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From “Ni**er” to “States Rights”: The Use of Racially Coded Words in Politics

From Peanut Politics:

I’ve been holding back from talking about this issue for sometime, but now is the time to talk about it. I compile a list of code words I’ve heard politicians utilize to speak about race issues without coming off as bigoted:


Average Joe
Joe six-pack
Moral voters
Independent voter
Evangelical voter
Hockey Mom
Soccer Mom
The southern vote
blue collar workers


Welfare recipient
Poor people
Affirmative action supporter

These are just a handful of examples of how our media and politicians (not to mention everyday people) use racialized language to refer to groups of Americans without sounding like they are mentioning anything overtly bigoted. They can use these words and say “the southern vote looks high for…….John Doe” without saying that most southern whites will vote for John Doe. They can say “I don’t support just handing out welfare to recipients while hard working Americans bust their asses” without saying “I think blacks are lazy and whites are industrious”. Read more

Redistricting: Here’s what I would do if I had the Power

I’d move Austin Scott into the second where he would go up against Sanford Bishop. Since Scott’s home is in Turner County, it’ll be easier for the 2nd to scoop up Turner. If Scott can beat Jim Msrshall, then why not Sanford Bishop? Despite Keown running a almost flawless campaign, he made some mistakes toward the end of his campaign that caused him his chance of representing the 2nd in Washington. Scott would be a more formidable candidate & would able to win in a district with a Majority-Minority Population. Think about it! A republican defeating a veteran centrist democrat in a majority-minority district in the south. What headlines that would make!

With that move,  that’ll open up the 8th for State Senator Ross Tolleson (R-Perry) to make his run for congress, something he has expressed interest in. Tolleson is ready for the big leagues, that is congress. Its time for him to take his game up to Washington becaue there is noting else for him to do as State Senator in a party that showns no signs of weakening anytime soon. Tolleson for Congress, make it happen!

Then if the GOP really wants Barrow gone, go back to the 1992 map when the 1st extended into Bullock, Emauel, Effingham counties. Moving the entire Chatham County into the 1st would move the GOP closer in its goal in removing Barrow as congressman. Now I won’t say that Barrow wouldn’t be able to defeat Jack Kingston in a one-on-one matchup because he could, but this move makes alot more sense than whatever plan the GOP have in store for Barrow.

With these moves, the possibility of taking out both Bishop & Barrow becomes more of a reality, while keeping the 8th in republican control with Ross Tolleson.

Carl Camon: Seceding To Preserve Morality, in other words, Georgia Dems seceding from their National Democratic Buddies over Moral & Social Views

Some may remember Carl Camon, the former Ray City Mayor & USAF Veteran who ran for the Democratic nomination for governor back in 2010. Well Camon thinks Georgia Democrats should stop following the National Democratic Party & just go its own way. Camon is a rare breed within the Democratic party: a Christian Conservative, Fiscal Conservative, Pro-Gun & Pro-Life………….Sounds like a Republican!

But that’s why those like myself like Camon a lot.

Anyway, here’s what Camon wrote after Democrats got swept out of statewide office last year:

 The thought of the State of Georgia seceding from the Union undermines the strength of the Union itself. However, the thought of the State of Georgia’s Democratic Party seceding from the National Democratic Party might strengthen our party and our state. Instead of the National Democratic Party defining what its mission is, it has been defined by its association with characters and ideals of immorality, that has subsequently led to its ineffectiveness and decline.

The Democratic Party has seeming become the “poster child” for do what you want to do, it’s alright, rather than standing up for moral principles; the very ones that this country was founded upon. President George Washington said, “Let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion. Reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.” That great patriotic and noble General knew what would happen if our country strayed away from morality. Read more

Gerrymandering Hurts Potential Black Candidates with Aspirations for Higher Office here in Georgia

The idea of creating majority-minority districts came from the thought that blacks (or other minorities) would have a better chance of being elected and thus be better represented in a district where the majority of the voters in the district are black. The 4th District is a prime example where more than 60% of the voters are African American. In SW Georgia, Sanford Bishop district has changed numerous times. Bishop first won the 2nd when it was a majority white district. In the other two districts, the 5th & 13th, those districts have over 50% African American Population. So does that prove the system works?

Yes and no. Yes, Rep. John Lewis, Hank Johnson & David Scott will get re-elected in 2012 and every year after and chances are when they retire a black Democrat will succeed them. Sanford Bishop’s 2nd District has a great shot of being represented by a white democrat once he retires from office more so than the other more liberal districts in the state. But, could a Scott, Johnson, Lewis ever win statewide? No. They are simply too liberal. They are fine for their liberal, cut out district which they need to be, but that would not fly in the state as a whole. Before I thought Bishop had best chance of all of the black Georgia Democrats to win statewide because he represented a rural district in which he got a substantial number of white votes, but all that went out the window with his support for the unpopular Heathcare Bill & his close ties to President Obama. Each with the exception of Bishop can win re-election without a single white vote

The problem with them (except Bishop) is that their districts are not representative of the state as a whole because of the deliberate elimination of all those who are not traditional liberal, democratic voters. The same point could be made for most districts in the state House and state Senate. If African-Americans from the state legislature want to win a statewide election, they are simply going to have to moderate their positions on a host of issues. Legislators like State Senator Emanuel Jones, State Rep. Roger Bruce for example all would make fine candidates for statewide office, but they come from liberal districts & that by itself gives them two strikes.  Of course, they risk losing the black vote when doing so, but that’s a risk they are going to have to take.

Obama Citizenship Status makes it way to the Georgia Legislature

I am tired of hearing people question whether or not this man is a citizen of the United States.

Once again, the President’s citizenship is up for debate, this time by State Rep Mark Hatfield (R-Waycross) who filed a bill yesterday to require the president & vice -president to show proof of their US Citizenship before being placed on the ballot here in Georgia in 2012. And what makes it so sad is that 94 Georgia State GOP Reps signed onto this non-sense! This so-called issue has really worn out its welcome, yet it persists, a tumor that continues to eat away at the President’s legitimacy in the eyes of his detractors. One thing I don’t think anyone would call it is an example of people having a right to their own opinion.

It has been said, many times, that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion but not his or her own facts. The President’s citizenship AND his religious beliefs are what they are.

Continue reading more on Peanut Politics: Obama citizenship status makes it way to the Georgia

Sanford Bishop, Austin Scott, Ross Tolleson & 2012

From my Feb. 15 post on Peanut Politics.

Don’t rule it out! With a special session on the horizon to re-draw the congressional districts its not out of the realm of possibility that republicans could put Austin Scott into the 2nd Congressional District to go up against Sanford Bishop i 2012.

Here’s why I think it may happen

I remember back in 2009 when republicans were trying to find a challenger to Jim Marshall for 2010. Early on it was thought that State Senator Ross Tolleson would make a run at Marshall, but he decided against it at the time, because according to a interview he did with the Macon Telegraph back then, he wanted to wait until his twin daughters finish high school. This was back in 2009 when he said this. He has made no secret that he wants to run for congress & 2012 seems like the best time since the GOP now have control of the House.

For more continue reading: Bishop, Scott, Tolleson & 2012: Peanut Politics

Rural Georgia needs more transportation alternatives

Rural transportation has traditionally meant cars and pickups, highways and Greyhound buses. However, while the inter-city buses are fewer and farther between, that doesn’t change people’s needs to get from place to place.

Most people have cars and trucks, but some elderly or disabled people can no longer drive, and with gas prices going up, some unemployed and lower-income people can no longer afford to drive much. In rural Georgia, mobility can be challenging and more transportation alternatives are needed.

The State can help provide rural Georgians  with better access to government and medical services, education, jobs and visits with friends and families. Here’s one way:

 Modern, fast, comfortable and convenient higher-speed intercity rail service will help rural transportation access. Most people think about high-speed rail as linking big  cities here in Georgia, but carefully chosen stops along the way can provide important new transportation services for rural residents. The fast trains shouldn’t have a lot of stops, which would make them into milk runs. However, there will likely be stops in places like Tifton, Waycross, Dawson and Toccoa and Thomaston for example.

The state should provide funding, along with funding from the federal government for 2-3 pilot projects through a competitive grants program focused on harnessing technology for on-demand transportation services in underserved rural areas.  Deploy new technologies creatively to improve the efficiency of rural transit services in providing access to jobs, government services and health care. This would especially helpful for elderly and disabled rural residents who cannot drive.

Now, having said that, not all rural Georgians will be so fond to the idea of high speed rail rolling through their communities.

High-speed rail link could mean longer trips for rural drivers and emergency services, split up farmland and pose a barrier to wildlife, a high-speed rail line could make it more difficult to move farm machinery or livestock and also leave some landowners with divided farms. A high-speed rail corridor might affect land opportunities: Rural landowners maybe are leery of development restrictions being imposed on land that may not be needed for decades. Things such as overpasses and underpasses, new fire stations, etc would reduce potential problems in the case of high speed rail in rural areas of the state

There would be  so many issues for rural Georgians to work out in the event  if somewhere down the line, the state were to determine that high speed rail would improve & give more transportation options to those like the elderly who no longer drive or to those who don’t have a vehicle. Its something to think about. Right now transit buses are the only only alternative rural Georgia have when it comes to transportation & even they aren’t that reliable & do not travel long distances.  I would like to see high-speed rail in rural Georgia, only if it doesn’t turn our rural way of life upside down.

The “Obamacrats” dominated the DPG Elections this past Saturday

The Democratic Party of Georgia met on Saturday to elect New Leadership for the ailing party. It was a festive atmophere , with plenty of Tea Party Bashing all rolled into one.

The party elected Mike Berlon of Gwinnett County as its new Chairman over Taylor County Native Darryl Hicks (who I was supporting), who must be questioning his future in the party after losing two statewide elections, first Secretary of State in ’06 & then Labor Commissioner in ’10.  This was Berlon’s second try for this position which he lost in 2006 to Jane Kidd, who is now Chair Emeritus.

Berlon has a job that gets no praise, pays nothing & will cause you to lose hair. The DPG is in the same condition as the likes of the Utah, Kansas, Oklahoma Democratic Parties: ON LIFE SUPPORT!!!!

Nikema Williams won without a runoff over Veteran political operative Wendy Davis & longtime activist Wendy Davis of Macon. I like Williams, but Davis would have been the right choice for the party at this time given its demoralized state.

Then 2010 Democratic Candidate for the Senate RJ Hadley also won without a runoff against Will Fowlkes , former chair of the Cobb Co. Dems & Chris Sloan, who is the chair of the Troup County Democratic Party. Hadley is a friend of mine & will do wonders at this position.

Miguel Camacho of Chatham County defeated incumbent Winfred Dukes of Albany & Macon City Councilwoman Lauren Benedict. This job, in my opinion is the most important job at the DPG. With a weak bench at the moment, finding candidates to run for office will be like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but I wish Camacho all the luck.

In a race that shock many, Russell Edwards beat back a challenge from State Senator Lester Jackson of Savannah, to become treasurer of the DPG. For a party that will have difficulty raising money, electing a newcomer in Edwards over a proven fundraiser in Jackson may cause some heartburn for many in the party. But Edwards raised a quarter of a million dollars in his bid to unseat ultra-conservative Paul Broun in the 1oth, so if he was able to raise money in that Crimson-Red District, then he should have no problem statewide.

Pedro Marin, Laverne Gaskins, both ran unopposed in their races.

Then came the Congressional District races in which I was a candidate for the 2nd Congressional District. I fell short to Jeanne Dugas, who had the endorsement of outgoing chair Margaret Tyson, which came as a complete surprise to me, especially when I thought the incumbent wasn’t supposed to endorse a candidate. Our messages were different. It was a clear Conservative vs Liberal approach. I urged the party to steer clear from the National Democrats, while my opponent wanted a full embrace of their policies & tactics. Unfortunately the conservative approach fell to the liberal, progressive, which ever you want to call it approach.

Now what this all means for the DPG going forward??

Its too soon to tell, but one thing for sure, it will be years before the party is even relevant again. The work will be hard, long, stressful.  It will most likely reflect the National Democratic Party & the values they represent which is not in line with the Georgia Electorate. All have said that they will “compete” again in Rural Georgia, but unless you REALLY know about this region & how to tailor your message here, at this point the GOP have nothing to worry about.

Its starting to feel more & more lonely as a Conservative Democrat in these neck of the woods when all you’re trying to do is to get those who supposed to be on the same team as you to realize that there is nothing wrong with being conservative in the democratic party & that it is okay being pro-business, pro-gun & support traditional marriage & against civil unions & gay marriage.

 I am mentally drained from all of this. Time to “Explore” other options before municipal elections begin in the spring here in Macon Co.

I wish all the newly elected officers all the luck!

Be Wary of Flip-Flopping Politicians!

Just when you thought the party switching was over, here comes Doug McKillip, a liberal democrat from Athens who was just elected as the Democratic House Caucus Chairman.

McKillip said he was considering a switch for sometime, which begs the question: If so, then why did you run for Caucus chairman when you know your allegiance to the democratic party was shaky?

In addition he said he decided to switch to have more influence in the General Assembly & being a democrat no way he was going to have such a thing.  What baflles me is here is a die-in-the-hat “LIBERAL”  representing one of the most liberal districts in NE Georgia.

McKillip joins Ellis Black, Alan Powell, Gerald Greene, Bob Hanner, Amy Carter & Tim Golden as democrats who defected the party in favor of “Greener” Pastures of the Georgia GOP.

Therer are a number of reasons why elected officials or someone seeking office might choose to switch parties. One reason is ethical Obligation. The person feels their views are no longer aligned with those of their current party, which is not sometimes in the major of cases. A second reason is to gain power & influence. The incumbent maybe a member of the minority party & would like to gain advantages of being in the majority party, such as the potential of becoming a chair of a committee.  Anothe reason is simply to get elected. This maybe the primary reason when the opposong party’s base in a  constituency is reaching a size that threatens the safe re-election of a incumbent (like in the case of Tim Golden, Alan Powell, Amy Carter).

But when its dome for only political gain, then its only for them. NOT YOU!  When they switch after getting elected or re-elected don’t fall for their tacties.  Its only for them!  When they state they have all of a sudden changed their views or stances on certain issues, don’t fall for their liar tactics cause their views  never changed.

For example when Richard Royal became a republican in 2006, he said the reason for the switch was that “there wasn’t any room for a conservative democrat in the party anymore” The REAL reason he switched was to (1) have influence & (2) maintain the advantages he had when was apart of the democratic majority until they lost the house back in 2005.

Another one is Mickey Channell of Greensboro. Channell switched parties in 2006 due to the fact that HD 116 was rapidly trending republican by the new influx of residence that was more republican leaning  moving into the Lake Oconee region. For Channell, he had to do what he did just to survive up there because he would have lost in 2008 in the general election. He had been a democrat up to that point since 1972, elected to the State Legislature in 1992.

So politicians have various reasons for changing parties. Some are understandable (like MickeyChannell’s), while others simply doesn’t make any sense (like McKillip, Gerald Greene, Bob Hanner)

Are Georgia Democrats en route to becoming permanent minority?

In the wake of the Nov. 2 statewide wipeout for Georgia Democrats, one has to wonder: Could Democrats be on their way to becoming a permanent minority at the Georgia Legislature?

New legislative districts also will be drawn for the next 10 years that may very well drive the Georgia Democratic Party out of the state. Now, having lost 5-6 seats formerly held by democrats & in addition with the recent party switchers of Gerald Greene (D-Cuthbert), Alan Powell (D-Hartwell), Bob Hanner (D-Parrot) to the GOP over the last two weeks, with more possibly on the horizon  to give Republicans a 112-68 majority for the 2011, Democrats must be worrying about how they can ever win a majority, given where they’re now losing and by how much.

Why Georgia Democrats are on what seems like a permanent losing streak in the Legislature? One reason is because they rarely win districts outside the major cities. And if Democrats can’t win at least a few legislative districts in rural Georgia, they’ll find it very difficult to win majorities at the Georgia Legislature.

Read more

Obama should get primaried in 2012

We aren’t that far away from the 2012 presidential elections. After the debacle of Nov 2 & the gridlock up on Capitol Hill, I come to the realization that President Obama will not & cannot win re-election on 2012 unless things drastically change.

My humble prediction is that the Dems will be so pissed at him that they
will field several candidates from the left and he’ll be defeated in the primaries. Obama  won’t be beaten by a Republican in the general election if he make it that far.

The president has lost every single constituency, except African-Americans that he needs to make a strong run for re-election…..FOR NOW!

Independents don’t love him, hispanics are 50/50 for him at this juncture due to the lack of movement towards immigration reform, white voters have all but given up on him due to the rapid increase of the federal government under his watch & the perceived so-called “socialist” agenda he along with his cronies are supposedly trying to implement on the American People.

I will say this:  If the economy improves, Obama will win re-election. If it doesn’t and the republicans have a strong candidate , NOT a Tea Partier , Obama will probably lose. The only Republican I really like so far on a personal level is Haley Barbour (R-MS), but some of his views are a little too far right for me. Romney is smart, but I don’t know a lot about him.  And OMG, I hope Sarah Palin does not run.

Now  I will admit, she has become in a way the voice for the populist fervor of the American Public just like the late Louisiana Governor & Senator  Huey P. Long (D-LA) was to the depression era voters  back in the early 1930s when he was setting his sights on the 1936 presidential elections before he was shot in Baton Rouge in 1935.

Back to Obama, there are plenty of democrats, especially Bluedog Democrats who lost the other night who would could make a run at the democratic nomination in 2012. But the way the whole thing is set up, it’ll be damn near impossible for a moderate/conservative democrat to win the primary.

I don’t who would make a run at the democratic nomination if indeed Obama is challenged, but a ticket of Governor Brian Schweitzer of Montana & Artur Davis of Alabama is more appealing that the Obama-Biden re-run that has done very little in fixing America’s aches & pains to put it lightly.

The one republican that can win in 2012 against Obama is Senator John Thune of South Dakota. Not the re-threads of Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney,  Sarah Palin &  Haley Barbour, but John Thune with Bobby Jindal as his running mate

A John Thune-Bobby Jindal ticket would beat the Barack Obama-Joe Biden ticket hands down!

The Kountry Boy & his Peanuts comes to Peach Pundit

Alright Y’all,

 My name is Keith MacCants (McCants) & I reside down here in the boondocks of rural Macon County in the town of Oglethorpe, the home of Peanut Politics. I live 10 miles north of the Andersonville Ntaional Cemetary. Macon Co is a democratic stronghold ran by the Old-Guard Richard Russell Democrats along with the new guard Obama Democrats. Its almost taboo to run as a republican here, but I think that’ll change in the next few years.

I graduated from South Georgia College in 2003 majoring in Aircraft Structual Repair & Welding Technology. I now work as a certified welder/boilermaker, going on 9 years.

I am a  rural, conservative democrat,(which are becoming rare here in Ga) who at times over the years have pondered whether or not to leave the party due to the overbearing nature of the liberal wing of the party, but I have remained. I assisted State Senate candidate Griffin Lotson (D-Darien) & State Rep candidate James RC Timmons (D-Camilla) with their campaigns in in a part-time advisory role.

I love to fish, hunt, a big fan of Nascar’s Tony Stewart & the late Dale Eardhardt & talking politics with old-timers who still remember the days of Eugene Talmadge. I’ve been called a “Black Redneck” to  a poor man’s “Joe the Plumber”, (although I know I make more money & much more in tune with politics  that the one hit wonder).

I founded the blog Peanut Politics back in 2009, which provides a common everyday person’s point of view of politics, right after the presidential elections. I didn’t take it seriously at first, but eventually people started to folllow the blog & what I had to say. I started Peanut Politics to provide a voice to the concerns & happenings of rural Georgia that wasn’t getting the attention it needed.

My politics is that of a moderate conservative, who often disagree with his party on a host of social and economic issues. I support school prayer, a balance budget amendment, the elimination of all abortions, the dismantling of affirmative action, welfare programs that have kept a certain segment of the popultaion down on its knees, but I do not support school vouchers, & keeping goverment as small as possible because lord knows we all know it does more harm than good.

Currently I am the Vice-Chairman of the Macon County Democratic Party & potential candidate for District 2 County Commission seat in 2011

I want to thank Charlie Harper for inviting me to join Peach Pundit as a contributor & I will do my best to tell it like it is. I curry no favors & I offer a no-holds bar, unfiltered view of all things related to politics. That is all!