Updated: #PeachBreach Report Delayed Until Monday

The results of an internal investigation into how personal information, including social security numbers, drivers license numbers and dates of birth of Georgia’s 6.2 million registered voters, was accidentally distributed to a dozen news and political party organizations will not be released today as originally planned. According to a press release from Secretary of State Brian Kemp, the report on the data release will be available Monday afternoon.

The report will document the events and timeline leading up to the release. Among the information to be released are 5,000 emails related to the release, personnel files for relevant employees, communications with the Georgia Department of Revenue and PCC Technology Group, job descriptions, and more. Also included with the report will be plans for remedial action.

These documents will be available for public inspection following the release of the report. Persons wanting to view these documents or with questions regarding the data release can contact the Secretary of State’s office hotline at 404-654-6065.

The release of the report, originally set for Thursday, December 10th, has taken longer than expected. According to a representative of the Secretary of State’s office, employees are continuing to prepare the report and supporting background documents.


  1. Will Durant says:

    The AJC had requested the field investigator’s notes on the disposition of each CD which was purported by the SoS to have been ascertained on Nov. 16. Why do they still have to be “prepared”? Perhaps Mr. Kemp should hire Karin Slaughter as yet another consultant. She writes some excellent Atlanta based fiction works.

  2. IndyPendant says:

    This will be the second audit of the IT department in Secretary of State Kemp’s office since he was appointed by Governor Perdue. The first audit led to a complete overhaul, including outsourcing to a firm with ties to Kemp.

    We all know how that worked out.

    Impeach Kemp Now.

  3. xdog says:

    Despite the SoS statement, I wouldn’t be surprised if the report was still released today, after business, just as the last report was.

    • Will Durant says:

      Good point. Not just after business but after deadlines. Maybe Belcher will have him on the 11PM slot for another powder puff onslaught.

  4. South Fulton Guy says:

    Interesting answers we hope to see in this long awaited delayed report of an investigation that should have taken place BEFORE any token firing of staff will be:

    Were there any CD’s shared with anyone besides the 12 acknowledged media outlets and political parties, as statisticians regularly buy the list the 12 got for free?

    What is the list of the 12 that received our data and how could SOS know they did not copy the CDs? Wo got our data?

    Does Secretary Kemp still contend that the IT Staffer added the data fields to the public file in spite of common knowledge that he could not as ONLY the vendor PCC Technology group who maintains the system could have added it?

    Will the Secretary acknowledge that the IT staffer did not find out about the breach until Brian Kemp’s office did?

    Will SOS release the smoking gun emails where the IT staffer very specifically asked the vendor to add that data to a new file for the Department of Revenue only?

    Why did Kemp wait until the lawsuit to disclose the breach when he was advised a couple days earlier by the AJC?

    Why are taxpayers paying $1.2 million dollars for identity protection if Secretary Kemp is really convinced that the data breach was contained?

    Will the employee in Elections who created the CD face consequences for violating the policy to check and ensure that confidential data was not on the file?

    What are these likely bogus six SOS policies that the IT Staffer violated?

    Lastly why does Brian Kemp continue to protect PCC Technology Group, the culprit for adding the social security number, drivers license number and date of birth to a public file in violation of state law?

    Any report that does not answer these questions is just another cover-up.

  5. Romegaguy says:

    1) Will the report include a discussion on the similar data breach from a year or two ago?
    2) Does the report include an 8 x 10 glossy, suitable for framing, picture of SOS Kemp?

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