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Your Georgia Gang Open Thread

We haven’t had a thread discussing the Georgia Gang in a while. I’d like to change that.

It really is an awful show for many reasons.

Jeff Dickerson repeatedly looks bored and shocked at some of the idiocy from Phil Kent (and with good reason). Phil Kent just regurgitates the most boring and cliched Republican talking points (and not even in an entertaining way). Dick Williams is often patronizing and refuses to ever moderate anything, he just wants to give his side (often ill informed) of the argument. And does Alexis Scott ever get to speak?

Have at it folks, open thread.

Your College Football Thread

Florida State University opened up their season in a big way, announcing to the world they are returning as a major force in college football, thrashing the heretofore undefeated Western Carolina Catamounts, 69-0.

The Seminoles scored more points than any other Championship Subdivision team on Saturday. Their convincing win over the Southern Conference powerhouse of WCU prompted some pundits to say FSU will go undefeated this season, and claim the BCS National Championship.

“They looked great Saturday” said internationally respected analyst rugbyfan. “If you were to ask me, I would describe the Seminoles in one word, ‘unstoppable’. Wait, no, make that,’perfect’. Will they win the BCS? Does the sun rise in the east?”

Some other teams played this weekend but they are hopeless jokers and don’t deserve any attention.

Consider this: AN OPEN THREAD!

[Hey, what does this have to do with Georgia politics? If you have to ask, you will never know. And yes Erick I have already admonished myself for posting this.]

Favorability, Unfavorability

I will let Rasmussen go ahead and say it for me.

As Campaign Season Begins, Only One Presidential Candidate is Viewed Favorably by Majority of Voters.

That candidate is McCain.

Romney then Huckabee were viewed as the least favorable. Hillary was third behind Edwards and McCain.

How does this relate to Georgia? I read about the poll in Georgia–yes I know that is tenuous at best.

(The winner) was right. (Whichever team) did not cover the spread.

Mike, Thurbert, and Tommy go for Hillary

This means Obama won’t be able to recover in Georgia and Edwards is done in the South, if he can’t secure support from the likes of Commissioner Irvin.

Baker referred to Clinton as “a tested leader,” while Thurmond called her “the change agent Georgians are looking for.”

NB: Does anyone remember who these three endorsed in 2004? I seem to think Irvin endorsed Edwards but I am not certain.

Surprise Surprise

It looks like Saxby will cruise to victory.

If the election for United States Senate were held today, whom would you vote for Saxby Chambliss, the Republican or Vernon Jones, the Democrat?
Saxby Chambliss 57%
Vernon Jones 27%
Undecided 16%

If the election for United States Senate were held today, whom would you vote for Saxby Chambliss, the Republican or Dale Cardwell, the Democrat?
Saxby Chambliss 57%
Dale Cardwell 25%
Undecided 18%

If the election for United States Senate were held today, whom would you vote for Saxby Chambliss, the Republican or Rand Knight, the Democrat?
Saxby Chambliss 58%
Rand Knight 23%
Undecided 19%

If the election for United States Senate were held today, whom would you vote for Saxby Chambliss, the Republican or Josh Lanier the Democrat?
Saxby Chambliss 58%
Josh Lanier 22%
Undecided 20%

Do you approve or disapprove of Senator Saxby Chambliss’ overall job performance?
Approve 53%
Disapprove 34%
Undecided 13%

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Petrino “Miserable” in Atlanta

Poor Bobby. I am sure $14.25 million will cheer you up. This season certainly showed you are worth much more than that.

Arthur Blank was too meddlesome with the Falcons and former coach Bobby Petrino’s family was “miserable in Atlanta.” Those are the latest salvos in the continuing fallout from Petrino’s sudden departure from Atlanta Falcons head coach to the head coach at Arkansas.

NB: For the UGA fans, see if UGA would benefit from a playoff here, I’ve run several different simulations and only once did they go to the semi-finals. But really, they are deserving to play for the title.

Also, the AJC has a gallery of GT’s year in Athletics. Highlights include a photo-op with last year’s ACC division title and a victory over 3-9 Notre Dame.

This Will Only Help

Any form of precipitation, even if it comes with cold weather, is a good thing.

This week’s record December warm spell will be only a memory this weekend, as forecasters are predicted a cold rain for metro Atlanta and a chance of snow in the North Georgia mountains.

One cold front moved through the state overnight, and a second, much stronger front due to arrive early Sunday will send temperatures plummeting, the National Weather Service said.

I must say, I enjoyed the effects of global warming this week. 70 degree weather in December could not possibly be a bad thing.

Price has Opposition in the Primary

And it is not Peach Pundit regular, John Konop.

Retired Marine Corps Col. Mike Boyce, back from a 10-month stint as an infrastructure contractor in Iraq, is seeking to challenge Rep. Tom Price for his 6th District seat.The 58-year-old Republican said he is running because of the need to enforce laws on illegal immigration and his concerns about the economy, Georgia’s water woes and the war on terrorism.

I guess there are several Republicans in the district who dislike Price enough to waste time and money in a primary they most assuredly will lose.

Andy Young Jumps into the Fray

Andy says he “wants” Barack Obama to be President “in 2016”.

Young said that Barack needs more experience and maturity to handle what a presidential campaign will do to him and his family.

The other key points Young made were that Hillary, who he supports, is better connected to the African American community than Barack, and Obama’s upbringing make him uniquely qualified to handle the two biggest issues facing America, “Islam and China”.

See the video here.

NB: Huckabee has a 22 point lead over Romney in Iowa, and Clinton is trailing Obama by six. Poll here. I guess you could say a lot of people heart Huckabee.