gawker.)

I gotta take a moment here and ask the ladies… given the, uh, opportunity, would YOU have had (presumably sexual) “liaisons” with John Edwards?

Newsweek Declares South Too Stupid For Change

Chris Dickey, son of the famous Southern poet James Dickey, cons Yankee editors at Newsweek into believing he’s still a son of the South so he can write-up a load of overwrought, overwritten, stereotyping copy about our behavior during this time of “change.”

Now this part of the country, where I have my deepest roots, feels raw again, its political emotions more exposed than they’ve been in decades. George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama have unsettled the South: the first with a reckless war and a weakened economy, the second with the color of his skin, the foreignness of his name, the lofty liberalism of his language. Suddenly the palliative prosperity that salved old, deep wounds no longer seems adequate to the task.

Seems to Dickey Daddy’s Boy that none of us are all that crazy about “change.” Could be most of us Southerners aren’t all that crazy about pretentious wankers from Paris trying to pass themselves off as natives. Full story here. And Matt Towery’s take on all this backwater bs is here, y’all.

Karl Rove or Rush Limbaugh? Both?

So who IS calling the media shots around the McCain campaign? Looks like it’s the pure talk-radio strategy for the moment. I hope the McCain campaign remembers who was at the media helm when they put out the “Katrina Flyover” picture. And who’s currently on the contempt of Congress hot seat? Come to think about it, have we ever seen Rove and Limbaugh in the same place together? Hmmmm.

Another Georgia Blogger To Run For Public Office

Let’s take a small timeout from all our many blogger “disclosure” issues of late and look at an interesting, (presumably) positive side of political blogging. In what seems to be a trend in Georgia, yet another blogger has thrown a hat into the public service arena. John Heneghan of Heneghan’s Dunwoody Blog has decided to seek a seat on the soon-to-be City of Dunwoody council. From a blog post today:

Dunwoody, GA, July 31, 2008. John Heneghan, a resident of Dunwoody for over eleven years, announced today that he will seek the District 3 (Eastern) At-Large Councilman position in the September 16 non-partisan primary.

If this was a formal press release statement, this announcement would go on talking about me in the third person but I just can’t do it in that style. It’s just not me. I would rather just tell you who am I, why am I qualified and what do I promise to do?

I am the father of three, very active young boys enrolled in the DeKalb County School System and the husband to the most vivacious & effervescent woman in town. If you know my bride, you know that I am a merely a wall flower who fades into the background of her existence. It is only with my family’s love & support that I have agreed to be a candidate for the City Council of Dunwoody.

Full blog post here. Other Georgia bloggers who have run for public office (and won), or are in the process of seeking elected office include: Chris Huttman, Erick Erickson, and Jon Flack.

There are some others too, but I can’t think of who they are at the moment and I really need to go my nails done instead of sitting here Googling around for stuff. If you know others, please add their names/blogs in the Comments section. Thanks.

Doing Gangsta Stuff? Careful, Toby Keith Wants To Lynch You.

Given that Georgia has historically been the lynching capitol of the world (we specialized in lynching not only blacks, women and children, but Jews too), if this method of dispensing “justice” comes back in vogue, you can blame Toby Keith for extolling the vigilante virtues of his long gone “Grandpappy.” Here are the lyrics to his Willie Nelson/trannie-filled song/video, now a movie he’s currently on a Big Media publicity tour for – Beer For My Horses:

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Splash In Fountains; Register To Vote

The Obama campaign will be out at Centennial Park all day Saturday in downtown Atlanta with another voter registration drive. Details here. And around 5pm-ish, Howard Dean and the DNC tour bus will roll over to Spring Street (see details below) to, er, pump up the volume. It’s all part of the 50 State Strategy.

Atlanta Campaign for Change Headquarters
1080 Spring Street NW
Atlanta, GA

And yep, as much as folks on PP cling to those guns and religion and poll data and faith in politicians like golf course Saxby Chambliss and traffic-hell fundraisers in rich-people Buckhead mansions, or other such No (R) Grassroots Left Here In Georgia Whatsoever, or whatever else they can wrap their denial around, Georgia is part of the Dem’s, again, 50 State Strategy.

Anything is possible in 110 days, especially with the biggest push into southern states since Sherman himself. Boom, boom, boom.