Author: Ron Daniels

Morning Reads 4/17/2013

Happy Wednesday!

The story that just won’t die; in other news apparently writers for Forbes need not check facts. Silly little things. Why let facts get in the way when you can write a sensational story. Pardon me while I find an Obama quote and take it completely out of context.

Cash is King in Senate races and it looks like we are heading to a primary bloodbath.

College tuition is set to increase next year.

Central Georgia runners react to the Boston bombing.

152 kids died last year after DFCS had contact with them and their families. What a jarring statistic. That number is rather high.

Immigration reform may have impact on Georgia. Well, duh. I wonder what folks down in Uvalda will think?

Lights. Camera. Action. We’re getting more film studios.

While we prepare for a war to our northern border of Tennessee, giant slugs have planned an invasion of South Georgia. I personally volunteer to go fight on the Sought Georgia front. Someone order me a cord of wood and a flat bed truck full of Morton Salt. Cue the Stripes march.

Dawg Bite. Enough said. Maybe this and a new recruiter will help Tech’s chances of getting quality athletes. Or maybe Jim Donnan will hire me to defend him.

Did I miss some stories? Post them in the comments. Here’s some music. It’s appropriate.

Morning Reads 4/15/2013

Good Morning! Happy Tax Day! And it’s a Monday. Geez Louise.

Well it could be worse, you could have gotten a hold of some Manda Meat. Reminds me of this time I ate so many boiled peanuts that I like to got sick.

Governor Deal won’t accept Better Georgia’s invitation to endorse a integrated prom in Wilcox County. I imagine Governor Deal wouldn’t endorse a sandwich he’d already eaten half of if Better Georgia asked him to endorse it. This begs the question, why should anybody be endorsing something that should have been done years ago? What weight would Governor Deal’s endorsement have? Absolutely zero; just like Better Georgia’s endorsement. We aren’t talking about a candidate or a nominee. We’re talking about an integrated prom. No body’s endorsement is going to mean a thing to anyone in Wilcox County. These endorsements–or lack thereof–are nothing but political posturing. Mostly from a bunch of folks who’ve never even been to Abbeville, Rochelle, or Pitts. That said, they need to get things in order in Wilcox; regardless of who does or doesn’t endorse the integrated prom.

47 folks locked up in Georgia’s largest child porn investigation.

Woman works to preserve native plants around Georgia.

Surprise: State with largest number of bank failures also leads with homeowners who are up-side down on their mortgages. Meanwhile, the General Assembly does nothing to crack down on megabanks like State Bank who are essentially profiteering off of federally guaranteed asset purchases.

File this one under the first casualty of Tenn/Ga war. Okay, not really. But it’s pretty good propaganda. I’ve recently dealt with my Grandparents battle over the same issue in terms of who would pay. And here they thought the government would one day take care of them . . .

Ticked off with what you paid in taxes? Adopt a “vote out taxes” mindset, or so some suggest.

I sell propane vehicles and propane accessories.

A retrospective on Jack Connell.

And a retrospective on George McArthur.

One that flew under the radar on Friday, Georgia Supreme Court heard arguments in a case where a juvenile was sentenced to life without parole. Lawyers argued that since the Supreme Court of the US ruled you could not sentence a juvenile to death, a sentence of life without parole was essentially a death sentence and must be overturned.

This is the only song apropos for today.

Morning Reads 4/10/13

Good Morning. How ya’ll are?

Conflicting stories: Georgia women earn 81 cent for every dollar a Georgia man earns. On the brighter side of things, we lead the country in women-owned business growth.

I love a good sinkhole story. Hopefully this one in Bleckley doesn’t expand to the size of the infamous Tifton sinkhole from last year. Speaking of sinkholes, President Obama is supposed to release a budget today . . .

Final Four tournament brings in less money than City of Atlanta thought. Obviously this is because of the old stadium.

The baby-murder story out of Brunswick continues to get national attention. At this rate we’ll have Nancy Grace camped out in Brunswick for the trial.

NEWSFLASH: DDS has outages, no one really noticed because DDS service is already so bad.

Georgia is set to receive 17.2 million dollars for under performing schools. Taking the money may mean the schools have to replace their principal. Yes, please bring your overbearing federal control to my local school system.

There has to be a story here: two high ranking Georgia Dept. of Agriculture officials resign. Let’s play the guessing game: scandal, running for Congress, becoming masked vigilantes, or _____________________. What could be the reason?

Whoa. You kicked a disabled Vet out of your gun store because he had a service dog. A guy who became disabled in Afghanistan?

How can we grade schools?

I apologize for this being the music today, because now this song is going to be stuck in my head all day long.

Morning Reads 4/8/2013

Welcome to another week.

Sam Olens advocates “Texas-style taxes” at Cobb GOP breakfast. I thought he was talking about toast. (I also take this as a sign he is looking at the Governor’s mansion.)

Some folks from Georgia won some music award at some country–perhaps western–music award thing.

Let’s charge five dollars for those free welfare phones! Five dollars, unlimited calling! When can I switch plans?

High hopes for UGA after G-Day.  Meanwhile, the Ga Tech Buzzters were injured. Most of them, at least.

Populism is gaining traction in Georgia politics. . . wait, when did it ever leave?

Jim Galloway thinks college kids will be allowed to tote pistols on campus after next year.

Savannah company named Georgia’s small manufacturer of the year.

A story involving pitbulls, a stabbing, a pet hog, and a trailer park. I just stepped up our level of culture here. You’e welcome.

Key witness claims they lied. Oh boy.

Why Georgia needs the marketplace fairness act.

Here’s some music. Now go enjoy your Monday.

Morning Reads – April Fool’s Day

It’s the day of the fish in France. Bunch of smelly frenchies.

How could I not talk about the APS scandal? This is the perfect situation where we must ensure harsh punishments are dealt. We can’t let kids think cheating is acceptable. Education related–but on a happier note–Houston County is set to make big changes in their elementary schools gifted program.

Our state has to be concerned with concussions in youth sports. 44th in the nation is not acceptable. We have to protect the children, even if it means attacking football.

Another issue we need to be tackling: domestic violence. Check out this report on fatalities.

Newnan is planning for Georgia Cities Week. Sounds like some fun activities.

Child killed south of Savannah by pack of pit bulls.

Three Georgia family members killed at Kentucky-Tennessee border in car accident; the accident is still under investigation.

More on the Georgia Southern to the Sun Belt move. You know, the real GSU in the Sun Belt. Oh, they hired a new basket ball coach, too.

The Brunswick baby shooting story just gets more and more weird. City official now under arrest.

And in true trend-setting fashion, Erick Erickson announced he’ll be joining the Georgia Democratic Party to “tear it down from the inside.” Erickson, our former “Dear Leader,” further stated: “We’re going to go all General Sherman on those lib’ral commie pinkos.” In response, James Carville has announced he is going to run for President of the United States as a Libertarian, citing the increasing need for Hillary to just “go away.”

For those of you needing to make weekend plans, come on down to Pondtown.

Music for today, beware your wifi.


Morning Reads 3/27/2013

Good  Morning Georgia!

In the words of Kenny Loggins: “This is it!” Gingrey will announce today, let the bedlam begin.

Read this very jaded article on Georgia Southern’s move to the Sun Belt conference. The author must have gone to Georgia State. All I know to say is “GATA.”

Pecan distributor settles discrimination claim. Pecan logs everywhere are now safe!

Georgia receives a “C+” for spending transparency. Hey, it’s a passing grade, baby.

Did Tennessee’s Governor really tell us to “bring it on?” Oh, it’s already been brought it. And that’s a fact, Jack. Who wants to invade with me?

Two interesting stories out of Columbus. Both involving crime.

That crazy Georgia Senate, giving “ferners” licenses. Oh wait, it’s a sensible law that makes logical sense.

Want the low down on Georgia’s entertainment industry? There is a website for that.

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr.” say Georgia’s blueberry farms.

Incumbent Protection brought to you by the Georgia Senate. Or hogwash. You decide.

In honor of my family’s new pet, Ellie, this song. Bye folks.

Morning Reads 3/25/2013

Good Monday Morning and welcome to Morning Reads where you can hear about the goin’s on and what-not over the weekend and such.

Two Georgia teens arrested for killing baby; welcome to the latest shooting scandal.

It’s no secret that the Georgia congressional delegation is split over who will be Senator.

The Warner Robins Museum of Aviation is getting rid of about 1/3 of their planes.

Prisoner homicide is on the rise. And some people wonder why we lock some people up . . .

Will KSU’s football team be running the option?

How to Pack a Whole Lot of Work Into Three Days; the end of the legislative session draws nigh.

Gucci Mang–I don’t know who that is–is involved in an alleged assault in Georgia.

Augusta NEEDS Medicaid expansion. An interesting article. Feel free to argue the points.

Georgia pharmacy is in trouble with the FDA.

Georgia-Pacific spending 400 million in upgrades and contesting an environmental report that indicates their facilities cause illnesses. At least they are polluting elsewhere.

I’m sorry for missing last week. My laptop died. I’m working on getting a new one. This song is relevant.

Morning Reads 3/13/13

It’s Wednesday the 13th. Cue scary music. Today’s threat: Attack of the Killer Pollen. Seriously, I can barely breathe.

Newsflash: It’s not legal to run multi-state teen sex rings even in Virginia.

Calling Ace Ventura! Who will save Georgia’s bats from disease?

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a budget. And it increased.

More on a story I posted about Monday–victory for right to internet in Georgia. It’s the 3,4479th Amendment, didn’t ya’ll know? We can’t let the series of tubes to get clogged.

Lawyers aren’t all bad. For instance, we’re collecting food for kids during the summer. Find a used car salesman that does that!

See any comets last night? I saw a guy who looked like Will Smith and then I realized I really shouldn’t use my cellphone on a plane when the pilot says to turn off all electronics. See what happened?

Georgia Tech responsible for creating jobs? I blame Brockway. Brockway for Senate. Everyone on the “Draft Buzz” bus.

What’s American Studies? I’m ashamed I had to remind myself we had a Coastal Georgia.

Likely a good idea. Concussions can be deadly and sometimes are difficult to diagnose. Where exactly is the intersection of personal responsibility and peer pressure? That seems to be the competing forces. Kids need to be responsible for their acts; but there is so much pressure from peers, schools, parents, coaches, etc, to “win the big one.”

Gingrey admits he was wrong on Akin. He’s running for Senate, fyi.

Taking out the trash. Sanitation company discriminates on the basis of gender.

Music, please. Until next time, this is Ron Daniels signing off.

Morning Reads 3/11/13

Welcome to Monday, don’t let it get you down.

Georgia’s General Assembly made the Wallstreet Journal. Good job on voting “no” on an asinine bill.

California causes a stir amongst Georgia’s assisted living and independent living facilities.

Georgia Senate strategy: No Todd Akin.

Newsflash: Georgia’s community banks need help. What did the General Assembly do to help Georgia’s banks and debtors this session? Fill in the ________.

Allegedly, Ringgold is the place to be married. You can be merry anywhere, but anyone who is anyone gets married in Ringgold. I’m nobody, I was married in Cochran.

Cleveland Browns going after Jarvis Jones. Farewell Jarvis, welcome to less-than-mediocrity.

Could Alabama do something right with education that we do wrong? I didn’t know ‘Bama-ians COULD learn. See also Kyle Wingfield’s article on the subject.

There be gas in them hills!

Note to teachers; don’t give students prescription pills. End result WILL ALWAYS be bad.

Should we put guns IN classrooms?

Somebody started a fire. Ron, out.

Morning Reads 3/6/2013

You’ve made it halfway through the week. Congratulations.

Application change coming for college kids. I never submitted any application but the FAFSA. Did I miss out on some money? Can I receive that money now? Inquiring minds want to know.

Crisp and Tift counties recognized for serving locally-grown food in school cafeterias. Good idea all around. Can we also start teaching local history?

“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” A large number of Georgia’s senior living facilities don’t offer any medical care.

Georgia legislators observe “Chipper Jones” day. That might be their only homerun this session. Hyuck, hyuck, hyuck.

Heavy rainfall causes erosion problems in Middle Georgia. A pond also vanished. ACME also releases new “Disappearing Reappearing Pond.”

Venture Capital fund approved by Georgia Senate. You write the joke, best one receives recognition on Monday.

Jobless benefits are dropping. Now if jobless rates would drop.

Nelson set to require citizens to be armed to the teeth. Let’s rename some town “Burt Gummerville.”

Great news everyone, our sinkholes can’t eat people!

Jordan says paternity suit in Georgia should be dismissed. In other news, King James funnels money to mother to pay for lawsuit.

Chinese folks really like our peanuts. Somehow this is Jimmy’s fault.

Georgia House approves tax break for Gulfstream. When is my tax break coming to a vote?

Alrighty, enough trouble started for Wednesday. Go forth, be merry, and may the music never end.

Morning Reads 3/4/2013

Happy Monday.

Could there be a passenger train between Atlanta and Macon? A new bill proposes just that. It’ll take a whole lot of spending money. And you know it’s going to take time.

Augusta elected officials want a pay raise, petition General Assembly for said raise. I also want a pay raise, does that mean I need to run for office?

Savannah to get a mega-mall? Like, gag me with a spoon. Let’s go hang-out. Meanwhile, folks have differing opinions about cruises ships and Savannah.

Well, we’re one of the top five states for syphilis! I blame Cordele. You should too. Though, they have a Chic-fil-a now.

The Tea Party is still pretty powerful here in Georgia. That’s a strong brew.

MJ may be fifty, but one of his sons may be only sixteen and in Georgia.

Democrats focus educational concerns on rural areas. Smart move.

Obama pardons two Georgia men. He’s not a dictator. Even if he was, he would be benevolent.

Mark Richt has five big worries. But he has a neat little contract now.

Nuclear power might not be in our future. Costs are raising concerns in both Georgia and Florida.

Sequestration hurts military schools, too. I bet some Student Council President is proposing three-month-long Spring Break.

Warner Robins turns 70. Some of the resident’s stories are interesting. I particularly enjoyed the part about LBJ visiting.

And because it’s me and a Monday; music.

Morning Reads 2/25/2013

Welcome to Monday Morning Reads: Where we give out noise-makers for free and the points don’t matter!

Judge to Governor Deal re: Dekalb School Board: “Not so fast my friend.”

On the General Assembly’s radar this week–ethics and justice reform. Some executives also want the General Assembly to help out the high tech industry.

Speaking of justice, are Georgia’s mandatory minimum sentences causing disparity in jail times?

Oscars? Who needs them! Not us in Hollywood South. You fellows ain’t getting nothing out of me! Except maybe my name, rank, and Social Security number: Wood, Hollis P., Lumberjack, Social Security 106-43-2185.

Hey, we’ve been in a drought. And this rain is crazy. But look at our rivers. Its flooding, maybe.

Emory President censured for slavery article.

By the way, we need to be killing folks on death row faster. We’re running out of the poison.

Did Arthur Blank attempt to burn down the Georgia Dome? Would have been a win-fall for somebody. Hold on Artie; we can still burn that sucker down. I’ll get some burlap bags for our feet. Let it come a good thunderstorm. Hey, it works in some counties.

Not to mix subjects, but the aforesaid acts would likely work in this county. You know, poaching stings and all. They likely have some good stills hid from the revenue boys too.

It’s time for Georgia to recommit to water plans, say some. I say we’re about to drown right now. Write this again next month.

Oh, and while I have this soap box: you do not need to rename the Eugene Talmadge Bridge. I understand the sentiment, but I also believe said sentiment is based largely on individuals ability to read only half of the history book.

And now, music, in honor of MC Hammer. I’m on my way to Tifton, ya’ll behave.

Added by Charlie:  A couple of weeks ago Georgia lost doctor and author Ferroll Sams Jr.  As is sometimes the case with strong and great couples, Georgia lost his wife, Dr. Helen Fletcher Sams, over the weekend.  Dr. Ferroll and Dr. Helen were married for almost 65 years and were each true pillars of the community where I grew up.  We are a better place for them having been here.

Morning Reads 2/20/2013

Happy Wednesday!

Thanks to chickens, cars, and contraptions that fly, Georgia achieves record-setting exports. Let’s cut out the middle-man and attach some chickens to those Kia cars. I bet if we don’t clip their wings, a pack can keep a car up for twenty minutes. In other news, I’m opening a chicken gizzard restaurant.

Here is, likely, the clearest explanation of the new car tag law I’ve seen. In other news, I think the General Assembly needs more lawyers from below the gnat line and less Philadelphia-lawyer types.

The PSC’s ongoing battle against fraud, waste, and abuse with “free cellphones.” How about I pay someone without a cell phone to take mine away from me? They can answer it and everything. It’s even got these internets.

Sequestration would be bad for Georgia. Really? You think? (I have some restraint. I just had the perfect opportunity to troll you all with a Ghostbusters clip. But I didn’t. Self-control.)

Georgia: The Ginseng State. Can we just send it all to Florida? Doesn’t it help people remember things? I forgot.

Kennesaw needs a football Coach. I can make myself available; but so is Derek Dooley.

UGA’s Murray has a hangover; Alabama allegedly intoxicating.

Hospital-merger in Albany . . . . . DENIED. Supreme Court of the United States ruled yesterday. Now for someone to figure out how to un-do the merger.

Juvenile Justice reform is coming. And it’s high time.

Governor Deal urged to expand Medicaid program. Please Governor Deal, let your response be: “Deal with it.” Someone get the Governor some Raybans.

Hill’s execution stayed. For what it’s worth, I don’t think we should execute a man who has been unanimously deemed incompetent.

I’d like to take a moment to recognize two campaigns for local government positions. They are notable, in my mind, because of the age of the individuals running. Danny Glover is a 25 year old man who is challenging Elaine Lucas in Macon. Todd Robinson is another young man who is running for Atlanta City Council Post 2. I don’t agree with either of them on many political issues, but both are level-headed and pragmatic. Young people need to be encouraged to change their communities. Good luck to them both.

Music time. Ron, out.

Morning Reads 2/18/13

Good Morning Georgia. Who turned on the air conditioning?

Broun wasn’t the first Congressman to call Obama a socialist. Broun says something that was false, in other words.

Ogeltree might need to hire a driver to get him to NFL practices.

Your weekly post on Tenn-GA water and border dispute. I say we get some tanks.

A story on Kennesaw – where citizens are required to own a gun.

Balanced jury pools; a good idea that is causing problems. At least no one has urinated in these pools.

As Mr. Harper predicted, Warren Hill becomes an international story.

Here is a dam map of hazardous dams and other dams in the Middle Georgia area. Thanks for visiting the dam map, and for not asking too many questions on the dam tour.

Parents to control schools? I’d bet they can do better than some Superintendents. Bibb County’s for example.

Church destroyed in fire on Sunday morning.

Learn how to raise goats. You may need a herd for when we break off from the federal gubbamint.

A sick Georgia man outruns everyone in Myrtle Beach. Rumor is that he turned backwards and propelled himself with mighty sneezes.

Georgia’s population of illegal immigrants is rising fast!

Congratulations are in order for this Cobb County Eagle Scout.

Holidays are warmer in South Georgia.” Welcome to South Georgia. Summers are also warmer.

And then there is this. Never ask me to dance.

You need some music, right? Let’s hit it.

Morning Reads 2/13/13

I had to enlist a big boat to bring you these morning reads. If it rains again, I’ll need an even bigger boat.

Macon received good news yesterday; the new consolidated government shall feature nonpartisan elections. Hooray! Macon also received bad news yesterday, eternal enemy of our Dear Leader, Elaine Lucas, shall run for office in the consolidated government. News outlets everywhere celebrated, waiting with baited breaths for Lucas to begin her normal antics.

Georgia – The Music State. Our state cleaned up at the Grammy’s. Now if we could find a way to tax internet music downloads, illegal and legal. We could REALLY make some money then. Forget that, we can’t even tax Amazon. Let’s stick to football. We ARE really good at that.

283 workers in Moultrie soon to be without a job. Somehow this is Saxby’s fault.

Federal budget cuts could have big consequences for Georgia’s economy. How many jobs shall we lose at our military installations? Meanwhile, President Obama puts our Pre-K system into the national spotlight.

Could the university system be the salvation for our State Archives? They’re likely to merge the archives with Georgia State’s library or something.

Metro Atlanta is so great, that’s why ten officers are alleged to have protected drug gangs.All you have to worry about in rural Georgia is someone’s meth lab blowing up. Or unsavory trips to Walmart. Watch out for that birdseed.

Georgia Medi…..Georgia Health……Regents University launches clinical trial of new method of treating pancreatic cancer. Hopefully they do not spend millions of dollars changing the name of the treatment.

Georgia happily welcomes California liberals who break ground on factory. Hooray. We will make your plastics, you lib’ral cusses.

Georgia Medicaid receives 2 million dollar grant. Every little bit helps.

Finally, Chambliss and Isakson both voted for the Violence Against Women Act.While I generally support the premise behind the Act, I can’t help but assert that the act is unconstitutional and eats away at state autonomy. Moreover, I believe most District Attorneys, Solicitors, and Officers in this state are more than happy to prosecute the living daylights out of men who attack women.

Music. Hit it. Maybe we will see rainbows today.