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College Football Pick ‘Em: Honoring the South’s True Religion

Its that time of year when we glorify the highest-paid person on campus who is neither a university administrator, researcher, professor or academic; we as adults pin all our hopes and dreams on the athletic achievement of boys; indelibly link ourselves to institutions that we likely have no actual connection with and happily feed a multi-billion dollar “amateur” spectacle.

Yes it is college football season once again!

And what finer way to celebrate that by proving your superiority to fellow Peach Punditeers in the annual Peach Pundit College Football Pick ‘Em Tournament?

The system for ESPN seems to have changed because I couldn’t find last year’s group but no matter! Here is the group homepage. If that doesn’t work, search for Group ID 40659, “PP Supports Ga State” using the password “Go Panthers.”

Prizes will be awarded!

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Morning Reads for 9/2/15 — Dragon*Con is Imminent

What characters will you nerds be dressing up as this weekend?

“Come On! Feel the Illinoise!” by Sufjan Stevens (what a bad album that got so much love at the time–I feel like that’s applicable to every Sufjan album).

  1. They said it would never happen but they were wrong! The APS cheating trial finally and mercifully came to an end. 
  2. More Dekalb incompetence: their boys in blue don’t know the right house to enter, can’t tell cops from suspect and then shoot the dog of the house to boot. 
  3. Keep it up Dekalb and you might soon be at Brookhaven levels of incompetence!
  4. Hey Atlanta: you should already give up on trying to get home on Thursday. 
  5. Pilgrims head to Plains to pay homage to Carter. 
  6. David Perdue says he won’t run for VP. Despite being part of the world’s most exclusive club and now, very much part of the political system, Perdue also doubles down on his patently absurd claim of being an “outsider.” 
  7. Ten years later, what did Atlanta learn about disaster readiness from Katrina? 

Morning Reads for Nine Days Before GSU Football!

Truly a nation holds its breath. But does anyone remember when Georgia had a self-inflicted third and 57, narrowly avoiding two personal foul penalties but then picked one up after the punt? No? Well refresh your memory. 

“Royalty” by Lou Barlow

  1. Atlanta’s socialists pounding the pavement in SC for Bernie Sanders. 
  2. Did you know that Atlanta is the third-most honest city in America! Just kidding we’re number 1. (See what I did there?)
  3. State Elections Board fines Fulton County $18,000.
  4. Another big-time corporate HQ relocation in the works for Atlanta? GE said to be looking at an Atlantic Station site. 
  5. Dennis Lockhart, president of the Atlanta Federal Reserve, says interest rates will rise “sometime this year.”
  6. Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains is rallying behind its most famous member (Jimmy Carter). 
  7. Seriously y’all, if we replace everything with condos, what’s the point of living in Atlanta? 
  8. Related: do people not realize the Bell Building hasn’t been used for 32 years? It’s not serving anyone. And do people really think Jeff Fuqua really cares about its preservation? Nevermind that the grant money allocated to buy the building calls for it to be removed. Be angry at the Woodruff Foundation–not GSU. 

A Georgia Boy Makes Good in the World

Louis Elrod, a Habersham County native and now Atlanta resident, was elected president of the Young Democrats of America on Saturday.

His victory will also give Georgia a greater role in selecting the Democratic Presidential nominee next year. By virtue of being YDA President, Elrod will be a Superdelegate. If my math is correct, Georgia could have as many as 12 Superdelegates at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Elrod is the second Georgian to serve as president of YDA.

Former President Carter Says Cancer Found in his Brain

At a press conference on Thursday at the Carter Center, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter says his doctors found four “very small spots” of melanoma in his brain. Carter will begin radiation treatment later today.

From the New York Times:

He added that he would reduce his schedule “fairly dramatically.”

“I can’t really anticipate how I’ll be feeling, obviously,” he said. “I’ll have to defer quite substantially to my doctors.”

“I’m perfectly at ease with whatever comes,” said Mr. Carter, who noted that, when he first learned that the cancer was in his brain, he believed he “had just a few weeks left.” His life, he said, is in God’s hands.

But Mr. Carter will instead embark on a treatment course that doctors hope will stretch for several months.

On Aug. 12, Carter announced he had been diagnosed with cancer.

Morning Reads — The Return Edition

Thanks to Teri for filling in the last two weeks. If there’s one person who can approach my level of awesomeness, she would be considered.

“Remember” by Figurines.

  1. Roy Barnes calls for pardon of Leo Frank. 
  2. Despite being diagnosed with cancer, Jimmy Carter still made church and Sunday school. 
  3. Hizzoner and the police union still aren’t cool with each other. (More like, cool to each other!)
  4. Vincent Fort not afraid to find a controversy where none exists. 
  5. Watch out, Buzz! MARTA could be headed your way! Soon. Ish. 
  6. Bell Building to be demolished. Lots of people who have just know learned of it coming out of the woodwork calling for the building’s preservation.
  7. Ever wondered how Zoo Atlanta gets gorillas to brush their teeth? Well wonder no more!
  8. Not satire: a federal judge will hear a case that claims the public was defrauded by the Mayweater/Pacquiao fight. 

Happy Birthday to Teri!

There’s only one Smyrna City Council member who truly lives up to the ethos of being a workhorse, not a showhorse and that’s our own Teri.

According to Facebook, today is her birthday so wish her a festive time on this her day of jollification.

PS: In honor of Teri’s birthday I did a YouTube search for “Tulane Football Greatest Moments” and the top result was this video from Memphis’ 62-20 victory over the Green Wave at the Superdome in 1992. Interestingly enough, that might also be one of the better moments for Tulane football.

Jimmy Carter says U.S. “Now Just an Oligarchy with Unlimited Political Bribery”

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter had some rather harsh words for our current electoral system last week.

Speaking on the Thom Hartmann Program, Carter said the United States is “now just an oligarchy with unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the nominations for president.”

The thing is, I don’t believe he is entirely wrong in spirit. Maybe he takes it a bit too far but I find it at best, terribly unconvincing that political donations are equivalent to speech and that they don’t create an unfair system of unfettered access for the few who can afford to donate over those who can’t.

For those who don’t agree with me just ask yourself if there’s any other time where you can purchase “speech”. And if Joe Q. Public called Senator Isakson’s office asking for a 15-minute sitdown out of the blue, do you think he would get it? But what of Mr. Robert S. Taubman? He of that delightful Georgia hamlet of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan?

The most obvious example of favor trading in presidential elections can be seen with ambassadorships. Despite several of the world’s best schools for international relations churning out a fresh new diplomatic corps every year, wealthy donors often get some of the most plum assignments. And donors make their interests known to candidates ahead of time. Read more

John Lewis has the Cutest #GAPol Moment of the Week

It’s Friday so let’s focus on the big issues: congressmen cuddling with puppies.

Thursday was apparently ASPCA day on the Hill and I’m sure our congresscritters were pawing each other out of the way to get in on the action. Rep. Lewis was one of them.

It was good to spend a little time with the wonderful puppies that the ASPCA brought to Capitol Hill.

Posted by John Lewis on Thursday, July 30, 2015


With that in mind: OPEN THREAD!

Morning Reads for July 29, 2015 — A Terror and Terrorism

The NFL’s decision to suspend Tom Brady is a sham, a travesty, and an offense to all decency.

“The Ride of Your Life” by Gift of Gab. 

  1. Did you know publishing the State Code of Georgia is an act of terrorism? 
  2. Jimmy Carter and Jacqueline Woodson on Race, Religion and Rights. 
  3. Philips Arena at 16 years old, is practically decrepit and a true blight on the city. Thus, Mayor Reed in his infinite wisdom thinks its a boon to Atlanta to spend public money on a new Hawks arena. 
  4. Paul Johnson says UGA “isn’t any different” from ACC teams.
  5. He isn’t wrong.
  6. You know what Atlanta needs? A new high-end condo complex. At the expense of something that made the city worth living in. 
  7. I think Atlanta qua interesting city in is done. The tide has turned too much toward expensive housing and “improving” areas with adjunct condos–we’re taking the wrong page out of New York’s book.
  8. But at least we have some great pizza. My controversial opinion of the day: Ribalta is the best pizza in the city. 
  9. Delta’s newest upgrade for flyers: private jets. 

Morning Reads for July 22

The one thing the nation needed more than anything else? 16 GOP POTUS hopefuls.

“The Warning” by Hot Chip. 

  1. Our oceans are warming faster than we thought. 
  2. Four of the five hottest months on record occurred in 2015. 
  3. Good thing the jury is still out on that whole global warming thing, right?
  4. Matt Towery says Trump could find support in Dixie. 
  5. As an aside: I would so dearly love it if Trump became the GOP nominee.
  6. GA DoR issued their guidance on same-sex couples filing. 
  7. Cobb’s proposed BRT system won’t reduce traffic jams. 
  8. On the effort to overturn the ridiculous drone ban in Atlanta. 
  9. The Elbert Parr Tuttle Court of Appeals in Atlanta is officially a historic place now. 
  10. What is most impressive about this story is that there are such things as Atticus Fich impersonators. 

David Scott Doesn’t Like the Iran Deal

Cong. David Scott says the recently-negotiated Iran nuclear deal will allow the country to secure a nuclear weapon.

Scott made the comments to WABE on Monday, saying:

“It’s a good deal for Iran, for Russia, China and probably Hezbollah, but is it not, definitely not a good deal for Israel or for the United States or our allies – especially Jordan and Saudi Arabia…

“Under this agreement … it allows for Iran to get a nuclear bomb. In essence it sort of permits it too, within the agreement, without Iran having to cheat at all.”

Scott said when nuclear negotiations with Iran first started, all the nations involved – including the United Nations and NATO – agreed that under no circumstances would Iran acquire a nuclear weapon or the capacity to build one.

“This agreement allows them to do that,” Scott said.

Scott’s comments are a direct contradiction to those of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter. 

Jimmy Carter Likes Iran Deal

Former President Jimmy Carter says the Iran deal is a good one and on this, at least, we can trust the Iranians.

Speaking with WABE on Wednesday Carter gave Secretary of State John Kerry high marks:

“I have complete confidence in John Kerry and his ability as a negotiator,” Carter said to [WABE’s Dennis] O’Hayer.

“I‘ve known him for 30 years … He’s one of the finest secretaries of state we’ve ever had.”

The humanitarian said he doesn’t have any doubts that there are adequate safeguards built into the nuclear agreement to ensure Iran sticks to its end of the deal. And he said he believes the Iranians will abide by it.

“They’ve lived up to things in which I’ve negotiated with them. … They kept their agreement completely when it was made.”

Carter was originally supposed to discuss his 30th (!) book, and what I would assume is memoir number five or six.

Morning Reads for July 15 — Summer’s Peak!

Of course the one day I decide to not watch le Tour, Chris Froome all but wins it.

“Tour de France Etape 2” by Kraftwerk. 

  1. “The Dream World of Southern Republicans.” 
  2. “Southern Republican officeholders who, despite the smart occasional concession, do not fully understand that their dominance will not be a feature of the region’s two-party future. They still act as if tomorrow will be exactly like today, their tenure assured by unbendable evangelical Christians and testy white suburbanites.”
  3. GA DNR no longer in the climate change deniers camp. 
  4. This project won’t actually help congestion but at least is some help to some people. 
  5. Did you know Georgia is only one of two states to lack a statewide trail network? Did you know a group of trail enthusiasts is hoping to change that? Did you know trail enthusiasts were a real thing? 
  6. One of the Lost Boys from Atlanta returns to South Sudan for a herculean task. 
  7. How a Georgia peach gets picked. 
  8. Inside Magic City, the [Gentleman’s Club] that runs the music industry. Yeah, there’s a NSFW photo when you click.