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Truth Sucks Sometimes

Now, I already realize that after I post this, everyone on here’s going to go apes**t, but you know what, who gives a rat’s hat? After all, it’s just one big giant chess game, isn’t it? To the winner belong the spoils, may the best man win, and all that rot. Hence my post on the following: why Ralph Reed is going to win the Republican primary for Lt. Governor. I am not saying I endorse Ralph, nor am I even claiming to vote for him. In fact, should I have to put up with anymore pie- in-the-sky talk about Cagle or have to wait any more on Ralph to come up with a cognitive response, maybe I’ll just vote democratic, and be like all of Casey’s supporters (If Ralph’s the nominee I’ll vote for the Dem) (at this point tongue firmly implanted in cheek). To be honest, I hate both of them at this point. However, my passionate disdain for this whole entire race doesn’t change one thing: reality. There is one reality about this race, and the simple fact is that the Cagle machine doesn’t have what it takes to win. I’m going to take the liberty of copying something off of the website of a prominent Georgia consulting group, and use those very factors to show you why Casey will lose. Unfortunate thing for a good legislator, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

Message. The message element of this campaign, as I see it, is pretty evenly matched. Each campaign has a fairly decent proposal, so far, from a policy perspective. However, I would say that the biggest factor in this aspect of the campaign is being overshadowed by the simple fact is that all Cagle’s supporters, and now even Cagle’s press releases, can focus on, is taking a swing at Ralph. But, then again, since we all know Casey and God stand for all the same things, it should be nice and cozy, shouldn’t it?
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More rumors from Jekyll…

I also hear that for an audience of 2000 members, Cathy Cox went and gave a very personal, convincing sales pitch. Sonny, on the other hand, sent a video. Not good if you want to develop your repoire with a statewide grassroots group…

Here’s a question for everyone. I heard a rumor yesterday that Randy Evans has left McKenna Long & Aldridge. Can anyone confirm or deny that? I was more curious than anything else, and then someone suggested this morning that he might be interested in AG. It makes sense…

Weekend Review > Open Thread

I had several opportunities over the weekend to talk to people about various and sundry political happenings around the state, and in our region here. And, of course, it’s a pre-established conclusion that the Lt. Governor’s race came up at a party I attended Saturday evening, while watching the Dawgs work miracles at the Dome. Go Dawgs!

Anyway, two of the fellas I consider to be friends and fairly close acquaintences were talking about how much they hated Ralph Reed, and proceeded to explain to me that they were planning, should Ralph be the Republican nominee, to vote for the Democrat. This alarmed me, as it would any Republican truly concerned with the integrity of our value system, and so I pressed them to explain to me more. All issues surrounding the embattled Ralph Reed aside, it concerns me to think that someone would consider voting for Jim Martin over a Republican. It’s personal, and we don’t have to explain why, but it’s personal, and we’re going to put Ralph in a body bag, they exclaimed loudly, much to my consternation as I noticed other people beginning to stare. I then proceeded to press them to explain to me why they would persist campaigning in the negative, that is, against someone, than being a pro-active campaigner, and campaigning FOR something. What does Casey Cagle stand for, I asked? “Everything that God stands for,” the proclamation came even louder still, at which point I realized it was a fruitless conversation and simply walked away. These weren’t the children that normally surround Cagle when he travels…these were two grown men, active in the Republican establishment, and at least to this point, somewhat respected in the community.

All of the bullcr** that goes on at the Pundit aside, I have to honestly wonder where this race is going. If this represents the calibre of the “Knights of the Holy Grail” that surround, and are campaigning for Casey, then we’re all going to hell in a handbasket should Casey get elected. Not because Casey is bad news in and of himself, but because he’ll be overshadowed by those who surround him, much like our Governor has in the last several years. I think it’s referred to as guilt by association.

I suppose it’s a vain attempt, but I really would like to ask this: Reed and Cagle supporters alike: what do your respective candidates stand for? Not what have they done in the past, not what has their business supported (because I guarantee you if you dig long enough, you’d find SOMETHING that Casey Cagle’s bank has done that would be less than pristine for his reputation, much like the dirt the media paid to have raised on Ralph), but what issues do they stand for. What leadership positions have they held? What power punches can they bring that will benefit the people of Georgia? Cause like it or not, folks, the Lt. Governor won’t just be a leader in the Republican party…he’ll be a servant for everyone in Georgia, regardless of their party affiliation. Eventually, politics has to turn into policy, and my question is this: can we lay politics aside for what is best for the people of Georgia? Perhaps. But first, there has to be some element of policy involved.

As is my habit, I take this opportunity to reassure our readers that I am not endorsing Ralph or Casey by this post, though I may seem to be defending Ralph to a certain extent. I used to work for Ralph, and he has always been my candidate of choice, though I have to admit I wish both Ralph AND Casey would get Presidential appointments to be diplomats in foreign countries and we wouldn’t even have to deal with it. But, that’s utopia, this is reality, and at this point, I just have alot of unanswered questions about this race.

Silence Here

Since Bill was wondering where Silence went, here I am. It’s the holidays, give me a break. For the record, I have no relationship with Linda Hamrick or Cecil Staton, though I admire Senator Staton and his work. Linda Hamrick…no relationship there either.

And since you wanted to hear from me, Bill, and since things have seemed to be kind of stale, I’m going to quote Karla Stuckey, one of our contributors, and post this:

Can we do a poll about who we believe will benefit should Cagle win, or should Reed win next November?

If Cagle should win, I believe the new Prsident Pro Tem of the Senate will be Senator David Shafer. He will have to get a big payback for his loyal support of Cagle, plus his long time dream of defeating Reed and taking over the party will take a big step toward reality. Senator Mullis would no doubt become Majority Leader. I suspect the new chairman of rules might be Senator Seabaugh and the new chair of appropriations might be Senator Tolleson or perhaps Preston Smith.

If Reed wins, the current leadership, who have remained silent or refrained from endorsing Cagle, will stay the same and perhaps the two lowly Senators who have dared to support Reed will advance.

Anyone have other scenarios to put forward? How will this race impact the House?

One ammendment:

Bill Simon gets legitimized with a Cagle win and becomes the new LG’s press secretary!

Please note that I do not endorse these comments, nor do I necessarily agree with them. I just think it’s funny to watch Bill, landman, GaWire, and Bull Moose go apewire. Have at it, fellas.

Once again…

…trying to balance the record and make sure the facts are reported accurately. When one refers to records, and states that Casey Cagle has a plan, I was prompted to go check. Here’s what his website has listed:

Casey Cagle is one of the most experienced Republican leaders in the State Senate.

As our Lt. Governor Casey Cagle will lead with a vision of opportunity for Georgia. The opportunity for our children to learn and grow. The opportunity for our families to prosper and thrive.

Casey will transform the office of Lt. Governor into a bold, conservative voice for our families – for better jobs, for lower taxes, a more efficient state government, and for excellence in our children’s education.

In the coming days, Casey will detail on this site a comprehensive plan to make his vision of opportunity a reality for every child and every family in Georgia.

Casey has the proven character to lead and a decade of experience in the Senate with an unmatched record of success.

And that’s why every day, Georgians from all walks of life are joining the effort to elect Casey Cagle our next Lt. Governor. They sense something special, something exciting, something inspiring in the humble beginnings, the proven character, and the bold leadership of this man from Gainesville.

There’s also a link to a document about bringing jobs to Georgia, that’s basically a copy of talking points from the NFIB or the Chamber of Commerce. Funny thing is, one of the chapter titles is “Securing the Future of Agribusiness.” Maybe the consultant’s people just mixed that one up, and it was supposed to go on Kemp’s website.

The most prominent text on the “Vision” page is this:

Where [there is] no vision, the people perish…Proverbs 29:18

Interesting. I suppose one has to at least give them credit to at least having a “vision” section, regardless of what’s in it. Reed’s site, as reported, doesn’t even have a section for a plan. Maybe it’s “coming soon.”

Bullet Point Rumors…

Over the last couple of days, I have gathered the following rumors…I repeat RUMORS, lest I should be accused of trying to state as fact something I haven’t confirmed:

1. Nathaniel Ford, currently CEO of MARTA, might be considering a move…quite a substantial move, actually, to continue similar duties in a similar position with BART, San Francisco’s public transit system.

2. Could Congressman Lewis be stepping down, for some unknown reason, setting up a contest between the Mayor and State Senator Sam Zamarrippa?

3. This one is actually confirmed. While State Representative David Graves languishes in forced confinement, the only challenger for the seat, Middle Georgia realtor Dale Washburn has announced his intention to seek the seat. His campaign organization so far? Chair — Ms. Anna Payne, local communty activitst and wife of Georgia political heavyweight Ron Payne. Treasurer — Mr. Bruce Elliot, Georgia real estate mogul and incoming chairman of the Georgia Realtors Association. I can hear those statewide realtor’s dollars sliding in…in all fairness, Peach Pundit also hears that challenges will come from Macon City Councilman Stebin Horne, Bibb County School Board Chairman Gary Bechtel, and Mercer University lobbyist Becky Burgess . Should be an interesting race.

Details of Sentence

State Court Judge Irma Glover fined Graves a total of $1,600

12-month sentences on each charge, to serve concurrently. He was ordered to serve 30 days total of the sentences, the first 10 in jail and the next 20 in home detention with an electronic monitoring system.

He will be on probation for the remainder of the 12 months.

280 hours of community service,

He also must attend a risk reduction program (DUI school) and be evaluated for alcohol and drug dependency within 45 days, and he must submit to a minimum of 17 weeks of treatment if it is found he needs it.

His driver’s license was suspended for three years, but after the first year he may apply to be allowed restricted driving privileges.

News Flash

Peach Pundit has just learned that State Representative David Graves was convicted today of the DUI charges he faced. The sentence (we are still confirming the exact details) includes hard jail time, suspension of his pharmeceutical license, extensive community service, drug and alcohol rehabilitation training, and a substantial monetary fine. We will post more as the story develops.

Open Thread

“It might not mean much, but it’s worth noting that of all putative ’08 presidentials, only VA Gov. Mark Warner (D) helped bring a winner home on Tuesday,” Hotline On Call observes.

“In VA, Sen. George Allen (R) campaigned for GOP gov nominee Jerry Kilgore, who lost. Ex-NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) made ads for NJ GOP Gov nominee Doug Forrester, who fell short. AZ Sen. John McCain (R) traveled to nearby CA and made ads for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s initiatives, all of which went down in defeat. NY Sen. Hillary Clinton (D) campaigned for NYC Dem mayoral candidate Freddie Ferrer, who was trounced by GOP Mayor Mike Bloomberg.”

“Warner, of course, made ads and campaigned frequently in VA with Dem gov nominee Tim Kaine, who won.”

Open thread. Thoughts, everyone?

Bill’s Comment

I’m not savvy enough with this yet to know how to link to other posts, and Erick’s not signed on IM to ask 😀 so I’m going to refer everyone to my earlier post this afternoon, “Perry McGuire.” Bill brought up an interesting topic from San Francisco’s elections, of all places. Hey, Erick, can you move it up top?

Challenge for Senator Douglas

Rumor has it that the formerly imminent and recently defeated state senator and candidate for United States Congress Mike Crotts has uprooted and moved to the Covington area in order to challenge incumbent Chairman of the Veterans and Military Affairs Committee John Douglas (of Blue Light Bill fame). As a former state Senator, it will be interesting to see if Crotts has what it takes to gain the support of the caucus.

Witch Hunt, Part MCXIII

A poll commissioned by Republicans now sits on the desk of every ranking decision-maker in the state GOP, whether here or in Washington. The news is good if you’re Gov. Sonny Perdue. Not so good if you’re Ralph Reed…

This has led state Republicans to emphasize the need to protect their quarterback. Which brings us to Reed, who wants to be lieutenant governor. In the GOP poll, 11 percent of Georgians view Reed favorably. Sixteen percent view him with distaste. And 42 percent know who he is. Do the political math — for this is the strange phenomenon that has GOP strategists concerned.

If 42 percent know who Reed is, and only 27 percent offer an opinion of him — whether good or bad — then 15 percent are purposely keeping their mouths shut.

GOP analysts think Reed may be generating hidden negatives — that Reed supporters who have stuck with their charismatic leader in the past are beginning to have second thoughts. But they aren’t yet ready to voice them.

Nothing new under the sun, eh? Now, let’s all join in and have a Rip-Ralphie-Again party. So much fun. I can’t wait.

Oh, darn, I forgot to tell you who that quote was from. Oh well, you should be able to guess it pretty easily anyway. Jim “Gotta hate Ralph” Galloway, by way of the Atlanta Journal Constitution Political Insider, Monday edition.