Ted Cruz to Visit Georgia on December 18th and 19th

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz will visit Atlanta and Savannah next weekend as part of a “Take-Off With Ted” tour that will include twelve rallies in seven SEC Primary states in one week. The candidate will appear in Atlanta at 4:30 PM Friday, December 18th, and Savannah at 9 10 AM on Saturday the 19th.

Update: Cruz’s Atlanta appearance will be at the McCollum Field Hawthorne Aviation Hangar, 1723 McCollum Parkway in Kennesaw. Tickets are available here. His Savannah area appearance will start at 10 AM, and will be held at Ottawa Farms, 702 Bloomingdale Road in Bloomingdale. You can register to attend here.

A new poll commissioned by WSB TV shows Cruz in second place behind Donald Trump, with 19% of Republicans supporting him. Details of where Cruz will appear will be available soon. In addition to Georgia, Cruz will visit Alabama, Arkansas, Minnesota, Nevada, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Virginia.


  1. Dave Bearse says:

    “Take-Off With Ted” is an interesting name for a tour by a Canadian-born candidate. I love its double entendre.

    For non-Canadians, and other than US areas adjacent to Canada:

    Canadian slang (perhaps a little out of date):

    ” ‘Take Off’: expression of disagreement or command to leave, similar to “get lost” (“Take off, you hoser!”). Used by TV characters Bob & Doug McKenzie.”


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