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Republican State, Republican Year

I haven’t blogged a lot lately, not than any of you actually noticed.  But the last time I did blog, I wrote a little post entitled “Roy Barnes is not a threat to GOP Supremacy in Georgia.”  The basic premise of that post was that Nathan Deal would win this election, and it wouldn’t even be a close race.  I did leave myself a little wiggle room though.  In the comment thread, I admitted that Deal could lose, but it would take a perfect storm of missteps and ethics problems.

Man, was I wrong!  It’s going to take waaaaaaaay more than a perfect storm.  At this point, it’s going to take an act of God for Roy Barnes to win this election.

Folks, the perfect storm has come and gone–and with it, Roy Barnes’s chances of winning.  In about a two week period, my radio stations and TV stations alike were flooded with news about Nathan Deal being in debt for this, making bad investments in that, hitting crippled children with a wiffle-ball bat.  There was a legitimate 14-day period where Nathan Deal (in any other election cycle) could have lost this race.  But I woke up the other morning, and guess what?

He’s leading by 9 points.

The perfect storm came and Nathan Deal survived it.  I would like to revise my earlier prediction.  Oh no, I still think it’s going to be a blowout.  Only now, I think it will be a blowout that won’t even require a runoff.

Republican state.  Republican Year.

Decisions, Decisions

While most of us are gearing up for a long-awaited college football season, supporters of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets are faced with a crisis of conscience:

DragonCon will be in town this weekend.

This explains the shortage of 12-sided dice and Magic the Gathering cards in the Atlanta area.  I honestly feel bad for the Tech “football” players.  It’s already hard enough to fill the seats in Bobby-Dodd Stadium as it is.

Maybe you can get these guys to show up at halftime:

Image courtesy of PWD at Georgia Sports Blog

30-24.  Go Dawgs!

Consider this an open thread.

Like things the way they are?

Jim Marshall needs your help.

It doesn’t matter what district you live in (I’m from the Sixth District and because of Obama/Bush policies, am too poor to make a difference), you CAN keep things just the way they are this November. We have an ever-expanding government here in the United States and it’s up to us to keep it that way. A major step in the “Same” (no pun intended) direction would be to make sure that true, party-line Democrats are elected to Congress. Jim has the experience and friends that we need in Washington to maintain the status quo. He is in a heated election versus an upstart Republican nobody who doesn’t support Obamacare and hates children.

This race is not the only one I am 110% uncommitted to in Georgia. It’s not about a Democratic majority in Congress as it is making sure that government is involved in every facet of our lives. If you agree that our country is headed in the right direction and that we to take drastic steps to move further in that direction, then join me and Nancy Pelosi in supporting Jim Marshall for Congress. ANY donation will help us keep a real fiscally irresponsible Democrat, not a refreshing change-of-pace, in Congress.

The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us!

Wait, it’s not? Then what is it that is causing all of this mass hysteria? Oh, right.

As with most of my opinions, you can blame them on my youth and inexperience. But I just don’t understand the Republican hysteria surrounding Roy Barnes’s potential (but long-shot) return to power. As I and others have pointed out time and again, Roy’s fiscal policy wasn’t all that bad. It actually compares favorably to Republican Governor Sonny Perdue’s fiscal record. So what is it about Roy Barnes that has so many people sacrificing their firstborn in order to prevent his retaking the “throne”?

“Roy Barnes ruled like a king.” Yeah, got it. Point acknowledged. If Perdue was one thing, it was completely disengaged and ambivalent. He was the Yin to Roy’s Yang. Unlike Roy, he didn’t meddle in the day to day business of the legislature, and he generally didn’t use his office as a bully-pulpit through which to threaten his dissenters. But then again, he didn’t have to. In the House, Sonny had Glenn Richardson and Earl Ehrhart to serve as enforcers. While one was banging a lobbyist and the other turning a blind eye to it, both ensured that dissenters were punished with loss of seniority and committee positions. In the Senate, Sonny had the Lieutenant Governor. When the latest in a long, sad history of GOP sponsored tax increases came to the Senate floor, Sonny needed votes. And when it looked like he wasn’t going to get them, Casey Cagle took action. In vain of Glenn Richardson, Cagle threatened committee assignments and seniority in order to push through Sonny’s tax increase. With loyal lap-dog enforcers like Cagle and Richardson, why would Sonny need to be the bad guy? And how was the Republican legislature’s way of keeping the troops in line any better than Roy’s?

“ZOMG! Oh noes, what about redistricting?” If there is one thing Republicans are good at, it’s creating a pseudo-crisis out of nothing. Redistricting is the biggest red herring of all. First, regardless of what Roy Barnes wants to do with the districts, any plan will have to be supported by a heavily GOP-controlled legislature. Second, regardless of what Roy or the legislature want to do, the final legality of the entire issue will be decided by the courts. Redistricting is a non-issue. Roy Barnes can do nothing to affect it.

So why the hysteria? Simple, disgruntled Republicans have to create some sort of moral justification for doing something against their “principles”. It seems like a lot of GOP folks out there are just too scared to say they’re voting for Deal because he’s a Republican. I give Doug Grammer a lot of crap on here for being such a hyper-partisan, but at least he’s honest. He’ll vote for the GOP nominee every time because he believes it’s superior to voting for the Democratic nominee. I may not agree with it, but at least he isn’t trying to blow smoke up my rear end and tell me it’s for some other reason.

It’s funny. Back in the primary, “ethics” seemed to matter. Nathan’s “ghetto grandmother” comments seemed to be important. Now all of the sudden, Republicans are flocking in droves to Nathan Deal because of the Roy Barnes Boogeyman. A boogeyman that doesn’t exist. So, all of you who are begrudgingly supporting Nathan Deal because you’re “afraid” of what Roy Barnes will do, quit lying to me. Quit lying to yourselves. Roy wasn’t as bad as you want him to be. And as fiscally irresponsible as the GOP has been recently, he could easily be a thriving member of your party. The real reason you’re not supporting Barnes has nothing to do with his fiscal policy, or his leadership style, or the threat of redistricting or any other pseudo-crisis you can invent. It boils down to something much simpler:

The “D” beside his name. Deal with it.

So you’re telling me there’s a chance!

From Dumb and Dumber (one of the funniest movies of all-time):

Lloyd: What are the chances of a guy like you and a girl like me, you know, ending up together? Just give it to me straight.
Mary: Not good.
Lloyd: Not good as in, one out of a hundred?
Mary: I’d say more like one out of a million.
Lloyd: [smiles] So you’re telling me there’s a chance!

I feel like that’s what we’re doing here. I keep seeing all of these posts telling me that this is either Roy’s election to lose, or its an uphill battle for Nathan Deal or that Carol Porter is going to be our next Lieutenant Governor. Does anyone else think that there is some grasping at straws taking place here? Someone that I respect told me that if any of the ethical allegations regarding Nathan Deal or Casey Cagle (cough, cough, hurt back) end up carrying some significant weight, that it could sink almost the entire GOP ticket. Okay, I will concede that point. But, isn’t that the one out of a million scenario?

The same friend also pointed out that, despite how you all feel/don’t feel about GOP rule in the state of Georgia, Sonny Perdue’s approval rating is still close to 70%. There are virtually no seats in the State Capitol, currently occupied by Republicans, that have a legitimate shot of being won by Democrats. I’ve never met Roy Barnes or Carol Porter. I’m sure they’re all good people outside of the political arena. So I definitely don’t mean to disparage either of them. And I welcome the chance for them to prove me wrong on this:

The chances of either of them winning their respective elections this year are one out of a million.

But Jace, Republicans are disgruntled with Casey Cagle. They might sit this one out or vote for Porter.” Republicans are always disgruntled with someone. And they always have some sort of empty threat. One time, it was to walk out on Saxby Chambliss at the state convention. Never happened. Or to boo Johnny Isakson. Never happened. Back in 2006, a lot of Ralph Reed supporters said that they would “never vote for Cagle after the campaign he ran” against Reed. Never happened. For all of the outrage I’m told Republicans carry, none of it ever amounts to anything. In the end (and you can say this with ANY political party) when TheMan starts waving the bloody flag, the troops fall in line.

Republican turnout at the polls for the primary absolutely trounced Democratic turnout. Say what you want about the reasons why, but the numbers are what they are. Republican turnout around the country is huge. Even the President’s Press Secretary admits that the Democrats will probably lose the house and possibly the Senate. And we think that Georgia is going to somehow be different? With Jim Marshall and John Barrow as vulnerable as they have ever been, in a year where Republicans are on a mission to derail the Obama presidency by controlling congress, do we really think that Georgia is not going to mirror the country?

But Jace, it’s anti-incumbent not pro-Republican.” Ok, well, how many incumbents in Georgia lost their primaries? Two? I know of John Wiles, but wasn’t their one more? Two. How many GOP house/senate seats under the Gold Dome are legitimately up for grabs by the Democrats? I would be confident in saying, “zero.” Outside of the national political scene, this whole anti-incumbent thing doesn’t really hold water. Even nationally, when you think about it, not that many incumbents lost. More than usual, which feeds the whole “anti-incumbent” craze, but overall it wasn’t that many. This year is an anti-Democrat year, or as some would call it, a Republican year. Plain and simple.

Georgia is a Republican state. It was trending that way when Roy first got elected, and its only become more solidly Republican ever since. Every election year since Roy first got elected, at least one Democratic-controlled statewide office has come under GOP control. Meanwhile, the Republican held statewide offices haven’t changed hands. All anecdotal evidence aside, this year is not looking good for state/national Democrats. Sorry Roy/Carol, but only if this “ethics stuff” with Deal and Cagle ends in criminal charges do you win your respective races.

Roy/Carol: You’re saying like one out of a hundred?
Jace: I’d say more like one out of a million.

Election Observations, Implications, Questions and Ruminations

Well, that sure was fun.

Not that any of you care, but I figured that since everyone else seems to be in the sharing mood, I might as well throw some crap out there to see what sticks. Here are some random things I noticed:

(1) No one in Coastal Georgia gives a crap about who Jack Kingston supports. Have you seen the map? Karen Handel almost swept the entire coast.

(2) Tim Echols obviously did a good job keeping in touch with the network of Huckabee supporters he helped build in 2008. He beat a sitting State Senator for an open seat. And I’m pretty sure he’s never held office.

(3) On that note, of the alleged Oxendine/Sheffield/Echols triumvirate, Echols was the only one to come out a winner. I think his work for Huckabee (who’s endorsement means more than Palin’s in Georgia) gave him a dedicated base, whereas the others…not so much.

(4) Karen Handel basically said that we haven’t seen the last of her political career. Where does she go from here?

(5) Holy crap, I’m so glad the runoff is over. November can’t come slow enough.

(6) See above.

(7) For those of you saying that Karen Handel has caused permanent damage…whatever. You will line up behind your new leader in the end. You always do.

(8) Roy Barnes will lose by more than 5% in November. Why? See #7 for more info. It’s a Republican year, in a Republican state. And Democrats simply aren’t showing up to vote this year.

(9) Carol Porter will lose by more than 5% in November. Why? See #7 and #8 for more info.

(10) Will Preston Smith actually have to get a job working as an attorney now?

That’s about all I got. See #5 for more information.

Runoff Predictions

Make your predictions here.  But if you bet someone a steak dinner on the outcome, just be sure to pony up if you lose.  Some things will never be forgotten.  Here are my predictions:

Governor: Deal wins by 3 points or less.
Attorney General: Olens wins by 5 points or more.
Insurance Commissioner: Sheffield by 5 points or more.
Public Service Commissioner 2: Echols wins by 5 points or less.
7th CD: Woodall wins by 5 points or less.
9th CD: Graves wins by 7 points or more.

Feel free to share yours below.

Handel doubles down on gay hating

From her twitter feed:

“sick and tired of liberal judges subverting the will of the people to push their left wing agenda.

(1) Mention the lib’ral judges. Check.
(2) Throw out the phrase “left wing agenda”. Check.
(3) Do all of this while throwing “teh gayz” under the bus. Check.

It’s a trifecta of what passes for conservative thought these days.

Of course, Handel was referring to the recent decision to overturn California’s Proposition 8, the measure that banned gay marriage in the state. It only took 1 hour (after the decision) for Karen Handel to, once again, make gay marriage an issue in the election.  But for some reason, I keep getting told that Karen is the “victim” in all of this.

“In war, truth is the first casualty.”–Aeschylus

[UPDATE 10:36 A.M.]  Oh yeah, speaking of truth, might as well give the full disclosure.  This “lib’ral” judge that Karen so breathlessly refers to, was appointed by Ronald Reagan.  “Liberals” in Congress successfully blocked his confirmation until after Reagan left office.  He was finally confirmed after George H.W. Bush renominated him.

Note to Ambernappe (UPDATED)

I know you’re probably the type of person who spends days and nights searching for spelling errors in phone books, but the rest of us aren’t. This isn’t a term-paper or a thesis. It’s a blog. For most of us, even some of the front pagers, it’s just a side hustle. We have more important things to do than submit every front-page post or comment we write to an English professor for proofreading. Typos happen. Misspellings happen. Run-ons and fragments happen. Get over it.

If you have something valuable to add to the conversation, you’re more than welcome to contribute. But pointing out every little typo or grammatical error that everyone commits just makes you seem petty, and it detracts from the real discussion. I’m not into banning people. So I’m not banning you or putting you in timeout. I’m respectfully asking you to focus on the issues and stop with the grammar lessons.

UPDATED (040825AUG2010)

Calling out Ambernappe on the front page was over the top on my part, and I sincerely apologize for that. I could have and should have addressed my concerns privately with her. Furthermore, not giving her the opportunity to respond on this thread was just stupid and stubborn. I thought about apologizing to her in private, and sort of did in another comment thread. But if I am going to wrongfully call her out in public, then I should at least give her the respect of apologizing in public.

Deal’s “One Week to Victory” e-mail invokes some interesting names

I am not tech-savvy enough to figure out how to post the e-mail. So you’ll just have to take my word for what it contains. Anyway, after going on for a bit about how there’s only one week left and all that, there were some pretty damning quotes (about Palin and Handel) from some very interesting sources:

“All the media coverage about Sarah Palin coming to Georgia, we feel it’s kind of an affront to the women and people who know Nathan Deal,” said Sen. Renee Unterman, the only female Republican in the Georgia State Senate. “We feel this: Sarah Palin is an outsider. She knows what’s happening in Wasilla, Alaska; we know what’s happening in Ocilla, Georgia, Camilla, Georgia, and Augusta, Georgia,” said Sen. Unterman

Well, we all know that Senator Unterman is just one of those guys in the “good ole boys” club under the Gold Dome. Wait, what? She’s a woman?

And then there was this:

Joan Westmoreland, wife of Congressman Lynn Westmoreland, told reporters at Columbus, that she and her husband trust Nathan Deal. “Gov. Palin doesn’t know Nathan Deal. But my husband and I do. He’s a kind, honest and generous Christian man. Unlike Karen Handel, he is a staunch defender of the sanctity of life. I don’t care about who wears lipstick. I care about conservative values.”

And this:

Orit Sklar, who served in Eric Johnson’s campaign, is now strongly supporting Nathan. “Even though I’m a woman from Karen Handel’s home county, I’ll be voting for Nathan Deal on Aug. 10,” Sklar said. “If you liked Eric Johnson’s plans for immigration reform, lower taxes and education reform, you’ll like Nathan Deal’s vision for Georgia’s future.”

But…but, what does this mean for the future of the OMFGNathanDealisasexistpigwhohateswomyn meme?

University of Georgia ranked #1 Party School!

It’s official, according to Princeton Review.

I hear that the only thing holding back Georgia Tech was the fact that no one cares about Dance Dance Revolution or World of Warcraft tournaments. Don’t get me wrong, I mean, I know tons of people who would trade body shots off coeds for a lifetime pass to DragonCon. And they all go to Tech. Weird. 30-24.

Go Dawgs!

Added by Buzz:

Dog fans were so overjoyed by the news University (sic) President Coach Adams released this video.

Maurice Atkinson changes his endorsement, now supports Deal

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Maurice, he has been a long-time commenter on Peach Pundit and is one of the more level-headed folks on the blog. What I didn’t know about him, is that he was once the Chairman of the Bibb County GOP and is allegedly a “prominant Republican” (congrats). As most of us on here can vouch for, Maurice was one of the earliest and most vocal Karen Handel supporters.

Needless to say, I was a bit surprised when I read this.

Mr. Atkinson’s sentiments mirror my own in regards to Handel’s campaign. I know it’s “just bidness” as usual in politics. And I know that some of you consider politics to be tantamount to actual war. But there was a time in the campaign when Karen Handel had the high road, was a reasonable candidate, and could attract voters who typically wouldn’t vote for the Republican nominee. She lost me when she jumped into the “I hate gay people more than you” contest. She lost a lot of other folks with her incessant need to always play the victim card. And, if she continues down the low road, she’s going to lose more level-headed folks like Maurice–and in the end, the runoff.