Banned Words In The Peach Pundit Daily

We’ve gotten an unusually high number of reports that today’s edition of the Peach Pundit Daily has been flagged as “spam” by various email service providers. That’s probably because we used a word banned by the USDA in this story:

USDA Bans “Gay” In Applications – From Randy Travis at WAGA Fox5 “The US Department of Agriculture rejected a Georgia cattle farmer’s application for a special interstate transport license because his address contained “a banned word.” The banned word was the name of the town where cattle rancher Gene King lives: Gay, Georgia. “In a statement, the USDA said they created a database of words with “bad connotations” because they worried people would try to sabotage an earlier animal ID registration system. That was in 2004. They promise a future upgrade will ensure that “this will no longer be an issue.” At some point, our sense of the absurd will be so highly developed that we could have made this up. Until that happens maybe they’ll just change their name to “Fabulous, Georgia.”

So check your spam folders if you’ve missed today’s Daily. Or read the whole thing, banned words and all, at this link. And if your email service provider has unsubscribed you for banned words or any other reason, you can sign back up at this one.


    • They are elected. Not sure how the expansion would work -don’t think it’s been decided. It may be that two seats remain vacant until the next election, or that one stays vacant and one is appointed. Legislature has to go along, and I don’t doubt that this will be part of the discussion.

  1. georgiahack says:

    I really recommend that if you have not had the chance, actually watch the video in the story. It is hilarious. Also, the guy in the story was one of the GOP house candidates this last cycle.

    “can I call you a gay cowboy” – priceless

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