Author: Bobby Kahn

More from the New Georgia

You folks have been mighty quiet about the AJC piece  on Sonny Perdue dodging his own gift ban.  Sure was generous of CSX to fly him down to the GA-FL game.  No agenda, no problem, because Bert Brantley says so. 

This wasn’t in the AJC, but is equally interesting.  Seems Georgia’s next Lt. Governor, Eric Johnson, was the beneficiary of a $60 meal and $175 worth of “entertainment” from an insurance lobbyist last month. What’s that all about?

Eric Johnson: Protector of Voting Rights

Gotta hand it to my friend Eric Johnson.  No worry about being consistent. See, for example, taxes, pork, disclosure, ethics, Sonny Perdue, etc.  Now, he’s rethinking making it easier to vote.  He’s for more people voting, as long as its the right kind.  No allegation of breaking the law — just thinks the legislature should revisit.  Or maybe he’s concerned about the inability of the Secretary of State to deal with the crowds.  Next thing you know, he’ll pass a bill outlawing people moving to Georgia. 

Next time Eric speaks about this issue, he should make sure he has his flag.  Its in his linen closet, next to his sheets.

Troy Goes to Washington

Troy Windham is not only intrepid … he’s inspiring. Listen to him here as he channels House minority leader John Boehner, explaining why if you’re not man enough to make the tough choices, you shouldn’t be in Congress. This isn’t the speech you heard for Goddard in Warner Robins yesterday. Seems Boehner knew that would be a little … awkward for Rick. Then again, Rick put Boehner in a pretty awkward spot by attacking the rescue plan, which may be why Boehner backed off the “guarantee” that Rick said he had that he would be on the Armed Services Committee. Now Boehner says he’ll “try”. Ouch. You can read about THAT in Travis Fain’s blog.

Boehner’s speech did make me think that they sure must have some funny ways of doing things in Ohio, where he’s from. Who exactly eats mud sandwiches? Watch the re-enactment here.

Erick, Please Show Goddard the Internets!

Refreshing your recollection, we were trying to determine if Rick Goddard could get his cell phone to work in Hawkinsville.  You see, Gen. Goddard had trouble returning calls and emails for three days, during which time he was trying to figure out whether he was for or against the bailout.  We now know after polling the issue, General spine is against the bailout.

Now, the intrepid Troy Windham as gone to Warner Robins, and found the most amazing thing — the internet.  Since Gen. Goddard’s former position had something to do with logisitics, you would think finding a cell phone or the internets shouldn’t be a problem.  If anyone sees Gen. Goddard, tell him the internet is here.

Erick, Give Rick Goddard a Cell Phone

Erick, you need to give Rick Goddard a cell phone, and teach him how to use the internets.  As you recall, Goddard went missing for three days last week while polling what he should say about the bailout.  The intrepid Troy Windham went out in search of the elusive Rick Goddard.  Check it out here. 

More Good Government from the New Georgia

Check out this report from Dale Russell of Fox5 Atlanta’s I-Team.  Seems that Gov. Perdue’s EPD Director, Carol Couch, overruled the EPD staff to give a developer permission to build over a stream near Lake Lanier.  And it wasn’t just any developer. It was Mike Evans, Chairman of the DOT.  While all this was going on, Chairman Evans was siding with Couch’s boss, Gov. Perdue, in yet another one of his fights — selection of the new DOT Commissioner.  Maybe Vance Smith should check into this report. 

Sonny Perdue: Repeat Offender

The Ethics Commission has been busying itself of late going after repeat violators who fail to file campaign disclosures and fudge reimbursements.  Though they’ve become expert sleuths at figuring out how many miles a legislator can drive in one day, they’ve overlooked one glaring omission by this state’s Repeat Offender in Chief.  So I decided to help them out by filing a complaint.

Perdue PAC, set up as a slush fund for the Governor’s dormant re-election account, hasn’t filed its required end of year report for 2007, even though at least 3 other Georgia political entities reported making a contribution to the PAC.  Governor Perdue, not content to be the first Governor in modern history to be found guilty by the Ethics Commission and not ready to stop at being the first Governor in history to appoint a Chief Operating Officer likely to be found guilty of violating Georgia’s ethics laws, is apparently openly contemptuous of the law as his PAC willfully ignores open government requirements.

Marshall wins one of “top 10 campaigns run by incumbents

But then again, he doesn’t have the problems that Republican incumbents have.  Of course, he might be benefiting from the comparison to Mac Collins, but congratulations are due to Congressman Jim Marshall for running one of the ten best incumbent campaigns in America (House, Senate or Governor). Take a look: 

Rep. Jim Marshall (D-Ga.): Georgia Republicans re-redistricted Marshall into a district that President Bush carried with better than 60 percent of the vote in 2004 and then recruited former Rep. Mac Collins (R) to challenge him. Marshall could have panicked. Instead, he focused on consolidating his base in the Macon media market and raising the sort of money ($1.7 million at last count) necessary to defend himself against Republican attacks. As a result, he looks likely to win next Tuesday in a seat that Republicans once believed would be theirs.

Marshall has done well despite being on the receiving end of probably more negative ads than any other candidate in the nation. Between Collins, the “independent