Jack Kingston to Chair GA GOP Foundation

Former Congressman Jack Kingston has been named Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party Foundation, according to a Republican Party press release. The once and perhaps future statewide candidate will be the party’s chief fundraiser for the 2016 cycle. From the press release:

Former Georgia Republican Congressman Jack Kingston has been named Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party Foundation. The volunteer position is responsible for assisting with the fundraising efforts of the State Republican Party. Kingston brings a wealth of fundraising experience, a rolodex like few others, and a well-known penchant for frugality. Jack has raised tens of millions of dollars for Republican campaigns and conservative causes.
‘It is an honor to be asked to serve in this role and to help grow our Georgia Republican Party. Given the disastrous results we’ve seen under 6 years of the current administration, Republicans have to win the White House in 2016. To do this successfully we have to field the largest grassroots effort this state has ever seen and raise the necessary resources to make this possible. I am committed to doing just that,’ said Kingston.
The Savannah Congressman will have a mountain to climb based on the GOP’s last reported earnings (though not as bad as you might think, per Peach Pundit’s own Jon Richards.)

In his campaign for U.S. Senate (which I enthusiastically supported), Kingston  was dinged as an insider. That access should serve him well in a role like this one which requires a delicate touch to bridge the party’s various interests. His decades-long relationship with Senator Johnny Isakson should also help secure the GOP through a presidential year in an increasingly purple state.

As blue ribbon appointments go, it’s hard to imagine a better choice than Jack Kingston.

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