Morning Reads for 9/2/15 — Dragon*Con is Imminent

What characters will you nerds be dressing up as this weekend?

“Come On! Feel the Illinoise!” by Sufjan Stevens (what a bad album that got so much love at the time–I feel like that’s applicable to every Sufjan album).

  1. They said it would never happen but they were wrong! The APS cheating trial finally and mercifully came to an end. 
  2. More Dekalb incompetence: their boys in blue don’t know the right house to enter, can’t tell cops from suspect and then shoot the dog of the house to boot. 
  3. Keep it up Dekalb and you might soon be at Brookhaven levels of incompetence!
  4. Hey Atlanta: you should already give up on trying to get home on Thursday. 
  5. Pilgrims head to Plains to pay homage to Carter. 
  6. David Perdue says he won’t run for VP. Despite being part of the world’s most exclusive club and now, very much part of the political system, Perdue also doubles down on his patently absurd claim of being an “outsider.” 
  7. Ten years later, what did Atlanta learn about disaster readiness from Katrina? 


  1. benevolus says:

    Can one of y’all post a dumb Trump statement of the day so I don’t have to go look for it all the time?

    I guess I’m going to have to dust of my Twitter. Or something.

    Here’s one for today: “The president of the pathetic Club For Growth came to my office in N.Y.C. and asked for a ridiculous $1,000,000 contribution. I said no way!”

  2. John Konop says:

    This is the irony of the situation on this issue, we all have baggage in our life. Under her logic a clerk should have never issued her a marriage license a few times….All of us need to focus on our own short comings, and less on judging others. As been widely known, people who judge the hardest, usually have the most to hide.

    Clerk in gay marriage fight: ‘A heaven or hell decision’

    …….”It is a heaven or hell decision,” she said in a statement.
    At the time she repented in the church pew, Davis had been divorced three times, according to court records. Her current husband, Joe Davis, arrived at the courthouse Tuesday to check in on his wife as a protest raged on the courthouse lawn. It’s been an ordeal for her, he said. People have threatened to kill her and set their house on fire.

    Joe Davis, who described himself as “an old redneck hillbilly,” pointed to the rainbow-clad protesters on the opposite side of the lawn.

    “They want us to accept their beliefs and their ways,” he said. “But they won’t accept our beliefs and our ways.”

    He said he and his wife have been together 19 years, but declined to elaborate on how much of that time they’ve spent married.

    Court records detail Kim Davis’ turbulent marital history: She has been married to her current husband twice, with a divorce and another husband in between.

    She married her first husband, Dwain Wallace, when she was 18, and divorced him in 1994.
    She acknowledged in a 2008 divorce filing having had two children in 1994 while she was not married.

    In 1996, at age 30, she married Joe Davis for the first time. They divorced in 2006.
    The next year, at 40 years old, Davis wed Thomas McIntryre, though their marriage lasted less than a year. She re-married Joe Davis in 2009………….

  3. saltycracker says:

    This ain’t our granddaddies culture but he did prefer the government adhere to protecting individual rights and a MYOB policy. The government today is wasting too much in resources to legislate culture. Marriage and sexuality are two excellent examples to turn back to religion and society to sort out and let the government worry about the individual.

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