Reaction on Trump’s comments, RedState ban

Considering that the entire political world is talking about Donald Trump’s comments regarding Megyn Kelly and his resulting ban from this weekend’s Red State gathering, here’s a roundup of what’s being reported on Sunday:

Trump defends comments, turns tables on Bush
I did nothing wrong, Trump says
Atlanta ‘devastated’ by Red State ban, Trump says
Trump digs in, plows ahead
Hand-wringing in GOP over Trump
Meet two women willing to defend Trump
How GOP 2016-ers responded to Trump’s comments
Trump: I will be phenomenal for women
What China thinks of Trump
Trump camp in crisis


  1. Scarlet Hawk says:

    This is wonderful and succinctly shows why Trump has the popularity he does. Thanks for the laugh 🙂

  2. xdog says:

    This whole kerfuffle is perfect for regular gopers. They get to show how much they luv wimmen and how much they hate vulgar speech while at the same time putting the boots to the front-runner. From their perspective the ideal resolution would be for Trump to get disgusted with the whole electoral game and leave to build more empty buildings, forgetting any nonsense about third-party runs.

    That would mean Trump’s supporters aka goper base aka Erickson’s audience aka the great deluded mass would struggle to find another candidate, some going to Huckabee, some to Cruz, but most of them finally coming home to Bush or Walker or Rubio next fall.

    The next poll numbers will be especially interesting. If Trump holds up he can keep on being the biggest ass in the building. If he tanks the remaining candidates can go back to trolling his supporters. Either way, Trump’s perceived offense will be forgotten in a few days.

    • xwingz2 says:

      The “fantasy” here is the existing political system and the belief that “The Show Politic Must Go On”. It’s possible, friend, that Mr. Trump can pull “just enough” from all sides and win. While his tone is horrible, his thoughts are reflective of many who are either scared stiff to say something or too naive to make a change, or, ready to get rid of the mess we have had for the last 30+ years in this Republic. Mr. Obama promised “hope and change” and Mr. Bush tried like hell but still fell into the same pool. Mr. Trump needs to clean up his delivery…the rhetoric is the “tough love medicine” we all need to take. It’s not Jimmy Jones’ ‘”Kool Aid”…it’s not putting another Clinton and a 3rd Bush into an American Monarchy. I think you are doing us all a massive disservice by following lead from FOX, CNN and the entire Media Circus. Let this take its course…it may well be what we need. If we Kill Trump now we may be aborting another baby. Think about it…

      • benevolus says:

        If Trump is saying things that many are thinking but are scared to say, then hopefully this will be an opportunity for those people to look in the mirror and take a moment to consider why they are afraid to say these things. Many or most of his statements are ugly, mean, intolerant, stupid, and thoughtless, not to mention arrogant and bully-ish. Even if people sometimes think these things they are not words to be celebrated and elevated.

    • Raleigh says:

      Rep Brockway,

      Not really a question more of an observation but when did they leave Ross Perot’s camp?
      Stealing a line from a TV program. “All of this has happened before. But the question remains, does all of this have to happen again?”

    • Baker says:

      Nobody. The Secretaries of State from Georgia and Alabama spoke for a like 2 minutes to a smaller-than-there-would’ve-been audience, of which no one was listening. Erickson spoke too for a minute but not much listening again.

      Some people paid $100 just for the Thursday night and Saturday night part of the event, pretty much just to see Trump, let’s just say they were not jazzed.

      • Three Jack says:

        Thanks Baker. I guess Erick’s swan song as RedState leader will not go down as one of his brightest moments.

        • Baker says:

          I actually had a media credential so I didn’t really care. There were many others from D.C. or wherever pretty much in town just to cover Trump. Not that they didn’t want to cover the other 9 candidates there but I’m guessing all their flights out were Saturday night or Sunday morning. They were about as pleased as the jilted Trump fans.

          I don’t think Erick really cares in the long run but the crush of media that night would’ve been like few seen in Atlanta if the billionaire had been there.

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