Author: Decaturguy

Good News From Atlanta

Superintendent Beverly Hall of the Atlanta Public Schools wins Superintendent of the Year.


Hall came to Atlanta in 1999 and has steadily improved students’ test scores and increased graduation rates through various academic programs. She required low-performing schools to implement rigorous programs that focus on literacy and math skills. She increased the amount of training teachers received and she removed weak principals and replaced them with those she deemed better equipped to improve student learning.

State data shows the programs are working. For example, about 72 percent of the system’s students graduated on time in 2008, up from 39 percent in 2002.

Congratulations Superintendent Hall for what I think anyone would admit is an incredibly difficult job you have.

Jim Wooten Makes The Case For Gay Marriage

Jim Wooten, today in his blog, is almost certainly correct that “the evidence is overwhelming that children do better in families where married adults are rearing their biological children,” as well as children growing up in adoptive families.

He then goes on to say “[i]f we really are a nation concerned about protecting children, we’ll change the national conversation. We can try to build the perfect safety net, yes, the foster homes, the loving adoptive parents, the school system that salvages the daddy-deprived. But more urgently, we need to change the culture that has devalued marriage.”

My only questions to you Jim are these:

Do you deny the exitence of gay couples with children?

If not, then why would you deny these parents access to marriage, an institution that you so strongly believe is necessary for children to do well in life?

If marriage is so fundamental to a child’s upbringing, regardless of what you believe about gay relationships, why would you deny the family stability that marriage brings to these children just because of who their parents are?

Lastly, if “[m]arriage tends to instill and bring along with it certain rational benefits for the adults, like permanence, commitment and even sexual fidelity, which redound to the benefit of children in the household,” then why would it be good for society to deny this to gay people and their families?

Karen Handel Is An Idiot

According to Political Insider, Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel sent out a press release warning Georgia businesses to not give out freebies (i.e. Starbucks giving free coffee) to Georgia voters today as it is against the law. She cites the following from Georgia Code (code section cited in full):

§ 21-2-570. Giving or receiving, offering to give or receive, or participating in the giving or receiving of money or gifts for registering as a voter, voting, or voting for a particular candidate

Any person who gives or receives, offers to give or receive, or participates in the giving or receiving of money or gifts for the purpose of registering as a voter, voting, or voting for a particular candidate in any primary or election shall be guilty of a felony.

So, Karen Handel, who never went to college or law school, interprets this to mean that a business cannot offer a free cup of coffee to a voter on election day? Ridiculous.

The point of this law is to prohibit candidates or groups to pay people to vote. That is not the intention of Starbucks. Their intention is to get you in the store to buy more stuff.

Does this mean that I committed a felony when I gave the new voter a ride to the polls this morning? It was a gift, was it not? And I did it because I wanted him to vote, right?

What about the “I’m a Georgia Voter” sticker I got this morning? They aren’t giving those out to people who are not voting. Is the Secretary of State violating the law as well?

If there wasn’t a doubt before, Karen Handel is an idiot. It’s a good thing for her she’s not on the ballot today.

If there are any businesses reading this today – keep on doing what you were planning on doing. If this fool tries to have you prosecuted, I’m sure there are pleny of lawyers out there who would love to represent you pro bono.

35% Of Early Voters In Georgia African American

Those are the statistics from the Secretary of State as of today.

If those numbers hold through Election Day, Obama wins Georgia.

In Georgia, outside of predominately white liberal districts, the magic number of African-American voters for a Democrat to have a chance is about 30%. That way, only about 25-30% of white votes need to cast a vote for the Demcoratic candidate.

Being such, has now moved Georgia to a “tossup” state (it leaned Republican just a couple of days ago). Even Mississippi and McCain’s home state of Arizona are no longer solid red anymore.

Senate Race Now A Tossup

According to the Martin-Chambliss Senate race is now a tossup from being a “leans Republican” before.

Watch the money begin to flow into Georgia now that the Georgia race, and the Minnesota, Oregon and Alaska Senate races are the 4 toss-up races that may deterimine whether the Democrats have a 60 vote fillibuster proof majority in the U.S. Senate or not. Particularly now that many are urging the RNC to abandon McCain’s race and devote its resources to Senate races.

Curious George Makes Appearance At McCain/Palin Rally

Remember the controversy surrounding a Marietta bar owner who made the Obama/Curious George t-shirts?

Well, Curious George made another appearance at a recent McCain/Palin rally in Pennsylvania on October 11, with a racist McCain/Palin supporter holding a Curious George monkey with an Obama sign on its head and calling it “Little Hussein.”

Sadly, McCain/Palin rallys are becoming big attractions for angry racists shouting “terrorist” when Obama’s name is mentioned or even shouts of “kill him” have been heard.

Perdue Asked For EPA Waiver One Week After Kentucky

While our socialist Governor, Sonny “Chavez” Perdue, is spending the week in Spain, Italy, and Portugal (spending some time learning about how price controls can lead to shortages, maybe?), we learn about how when he was still in the country, how slow he was to ask the EPA to waive the requirement to sell reformulated gas in metro Atlanta.

Officials in Kentucky asked on Monday, Sept. 15, for a waiver from the Environmental Protection Agency to lift restrictions requiring special gas. It was granted the following day.

Virginia and Tennessee also asked for similar waivers after Hurricanes Gustav and Ike struck the Gulf Coast, knocking out oil refineries.

On Sept. 22, a week after Kentucky’s request, Gov. Perdue sent a letter to the EPA. The agency granted the waiver for Georgia the next day.

Not only have Sonny’s socialist price controls contributed to the problem by not allowing gas stations to charge a premium, and therefore help conserve the supply, but his slow footedness on asking for a waiver of the EPA restrictions have contributed to the lack of supply in the area.

By the way, I have 1/4th of tank left.

Governor Perdue Suggests Keeping Your Tires Inflated Properly To Conserve Fuel

That’s right. In a press release he issued today, one of the ways Governor Perdue suggested conserving fuel with the current shortage of gasoline, was to “Inflate your tires: Keeping tires properly inflated improves gas mileage” among other measures such as slowing down and driving a automobile with better gas mileage.

He’s right, you know, keeping your tires inflated properly will conserve 3 times more fuel than can be produced by drilling off the coast of the United States and would result in instant savings, rather than something that might be produced 10 years down the road.

But of course John McCain and others in the GOP, the Grand Oil Party, would rather shout “drill baby drill” instead of conserving and ending our addiction to oil in the first place, keeping us in the dark age instead of producing new forms of energy that will be cleaner, cheaper, and domestically produced.

Hat tip to Political Insider.

Conservatives Love Being The Victim

Exhibit A is AJC columnist Jim Wooten’s latest post in which he whines that Obama is engaging in “ageism” in one of his latest TV ads.

Boo hoo! Particularly after McCain ran this ad.

It is just the latest in the GOP’s victimhood playbook. The “liberal media” is always out to get them. Legitimate criticism of Sara Palen is “sexism.” Now pointing out some of McCain’s flaws is “ageist.”

The Republican victimhood mentality is getting a little tiresome.

Flashback: Rep. Steve Davis on John McCain

It is kind of funny for me to watch and listen to Republicans get so jazzed up over John McCain’s candidacy during the RNC. Just a few months ago many of these same folks were calling John McCain a liberal and a closet Democrat.

For instance, State Rep. Steve Davis (R-McDonough) in his blog said in the days before the Georgia primary that Senators Chambliss and Isakson were making a mistake by endorsing McCain, “a man that supports amnesty, voted against tax cuts, co-authored the unconstitutional campaign reform bill, is against the permenant repeal of the death tax, and wants to impose energy restrictions and regulations that would cripple the American economy.” Ahh, memories. Davis supported Romney.

What about all those other Georgia Republicans cheering at the convention this week who supported Romney, Huckabee, etc. and drawing the line in the sand before the primary about McCain?

Sara Palin’s Radical Associations

We didn’t know much about Alaska Governor Sara Palin when John McCain nominated her as the GOP Vice Presidential candidate Friday. Apparently neither did John McCain, other than she beat the good old boys club in Alaska politics and vetoed the Bridge to Nowhere. Somehow, he believed, that qualifies you to be the President of the United States.

In the four days since the announcement we have now learned that as Mayor of Wasilla she hired a lobbying firm with close ties to corrupt Alaska Republicans Sen. Ted Stevens and Rep. Don Young, to obtain over $27 million in earmarks for her town over a 4 year period. This pork barrel spending amounted to over $1,000 per resident of Wasilla.

We have also learned that when she was running for Governor in 2006 she supported using the senior status and power of Alaska’s Congressional delegation to obtain funding for the Bridge to Nowhere. And why wouldn’t she? Alaskan politicians for years have been re-elected over and over again on the promise that they will bring home the bacon from Washington, DC and have gotten results. Alaska is the most heavily federally subsidized state in the United States thanks to folks like Ted Stevens and Don Young.

We have also learned that while at the same time national Republicans ridiculed a national windfall profits tax on oil companies (an idea I do not support, by the way), in 2006 Governor Palin got one passed in Alaska (and increased the tax again in 2007) and distributed the profits of oil companies in the form of $1,200 checks to Alaska citizens.

Today we learn of something even more disturbing about Palin and her associations with a secessionist political party in Alaska, the Alaskan Independence Party. The AIP believes that Alaskan statehood is illegal and wants Alaska to secede from the Union and become its own independent nation. According to the Alaskan Independence Party’s chairperson, Palin was a member of the party as late as 1996 before becoming a Republican and running for Mayor that year. She even addressed the group’s convention earlier this year.

What else will we learn about Sara Palin’s radical associations over the coming weeks and days?

Palin Was For The Bridge To Nowhere Before She Was Against It

The storyline about Governor Palin, who apparently John McCain met only once in person 6 months ago before selecting her for the Vice Presidential nomination and putting her a heartbeat away from the Presidency if the 72 year old candidate is elected, is that she’s a reformer who fights corruption.

However, during her race for the Governorship back in 2006, it seems that she supported the Bridge to Nowhere and any other pork barrel projects her corrupt buddies in the Alaska Congressional delegation, like Sen. Ted Stevens and Rep. Don Young, could bring home before the Republicans lost the majority in the 2006 election, and hence their ability to steer pork barrel projects back to Alaska.

The key statement from the October 22, 2006 Anchorage Daily News:

5. Would you continue state funding for the proposed Knik Arm and Gravina Island bridges?

Yes. I would like to see Alaska’s infrastructure projects built sooner rather than later. The window is now – while our congressional delegation is in a strong position to assist.

So while Ted Stevens was making commercials endorsing Palin, she was supporting his efforts to build the Bridge to Nowhere.

What a reformer. Sounds like politics as usual if you ask me.